Target Shooting

Accuracy is the primary focus of this firearm based sport for which shots are fired at targets. In addition to competitions throughout the world, marksmen compete in Olympic venues as well.

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Where is there an airsoft field in or near Geneve Switzerland?

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No it is not possible to purchase airsoft in Switzerland, but you may buy them off a website called there you can buy all the guns, equipment, gear and legally delivered to your home

What is the value of Remington Model 29 T with a 32 in barrel?

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What is the value of a Remington 29 T 32 barrel worth in great condition

What is a clay pigeon shoot called?

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Skeet and Trap.

and sporting clays,

What is the most accurate Nerf gun?

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Well, I'd say a Nerf gun with a scope. No gun is the most accurate-it depends on your accuracy. I'd say the Longshot, I think it has a scope. Plus, the blaster comes with 2 holsters for a 6-shot dart clip. I recommend it for accuracy.

(P.S. If you're actually looking for the best gun, I recommend the Stampede ECS. It can hold up to 18 dart clips. Plus, it has a grip and a shield to block a few darts.)

How many Nerf guns are there and what are they?

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lots and lots. this inclides:

bow n' arrow


manta ray



Airtech 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000



big bad bow




crossfire pistol

scout ix-3

rapid fire twenty





master blaster

supermax 1500, 5000


if you count off-brand guns as well there is:

Tek 6

tek 10

belt blaster


many of these guns are not avalible in stores anymore. its sad :(

Which Nerf Gun should you buy?

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There really is no "best" Nerf gun. just the best for you. every gun has its ups and downs. its what you do about that. someones best gun could easily be the worst for you. its all about what you want. i can make some recommendations... if you prefer to go small and close range, you should get one of the pistol guns, like the Maverick or the Nitefinder. If you want to snipe them, or want a gun with good ammo, you should get medium sized guns like the Longshot or the Radier CS-35. Or, if you just want to maul them when the biggest guns out there, you should Vulcans. hope this helped :)

Why is my Nerf gun weak?

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All Nerf guns have a air restrictor in the barrel. If you take apart your Nerf gun and drill out the air restrictor then it'll shoot a lot farther.

There could be a number of reasons your gun is weak. Sometimes you may have to cock and shoot extra hard, sometimes the guns are slightly defective. And sometimes nobody knows why. But you can find all of your lastest Nerf newz at http:// nerfnewz.

Mindy scored 100 points on the dart board how many darts did she throw and where did hey land?

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This question is usually referenced in Archery and known as the Archery Puzzle.

Six arrows: because 17+17+17+17+16+16=100

Original Question:

The young lady who carried off the first prize scored exactly one hundred points. The scores on the target are: 16, 17, 23, 24, 39 and 40. Can you figure out how many arrows she must have used to accomplish the feat?

What is the plastic type in Nerf guns?

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Probably just plastic + a few metal screws or something.

the dart are made of foam, usually with a rubber tip

Is the recon cs-6 a good Nerf gun?

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straight out of the box about 35 feet. after a while it gets weak and shoots about 10 feet.

How much money dus the Nerf deploy cs-6 cost?

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the Nerf deploy is about 20,24,25 dollars in qeensland at

Is the maverick a good Nerf gun?

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The Nerf Maverick is bolt action that means you fire a round then you need to load the next round into the chamber manually by pulling a bolt, pulling a lever or pulling a pump, in the case of the maverick it is pump action.

For future reference:

Rapid Fire: Hold down the trigger and rounds keep firing without needing to do anything else.

Semi-auto: Every time you pull the trigger a round fires.

Bolt/pump/lever Action: When you pull the trigger a round fires but then you have to cock the gun again.

Single Shot: When you pull the trigger, it fires a round but then you have to manually put a new round into the chamber.

What is the Nerf spartan ncs 12?

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The Spartan isn't going to be released. The blaster was already tweaked and released as the Stampede, which sells for $54.99.

What is the cheapest Nerf gun?

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The best Nerf blasters that can be purchased for under $40 would probably be the Raider CS-35 (34.99), Unity Power System (39.99) and the Rapid Fire 20 (29.99) due to each's incredible power (35 feet, 34/50/60 feet, 55 feet), the capacity (35 Streamline darts, 1 Mega Missile/9 Micro darts, 20 Micro darts) and each's stellar performance. Some may say the Maverick is a good choice, but it lacks in accuracy and range. Others claim the Recon CS-6 is the way to go, but it jams all the time and sucks in battle.

Unity is always a good choice. The scout and hornet are pretty nice, thought the Titan is only tacticool. Rf20 and Magstrikes are good because they have sick ROF are are a ton of fun to use. Although, bang for buck, I would just buy three nitefinders.

What size screwdriver do you need to open the Nerf Longshot?

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A Miedium size Philips screw driver

Where can you buy old Nerf guns?

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At a garage sale, eBay, or your local Wal-Mart.

How do you get your parents to get you a Nerf gun?

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you raise your own money and pay for it yourself

What is the original Nerf gun?

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A Nerf gun is defined as any weapon, usually light and varied in color, that propels darts (usually orange), balls (usually green) and missiles (usually red) using springs, air pressure, or a similar mechanism. Though technically it could be applied to any weapon of this sort, a gun is only correctly labeled a Nerf gun if it is made by Nerf and brandishes the Nerf logo.

Is the Tommy Nerf gun real?

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real thommy gun no. Is a Nerf thommy Nerf gun a real thommy Nerf gun then yes

What is the rarest Nerf gun?

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probably the Nerf atomizer. it is a Nerf ball shooter that was made in the 1990' can't get it any more unless you ask santa for it.

Actually the most rarest gun is the supertech 9000 or the entire supertech line

How do you fix a jammed Nerf deploy cs 6?

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Well You didn't say whats the problem on jamming

Its easy just slide back the reload then open the jam door found at the flashlight side's back.. and take the clip off.. then open jam door and take off the dart

And its not a gun its a Blaster

please stop sayin NERF GUN

Gun is the thing that ammunitions are bullets

Blasters are darts

if you have further questions

What is the value of a bullseye in darts?

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Fifty points is the red bull

Twenty five points is the green

What is sporting clays shooting?

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One fun and exciting way to increase your shooting accuracy while enjoying a relatively safe activity is to shoot clay pigeons. Clay pigeons, which are also known as skeet or sporting clays, are simply clay targets that are made to be launched into the air and shot at. Many people do this to practice their aim before hunting real game, but some people simply enjoy the sport of it, and some even participate in competitions that involve shooting clay pigeons.

What Are Clay Pigeons Made Of?Clay pigeons are of course made of clay, but the majority of them are made from a biodegradable clay. This saves shooters a lot of work, because they can leave them in the field after they are done, and they will quickly disintegrate. What Type Of Gun Is Used To Shoot Clay Pigeons?

Most people use shotguns to shoot clay pigeons. These are often the same shotguns that they use to shoot real game. Some people choose to use handguns when shooting clay pigeons, which is much more challenging, but it also helps to train shooters to be more accurate.

How Are Clay Pigeons Launched?

If you are looking for a way to launch your clay pigeons, you have plenty of options. The launchers that are used to send these clay pigeons flying into the air are called traps, and there are several varieties available. For those who want to shoot clay pigeons without the help of others, automatic traps are the best choice. The traps often can send clay pigeons across the ground, similar to a rabbit or other small creature, as well as launching them into the air.

Many people who shoot clay pigeons have a spring-loaded trap, which works effectively at launching clay pigeons but requires the assistance of someone else.

Although shooting clay pigeons can be a lot of fun, it is also important to remember important safety rules. You should always be careful when handling guns, and you may want to consider wearing safety glasses and earplugs. It is also important to notify others what you will be doing so that they know to stay out of the way.

Is 230 FPS good for an airsoft pistol?

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No. It's actually quite slow. Most high-end guns shoot about 400+ FPS

Who is the best clay pigeon shooter in the world?

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yes he is he is the man at clay bird shooting

ps. if sombody changes this he'll stop aiming for clays and start aiming for you

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