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One of the most famous services in the Internet, web hosting allows customers to promote their websites on computer servers that are connected 24/7 to the Internet. Free web hosting and cloud hosting are some examples of this service.

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Is there any website like www elfyourself com and www scroogeyourself com?

Both of those websites are the same, they both link to a website that you can put your picture on an elf's body.

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Do you have to pay to start a website?

its depends,if you want a small website then you can created your own site using diffrent free softwares but if you want a big website with many function then you need company,and you have to pay as well!! there is a company perth Web media in perth Austraia,they make best web website.you can check them out.
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What makes a great role-play forum based website?

Good moderation, rules about character creation, and labels for adult content are some of the things that may help make a good role-playing website.

Hopefully the above is helpful.

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What are the 13 main Public-Root dns Servers?

The are called A, B, C, ...

These are the highest level of the DNS hierarchy. Ultimately, any DNS requests that can't be solved at a lower level (through the use of a cache) is traced back to those 13 root servers.

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What are some good poll making websites?

You can use Micro poll and poll junkie and snappoll.

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How should a web address start with?

It should start with: http://www.

It can start with http://www.

It can also start with http://

It can also start with only www.

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Create website with netbeans?

Netbeans - go to the Sun Java website

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Someone breaking the law by reselling tickets?

It is basically called a scalper.

It is not illegal to scalp or sell tickets, but some states regulate the practice. They don't want it done outside of the venues in some places, for example, to prevent fraud or crimes (scalpers carry a lot of money if they do well). Some states also have laws limiting prices to a certain amount above face value (the original price).

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What does co mean in a domain name?

Co means that it is being used by Coopration.

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How do you get ideas to develop a website?

You can develop a website using Dreamweaver, Front page or any HTML editor. You can also use a website template to develop your website...

Toyota Sienna
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Will there be any new options available on the 2005 Toyota Sienna?

I am part of the team who builds the current 3.3 litre 3mz v6 engine for the Sienna van. Currently, minor changes are underway for a new v6 engine for the Sienna as well as the Lexus RX 330. Although model changes won't take place (I believe) until 2006, I would not be suprised to see some minor option changes offered in the meantime. You may want to check with your local dealer. Here are more answers and opinions from other FAQ Farmers: * There are rumors of a hybrid option, but I am sure this will have extremely limited production. * In 2005, all models come with steering wheel audio control.

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Where can you find reviews for www.eukhost.com and www.jaguarpc.com?

eukhost.com - alexa ranking is 67.583, quantcast is 133.850, it's hard to go by reviews, I'd have to see actual statistical data - like #servers - brands - %up - downtime, etc.

the other I'm not going to waste my time.

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PPRA - Tender Service Pakistan - Web address?

The web address of Tender service Pakistan is www.tenderserviceonline.com .The web address of PPRA is www.ppra.org.pk

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What is query expunge?

It means that the mailbox can not be extended and that the calculated size of

the mailbox *after* expunging is larger than its current size. The

addition of mailbox and message meta data is greater than the message data

removed in deleted messages.

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Is there a website like bittybay.com?

actually no you would never see 4 afk users or less in any other site except bittybay

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What is the main function of the web server?

It is the webserver's job to run the website. Without a webserver, the website will not be active and won't work properly.. It need to be updated regularly...

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What are 'tickets' on a web hosting site?

As you can see the below what are the best tickets for hosting process. I believe you are referring to support tickets. These are simply a means of keeping track of a support request. You open a ticket with a question or comment and the hosting company responds.

It's essentially a logged non-real time chat with the hosting company.

This is just another support methods web hosts use to communicate and support their customers. Others include live chat, phone support, knowledgebase, community forum and blogs.

Many hosts offer this at no charge, such as popular hosts like SiteServing, HostGator, RackSpace, JustHost and many others.

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Network Error dns server failure in Firefox?


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What does it mean if get the message 'Facebook account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance and it should be available again within a few hours' when logging onto Facebook?

You see, Facebook has so much information that they have to store it on many many servers. When they do updates, they don't do it to all servers at once, or else it would create chaos. Not to mention it's harder to update that way.

Your Facebook account just so happens to be located on a Facebook server in the process of updates and fixes right now. Be patient, you'll get back on. The same thing is happening to me right now also, and has happened before.

If you were truly disabled by Facebook, you'd get a message whenever you tried to log on stating that you were disabled by an administrator and to email them at a given address for more details or to get your account back. Trust me, I should know. A few of my friends were actually disabled before.

Sit tight, things will work out fine.

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What is the difference between an open DNS and a closed DNS?

There is one major difference between an open DNS and a closed DNS. Open DNSs allow multiple users to connect easily while closed ones do not allow more users.

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Are there any websites with free jade dynasty accounts?

well no but u can have mine lvl 139 asc jadeon shura server for 100 us dolars pretty cheap =P

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How do you recover a deleted page on freewebs?

You can't.

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What is a 'personal website'?

A personal website is made for a particular person, or it is not associated with a company or for profit, yes it can be profitable but it belongs to a particular person. For example, A website based on complete details of a famous personality, for a person or a personal classes or business run by self. comes under Personal websites.

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What does HostGator limit on their shared hosting?

While Hostgator shared hosting lets you host as many domains as you like and has unlimited bandwidth, you must watch out when the traffic to your domains is getting really high or you are hosting a script that takes a lot of CPU. Then they will ask you to switch to a VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting because there are many people hosting their websites on the same shared server as you and they can't let other clients websites suffer because your website is taking all the resources on the server.

In conclusion: As long as you don't own a high traffic website, Hostgator shared hosting does not have any limitations to you.

If you want to test out their service for free, use a coupon code when ordering shared hosting (the discount will give you the first month for 0.01$). Latest working Hostgator coupon codes can be found here:


I hope this help!

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How do you make free website in easiest way?

try small2big.in, yola.com, webstarts.com, wix.com, bizbilla.com...


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