The technique, occupation or hobby of catching fish. This topic covers game and sea fishing for pleasure or food worldwide.

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Can you use ham for fish bait?


Saltwater Fish
Oceans and Seas

What kinds of fish live in the ocean near Scotland?

loch ness monster

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Do you lose your treasure bait in pet society after you use it?

Sadly, yes.


How does a full moon help night fishing?

Apart from the obvious that you can see better, there does seem to be some proof, that a full moon does increase the chances of a better catch.

See related link for a better explanation

In addition, many bait fish and squid will mate during the full moon. Predatory fish will often feed more heavily during these times.


What is the cause of driftnet fishing?

driftnet fishing is starting to cause havoc in the worlds waters. it is Known as a "dirty" technology due to the great number of other fish, sharks, turtles, whales, dolphins, and sea birds killed or injured in its dangerous path which can reach dimensions of 18 meters deep and 56 kilometres long driftnet fishing has long been used in many parts of the Mediterranean and Atlantic's seas .

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How do you soften power bait?

It depends on what type of bait style you are using. The plastic type, commonly found in the shape of baitfish or claims, can be rehydrated by adding water to the packaging it originally came in. If the package is not watertight, put the bait into a small ziplock bag.

Similarly, for the dough-type baits, addd a small amount of water to the container and let it sit for a day or two to rehydrate. Make sure the lid is securely screwed down so the product does not dry out again.

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How do Japanese people catch fish?

With rice nets they come off when dipped in water many times

The Japanese fish like we do. They use long lines and nets commercially, and rod and reels for freshwater fishing or surf fishing. Largemouth bass from the United States have been introduced there, and have thrived to the point where fishing for them has become very popular. Japan has several companies making great tackle like Shimano and Daiwa products, and Oziri and Yamamoto make fantastic bass baits.

Thunderstorms and Lightning

Is it safe to go fishing during a storm?

No! That is VERY RISKY! See, if it's a lightning storm, lightning might come down and hit your rod as you cast it out. Also if you're fly fishing and stand in the water lightning might hit it and the electricity will go to your body. Another reason is that the storm might turn into a tornado! I'm sure you know how bad that is. And, if you still don't believe me, just last week in a terrible lightning storm a guy was walking home from fishing because it was raining. Later on it turned into a massive lightning storm. He ducked under a tree (bad idea) and the tree got hit by lightning which hit him too. At that very moment he died! I read that in the death section in my local newspaper. So once again don't fish during a storm EVER!

Freshwater Fish

What is the best rod for pike fishing?

If you are using live or deadbaits and you want to catch an average sized pike go for a rod with test curve of around 2.5 - 3lb (it will probably say this information on the rod). I usually use a carp rod for this job as it is the same a pike rod only it says "carp rod" on it instead. Also, they are easier to hold of for me. If your are lure fishing with small-medium lures then yet yourself a specified spinning rod with a spinning reel, and for jerk baits use a jerkiest or heavy lure rod and use with a 4000 sized fixed-spool reel or a multiplier.


What is the value of a JC Higgins casting reel?

Go to your local library or b&n bookstore. In the section with collectable price guides, you should find at least 3 volumes of a thick hardback book on the value of antique fishing tackle and lures. These books are very easy to use. All pricing has pictures so u can match what you have with what is in the book if some of the reel numbers have rubbed off. Email me a pic if you like and I will do some research. I am a fulltime bass tournament angler/ custom lure painter


What level do you stop burning trout?

At level 76 cooking you stop burning trout.


Where can you catch sail fish in flick fishing?

you can catch sailfish in both waves of doom and the blue deeps

The sailfish lives in all oceans of the world and grows very quickly. These fish have a long bill that resembles a swordfish, and they feed at the surface or at mid-range depths. Sailfish are best identified by the extraordinary dorsal fin that runs the length of their back. It can be tough to catch this extremely fast fish


What can paralyze fish?

One way to stun or paralyze a fish is to hit it quite hard on the head with a stone or the likes. Another way to "paralyze" the fish is to cut off the main fin [ the propeller fin ] then it cannot swim away or swim at all.

fish usually act "paralyzed" when they are in shock. like most people have said you do need to change the water, again making sure that all of your levels,

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Can a saltwater fishing rod be used for freshwater fishing?

yes it can but it is a little to big and it is very easy to tangle up


What is the best bait to catch shrimp?

shrimp are caught using nets. Shrimp eat very small things like plankton so there is no real way to use a bait to actually catch them.


Where is the Okuma fishing and tackle company based?

I think they are an Australian company but sure. If you go to their website they say choose a country depending on where you live. Hopefully this helps.

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What did they use for fishing in Ancient India?



Is fishing the most dangerous sport in the world?

No it is not, see the related links for some of the most dangerous sports.


How old do you have to be in Alabama to get a fishing license?

In Alabama you must have a fishing license between the ages of 16 and 64. If you are younger than 16, or older than 64 you do not need to purchase a fishing license.

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Bass (fish)

What do you use to catch bass in a lake?

A fishing rod is used with baits. There are several kinds bass baits used in bass fishing, and the bait you choose will depend on the time of year you're fishing, where in the water you want to fish, what the fish are currently eating, weather and time of year. You'll need to know the local law. Not all baits are allowed in all areas or at all times of year.

Live bait commonly consists of small fish, crayfish, frogs, leeches, polliwogs, salamanders and earthworms.

Hard baits are solid and made from artificial material. Top water baits skim the surface of the water. Diving baits are broken down into categories such as shallow, medium and deep diving based on the depth they dive while being reeled in. There are crank, rip, spoons, blades, jigs and many more.

Soft baits mimic the soft bodies of live bait. They are broken into categories such as tube, jerk, goby and grub. These baits are generally used to fish the bottom of a lake.

Soft plastics work very well in warm water. Some of the best are plastic worms, lizards, and crayfish imitators.

Freshwater Fish
Bass (fish)

What are the best fishing lures to use for largemouth bass?

It all depends on the time of year of course and what the fish are feeding on. The best year round lure would be a black and blue 3/8 ounce jig with a black, or blue trailer. But that is for Nebraska fishing where the water is always dirty. Can't go wrong with a Texas rigged plastic worm or lizard. My other go to lure is a YUM brand Junebug (color) dinger rigged just whacky style which is just a 3/0 hook with the worm hooked one time right in the middle where it flops over both sides. Don't know why but it drives bass nuts usually on the initial fall.

I found one better than anything. Zoom Ultravibe Speedcraw, in green pumpkin color.

Texas rigged or Carolina rigged.


Is g loomis made in the US?

Rods are made in the US. Many of their accessories and reels are not.

Saltwater Fish

Are anchovies a good bait for jack mackerel?

Any thing shiny is good for mackerel when i went fishing in Devon you could catch them of mackerel spinners and foil raped round a hook


What is out shore fishing?

Fish: Most of the fish baits seem to be an instant crab attractor and they don't last that long if used in small slivers. Cutlets of small mackerel are better than slivers when crabs are busy and if using a large bait mount the skin side out. Boat anglers use a section of fresh silver eel for tope to keep crabs and dogfish off and it is very effective.


Is a lure an instrument?

ARTIFICIAL LURES Lures are designed to mimic the fish which predators eat naturally and since predator fish will take virtually anything at times,Lures come in a bewildering array of colours,shapes and sizes.So yes i would call them instruments,Insturments of predator fishing.


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