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The first, and often only, chance to make a great face-to-face impression and put yourself ahead of other candidates is the job interview. Ask questions for help with dealing with tough questions and for suggestions on how to make a good first impression.

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How do you answer 'What are your strengths and weaknesses' in a job interview?

This can be the most difficult question asked by the interviewer to evaluate your honesty and your confidence level. Such questions are fairly typical when applying for a job. The purpose of asking this question is firstly to see how you handle a stress question and secondly how you actually respond to it. As with most things, it is all about preparation. You have to prepare an answer for this question for every job interview before you go. Think about such questions...
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How do you answer the question 'what is your greatest weakness' in a job interview?

This is probably the most dreaded question of a job interview, but it's a legitimate question. This is a test by a potential future employer. Don't answer with a trite response like "I'm a perfectionist," or something equally meaningless. Give a thoughtful answer. The trick is to follow it up with something you are doing to improve the "weakness." For example, if you know you are not a great speaker before a group, you might say that you get nervous when presenting...
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How do you answer 'Why did you apply for this position' in a job interview?

The best way to answer this question is to research the company first. Whether you are applying at McDonald's or applying at a Fortune 500 Company, once you know about the company, you can answer this question more easily. For example: "I've read about how this company's growth is on the rise and also how involved it is in the local community.") Researching the company helps you to find likable things about them. Have they won awards? A leading provider of ....?...
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How do you answer 'Why do you want to work here' in a job interview?

You have to ask, and answer, this question yourself, prior to the interview. Investigate the company, remember what you like about the company (its products/services, positive things it has done for the community/society, where the company is headed in the future, if it's an established company (for job security), how you think you can help the company succeed, etc.). It really depends on what type of job you are applying for (professional compared to part-time high school/college job. Just make sure to investigate...
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How do you answer 'Describe yourself' in an interview?

While describing yourself in an interview, the answer should always be related to the job. Remember, although the employer is asking personal questions, they are still all related to "what can you bring to the company?" So, I usually give adjectives like reliable, loyal, etc., but make sure you back these with supporting examples. The most important thing is to make sure you boil it all down to presenting the answer in a way that it matches the things the employer is...
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How do you answer Why did you leave your last job in a job interview?

Be honest but stay positive. First and foremost, you should always address every interview question with honesty. Of course, your answer should be based on the real reason you left, but put a positive spin on it. That means, you should try to frame your honest answer in the most positive way possible. Do not lie, be truthful and honest but do not be harsh on a previous employer. So answer truthfully while at the same time NOT talking about the company or staff...
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What questions will be asked in a second interview?

If you are called for a second interview this means that you made a good impression and that the company would like to give you the job. What should you expect from a second interview: discussions about the job, about the salary, the schedule, they might show you the office where you will work, they might present you some of the colleagues you will work with. Maybe they will also propose you to sign the employment contract. Second Interviews You can expect questions that are more focused...
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Where can you get a sample cover letter for a secretary?

Although it's not written specifically for a secretary, there's a sample cover letter linked to the right. (Maybe someone else out there has a good cover letter example for an administrative assistant?) You might also want to check out the other links including: How to write a cover letter (reprinted from Resume Edge) Choosing the paper and letterhead for your resume and cover letter (reprinted from Resume Edge) Writing cover letters (reprinted from the Federal Citizen Information Center) Answer if you have word look under tools...
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How do you answer 'Why should we hire you' in a job interview?

You should relish this question and be eager to answer it! If you are not, then you are completely unprepared for the interview. This is one of those questions people find tricky at interviews. The right approach for this question is to use it to highlight the 2 or 3 key strengths you have which match the requirements of the job. The job requirements will either be that have been mentioned in the advert, a person specification sent to you, or they would...
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How do you answer 'What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses' in a job interview?

The interviewer is probably not really interested in your weaknesses, but is just testing your ability to deal with a difficult and unexpected situation. Such questions are fairly typical of those you will be presented with when applying for a job As with most things, it is all about preparation. If you fail to prepare then be prepared to fail. There are many 'standard' questions. There are no standard answers as most are asking about you personally. Because of that no one but...
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How do you answer 'Why do you want to leave your current job' in a job interview?

Interviews: Leaving your Current Job Here are some tips for answering this questions: Never speak poorly about your current (previous) employer. This question is an opportunity to sell yourself, not air your dirty laundry. Put your reason for leaving in the best light possible. For example, if your company has looked over you for a promotion, or you don't think you make enough money, you might say "I seek to work in a meritocracy" or "I want to work in a more entrepreneurial environment." Always consider...
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How can you answer 'What are your strengths' in a job interview?

Job interviews are always nerve wracking situations. Here are some tips for knowing how to handle the popular question, "What are your strengths?" 1. Come prepared. Like I said, this is a common question in interviews, so give some thought to the answer before you go. 2. Think of general strengths like being responsible, reliable and a good communicator. But also think about specific strengths that you know would work well with the job. Is it an administrative position? Perhaps you can talk...
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How do you write a thank-you letter after an interview?

Thank You Letter Direct the letter to the person who interviewed you, if possible. Keep it short. Send the letter the day of the interview or the next day. DO NOT WAIT! You want to hit them while they are still deciding who to hire! Say something like, "I wanted to thank you for the opportunity of speaking to me regarding the __________ position. I truly feel that I am the best candidate for the job because ___________________________________. Thanks again for your time and consideration, Sincerely, Your...
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When a job application asks your reason for leaving a job and were you ever fired what is the best way to answer?

Answer honestly. That's what all employers are looking for. Just because you were fired doesn't mean you won't get hired. Among the specific suggestions: There was no scope for upward mobility Better opportunity Unresolvable conflicts Not enough hours Personality conflicts Staff reduction/budget cuts Other opinions: They're probably only looking for honesty. If I felt the need to cover it up a little, I would blame it on downsizing, but honesty is the best policy. Be honest. Be prepared to explain (ex. refused to perform certain activities to unsafe working...
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How do you answer 'How did you handle your most challenging experience in your previous job' in a job interview?

Think of a stressfull thing that happened at your last job. Then write a short description of what it was and what you did. Did you work to resolve the problem? Did you remove yourself from the problem and let other handle it? Stuff like that. Just a short explaination of what happened. This is more related to problem solving., first, think of a problem you had in you work and what is the action/ solution you have taken to resolve. It...
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How do you answer 'Where do you see yourself in five years' in a job interview?

Where do you see yourself: Here's what the resume advice company Resume Edge recommends as a sample answer to the question, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" In ten years, I endeavor to have refined my strategic and client relations skills. I intend to be a leading expert in estate planning. After having proven myself as a senior manager, I hope to help shape the strategic direction of estate planning services. I could do this in any number of official roles....
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How do you answer 'How would you relate your key competencies to this position as a Branch Manager in Banking' in a job interview?

Relating Key Competencies They're asking how your experience relates to the job for which you are applying. A good place to start? Make a list of the requirements for the job. Circle any that apply to you. What skills do you have that apply to the position? What experience do you have that will help the company if they hire you? Give at least one example. That's how YOU relate to the job. Here are suggestions for answering the interview question: As an individual,...
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How do you answer 'What are your short-term and long-term career goals' in a job interview?

Be truthful but positive, if your goal is to keep the job and be stable say: To be a good employee with a stable long term employment. If you wish to be promoted: To excel and gain promotion through hard work. Change and paraphrase to suit your situation. A long term goal in one's career would be, getting a raise, retirement, vacation. Short term goals could be, getting one's pay check or a date with some one else in the work area. ...
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What is an Ideal?

It is an important belief
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How do you answer the following in a job interview - 'Describe your personal qualities that suit the requirements of this position'?

Wiki s contributors share some job-interview skills: I am an account service intern right now with an ad agency in Austin. An account executive needs to be extremely organized and time-oriented. Be prepared to multitask and know what is going on at all times. Be open to ideas and know when to keep your mouth shut. Be nit-picky and be ready to come in early and leave the office late. I'm a team player, responsible and enthusiastic. I give my best in everything that...
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What questions will an interviewer ask?

Questions an Interviewer is likely to ask are: 1. Can you tell me about yourself? 2. What are your greatest strengths? 3. What are your greatest weaknesses? 4. Why are you interested in this particular area of work? 5. Why should we hire you? 6. What interests you about our company, agency, school? 7. Why are you looking for a job? 8. Why did you leave your last job? 9. What didn't you like about your last job? 10. What did you like about your last...
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How do you answer 'Describe an ideal working environment' in a job interview?

I think the modern workplace is so varied it's important to be capable of productivity in a diverse range of environments. I excel in an environment that has good communication and great teamwork, so therefore, that to me, would be the ideal working environment. The ideal job consists of a workplace where I can grow not only professionally but intellectually, where my own ideas are received as well as innovative ideas and knowledge acquired in the past. Where my knowledge and work...
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How do you answer 'What is good customer service' in a job interview?

A+ The one with the best references. There is no right or wrong answer. They want to know what you think good customer service is. For me, it's not about quick service, but helpful service. If I'm at the grocery and ask a worker where a certain item is, most of the time they just tell you what aisle it's on. Those are the ones that are just doing their job. The ones with good customer service are the ones that tell...
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What questions should an interviewer ask?

Believe it or not, the people you interview usually want you to be professional. Although it is easier to find out what a person is like in a regular conversation, most prospective employees have prepared to answer questions from you. If you do not ask any, or ask very few, they might think you don't take them seriously. If you have not done many interviews try asking some open ended questions like: What would you view as your greatest assets? What do you...
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How do you answer 'Define teamwork' in a job interview?

Team work is simply a help of tam members in order to achieve certain goal or objective. Understanding teamwork is essential in order to achieve the goals and successes that every business hopes to see. Working together as a team means that several individual people have to come together and function as one solid unit. It involves taking the various talents and skills that each team member contributes and combining them into one successful effort. It's like sport teams - each player must...