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What causes the error message 'LSA shell has encountered an error' when you connect to the Internet?

LSA Shell ErrorsThis used to be caused almost exclusively by the sasser worm. You could simple download the scan and fix from McAfee.

There is now a more common worm that sasser that replaced. It may be causing the LSA Shell error. Your most common junk antivirus such as McAfee can detect and delete sasser. Most firewalls can stop sasser. This sounds more like the womourge worm. You can find and eliminate this with the tools from Symantec.

Here is more input:

  • Although these sites are great to find help and answers some people don't keep up with the information being released every momment of every day and it is difficult to keep up with the ever so progressive virus world. Please search out as many casses of this and read all info pertaining to it before fallowing one post. You could just end up in circles over and over again.
  • The solution is easy, somewhat. I take it when you receive the LSA Shell (Export Version) notice, a few moments later the System Shutdown Count appears? Not to worry. Just restart your computer, making sure that you are, in fact, disconnected from the internet. Then click Start, click Run, and in the white box type "cmd". A black box will appear, inside the black box, after your computer's administrater's name type "shutdown -I" (when typing this, don't forget the space between the hyphen and the word "Shutdown".) and press enter. The Shutdown Setting's window will appear. In the first box, type in your computer's name and click Add. Then in the box that reads: 20 seconds, type 9999. This will increase your time on the internet to about three hours!This will give you time to download Stinger, which can be found on the McAfee website. Stinger will find and repair this problem. Simple.
Solving the LSA Shell ErrorIt's simple and not that simple. Follow the services.msc technique:

1. click start -> Run

2. type "services.msc" (without the double quotes) and press Enter.

3. Double Click "Remote Procedure Call"

4. On the "Recovery" tab, change "Shutdown Computer" to "Restart the Service" for all Failure counts ie. 1st, 2nd and subsequent.

5. Press OK.

That should be the first step to preventing it. Then download any "Blaster Worm Removal Tool" from the net and scan your system for it. This shutdown is often caused by the msblast worm. That should fix your problem.

And if it continues, just do this everytime the shutdown count begins:

1. Select Start -> Run

2. type "shutdown -a" and press Enter

That's it. This solves everything. the countdown disappears.

Preventing the WormPrevention is better than cure.

If you had internet connection firewall (ICF) enabled, this wouldn't have happened. Worms use the LSA shell security flaw to get into the remote system. Enable the ICF by:

1) Right click connections icon in the Network Connections and select properties.

2) Go to advanced and tick ICF option.

This will evade viruses from getting into the system as it blocks all incoming connection requests.

Here is more input:

  • Go to Start > Run> type services.msc and search for RPC, double click on it and on the TAB's go to Recovery, all the failure notices that say "Restar the Computer", change them to "Restart the Service", apply it and then reboot your machine. Once you reboot, it'll give the error message again, but will stop once you press ok twice, restart your machine and it shall be removed.
  • Sometimes its not sasser or the msblast worm like for my case! So the thing is to go to run. type "services.msc" then go to the option "RCP" from there another window will pop up and click the recovery tab. change all three setting to "restart the service" and reset the comp. That should do it.
NoteIf none of these solutions worked for you, you can always restore Windows by using your original discs that came with the computer.
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How do you eliminate a 'Bloodhound Packed' virus from WINDOWS System32 ia dll when Norton is unable to do it?

Try CWShredder. It worked for me. No more annoying Searchpage browser hijack trash (fingers crossed).

Also try downloading Spybot, it's good and it's free!

re-start your computer in safe mode. Go to my computer, local disk (c:), select windows,select system 32, find ia.dll. Right-click on this file and delete it in its entirety.SUCCESS !My question: is this file unimportant enough to just delete it ?

Simple. Run AVG from GriSoft. It's free.

All Trojan horses are hidden files so you would need to go to the Files Option (click the View tab)at Control Panel and uncheck both the *Hide file extension for known file types & *Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)-boxes, then OK yourself out. You will then need to restart your computer and and go into Safe Mode by holding the F8 key down -(kind of at the beginning of bootup). When you're at the DeskTop screen go to Start/ Search/ For Files and Folders and type up the NAME OF THE FILE & EXT (i.e.- ia.dll), you can delete this file from here.

I have had 4 Trojan horses on my C drive and kinda figured out the above method a week ago. I deleted the Temp file from the Restore folder after unchecking the hidden files boxes, then went to SafeMode to delete what virus files that were still there. My computer is now absolutely FREE of these pests!

read this link :

It will tell you what it is en how to deal with it.

This is not an actual virus, but Norton has detected a series of them. On my machine it stopped me from contacting Symantec or running Live Update. Here's how I got rid of it: 1) turn off XP System Restore 2)Get to Symantec through a "back door",click on download, update virus definitions using "Intelligent Updater" 3)restart computer in safe mode, 4) run a full system scan and delete al files detected (I had 26--none named "bloodhound," mostly spyware--5) clear the temporary Internet Files, 6)restart computer in regular mode 6) enable the System Restore.

I've been fiddling with this for a month and was about to fork over $40-70 to Symantec to walk me through the process. Getting the live update through the Intelligent Updater was the key. You can't do anything without the update.

well i got rid of it by finding where the virus was withspy doctor free addition and then deleted the files quite simple really

I also face this problem when i copy 1 file to my home PC, but this virus seem to be not detect by my office laptop which have AVG antivirus installed. It only detect by Norton. So, i also not very sure is this a virus? I have been using AVG for many years and it seem to be very reliable.

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What makes a great role-play forum based website?

Good moderation, rules about character creation, and labels for adult content are some of the things that may help make a good role-playing website.

Hopefully the above is helpful.

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What is 60 kg's in stone?

60kg is about 9.5 stone

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Nerf Toys

Do you think any of the people that post NERF questions have EVER heard of NerfHaven?

Well, maybe. Some of these questions are opinionated, anyway. You do have a point though.

For the most part, no. But it seems some may have heard of the youtube nerfers.

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How can you create more then one Grindr account?

1 Launch Grindr on your mobile handset if the app isn't already open. Click or tap the black "Sign Off" button in the upper left corner of the screen to log out of your existing account if you are logged in.

  • 2 Select "Get Started Now" rather than "Login." Select a picture from your device to serve as a profile picture. If none of the pictures on your phone are suitable, click or tap the "Camera" icon to take a new picture. Select a username, password and a display name, and enter your personal profile details. Click or tap "Save."
  • 3 Browse through guys who are located near you. Tap any profile to see more details, initiate a chat or even arrange a date.
  • 4 Sign out from the second account when you wish to use the first one.
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What are some good preteen forums?

Great site!!:D


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OIC stand for?

OIC stand for " Orgnization of the Islamic Conference"

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Is Michelle Mathews a fraud?

Who is Michelle Mathews? This is a common name.

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What does sticky baby dust means when used in forums?

Means they are ttc (trying to conceive) and hoping an embryo sticks to their endometrial lining.

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How do you send a fax?

On a conventional fax machine, you load the document into the fax machine, dial the fax number (dialed exactly the same way you would dial the same telephone number from a landline telephone at the same location), and press Send. Some newer fax machines may allow you to scan the document into memory before dialing the number. You may also be able to send a fax directly from your computer without printing it on paper, using the same process as printing, but selecting the fax machine instead of a printer. You will be prompted to enter the fax number. Lastly, some Internet fax services allow you to scan a document or otherwise create a digital image of a document and send it through the Internet.

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What is the official Meez company phone number?

The answer to the number is 926-027-0374.

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When will toywiz forums be back?

i dont think its going to be back, it involved some problem with the server or something... i forgot lol. you best bet is joining other yugioh communities, such as pojo and ccg realms

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What does XD mean on facebook?

The emoticon XD is someone laughing, or it means a big smile or grin.

Tilt your head to the left and look at XD sideways.

The X represents their eyes squinting with laughter, and the D is a open laughing mouth, e.g. saying 'Ha Ha!'

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How do you get the Contact Forum Admin link on my voy forum?

Just edit the script file (like, header / footer template file) and add link.

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What rank is higher than moderator?

Administrator, if you're referring to online message boards and such.

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What does bms mean in chat?

Beyond my scale

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Which company sells vBulletin sold in Germany?

Jelsoft is the company that sells vBulletin.

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Can you add a photo to an answer or to a message board on WikiAnswers?

Use of Photos on WikiAnswersNo, sorry.

You can add a photo to your profile by accessing one hosted on another website, but this is the extent of the use of images here. Copy and paste the URL of the image into your profile in order to display an image on your profile.

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Addition of friends has been temporarily disabled?

Addition of friends has been temporarily disabled.

how to solve this error....

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Why cant you register at uowforums website?

UOW is down for a time being i am a Smod on UOW & feel free to go to

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Gaia Online

What other sites are like tinierme?

Gaia Online is quite similar in terms of the items available, however one difference is that you can buy cash items from other people for gold, whereas you cannot do that in Tinerme.

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How do you use animation on meez?

Click your username, hold it down, and move your mouse to the animation you want to use.

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How do you download a movie from amader forum?

already i have done in register in amader forum but i dont know in download in amader forum please procedure in amader forum in download

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How can you send a fax online or receive faxes by email?

The ability to use a computer connected to Internet as a fax machine saves time and money in several ways... * No need for a fax machine. * No long distance charges. * No busy signals to listen to since there is no dialing at all. Several companies now offer online faxing services. The most popular of them are 101Fax, MyFax and CallWave. The concept is simple: you get a fax number that's tied to your email. When someone faxes to it, the fax is converted to a file and emailed to you as an attachment. You can also send faxes directly from your email address to any fax number in the world. 101Fax pioneers and specializes in a Pay-Per-Use online faxing service, which means no monthly fees ($0/month). You only pay everytime you send a fax. Their monthly plans start at $4.50/month. Features include unlimited inbound faxing, fax number (local and toll free available) fax broadcasting, international faxing, and more. MyFax is an inexpensive North America and UK oriented service. The service costs $10/month or $110/year and includes sending 100 pages and receiving 200 pages monthly. Additional pages (if you receive more than 200 or send more than 100 per month) cost $0.10 each. CallWave Fax is a more affordable service for those who only need to receive faxes. You get a personal fax number. Faxes sent to it are converted to Adobe PDF files and delivered to you as email attachments. There's no limit to the number of faxes you can receive per month. You can try it free for 30 days, then $7.95 per month.


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