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Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML for short, is a programming language most commonly used to develop websites and offline applications, such as manuals. Though the initial intent of the language was to exchange information from a small network of computers, it is now most often used to share information and allow engagement in online activities throughout a network with an increasing number of host computers. Questions about the development of applications and pages through HTML belong in this category.

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How do you get rid of default-homepage-network.com newspynotice.html?

Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot Run Superantispyware Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! First run spy-bot s&D. Then adaware. Uninstall all toolbars. Download google tool bar. Go to start, run, reg edit. Search for TSCASh or any other program left and delete the results. I had the same issue on my wife's system and this is how I solved it. I tried every pest, spyware, and virus scanner around and none detected or fixed this...
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When was HTML formalized?

An idea for it started in 1989, a first browser and set of tags for it in 1990. Over the the next few years it extended and different tags were added. HTML 2.0, the first standard version, did not come out until 1995. ...
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What does the main content of a webpage belongs inside?

The main content of a web page normally resides between the <body> and </body> HTML tags. ...
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Is the body tag required for all HTML documents?

Technically it should be included, but many browsers assume its existence if it isn't there. (if i recall correctly) If you want to stay compliant with the W3C specifications, however, you must have a body tag. It must be the only body tag in the page, it must be a direct child of the HTML tag, and it must be preceded by 1 and only 1 HEAD tag. ...
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Can you use HTML in your answer?

You can use some basic HTML in the body of an answer. For example, you can use B for bold and the UL/LI tags for lists. To add a link, you'll need to use the Related Links sections. (Please do not link to anything commercial unless it is directly related to answering a question.) See the related link below for more information about formatting answers. ...
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What is the difference between a and h2 tag?

<h2> is a Heading and is the second biggest heading. An <a> is an Anchor or a link. The H2 tag is used to display text in larger sizes like headings in a web page whereas the anchor tag is used to provide links to other web pages from within our web page ...
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Using FrontPage how do you get a form to submit to email and reset to the original values via one button?

* First of all, you have to inset a new form, Insert>Form. Then, add all the information you need to the form (inputs, text box, check box, etc.) see the HTML code and where it says POST you ofcourse have to direct it to the process page, it can be php or asp as the most known. don't ever try if you don't know what i mean by the process page. actually all this staff with forms requiered an extra programming...
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How do you change the font type in a Tumblr POST?

You can't change the font in your Tumblr post because it comes with theme itself. You would have to change your theme to get the different options with the fonts that you like. ...
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How do you create drop down menus with mouse events using JavaScript?

That would be very complicated to write yourself. Use a prewritten script: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=javascript+dhtml+drop+down+menu But Javascript dropdown menus and flash menus are really annoying. They are inefficient. They won't work for users of text-only browsers, cell phone browsers, or aural browsers (text-to-speach browsers used by blind people). They aren't search engine friendly. They don't match standards for the GUI of the client's OS. Just don't use them. -DJ Craig Javascript is usually used with html(hyper-text markup lang.). type: onmouseover(:dropdown=true:)onmouseout(:dropdown=false:) *** Another solution would to use a powerful...
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What is www and HTML?

WWW stands for World Wide Web. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is a basic web code, these files usually end in .html or .htm ...
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Why are there different versions of HTML?

it think the versions are HTML 1.0 HTML 2.0 HTML 3.0 HTML 3.2 HTML 4.01 xhtml 1.0 and now HTML 5 The different versions are used to characterize changes in the HTML itself. With new features and new tags come new versions. In the modern web, (HTML 4+) the versions are also the basis for laying out standards that describe the function of the HTML and how the browsers are supposed to display it. For instance, prior to HTML 2.0, there were no images available in HTML. If you're interested,...
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In a certain code monkey is written as xdjmnl how is tiger written in that code?

The answer is QDFHS..... step 1: reverse the word 'tiger' i.e. 'regit'. step 2: replace each letter to its previous letter i.e 'qdfhs' step 3: cross check with the words given ( 'yeknom'- 'lnmjdx') ...
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What is the difference between HTML and DHTML?

HTML is static. It's simply a particular way of display information. An HTML page, much like a printed page, cannot respond to the user in any way. A DHTML page uses JavaScript to dynamically respond to the user's interactions. (The "D" in DHTML stands for "dynamic") When a DHTML page is more appropriate, than it is the logical choice. But in a situation where DHTML doesn't seem necessary, the extra effort of creating dynamic features may be a distraction to the user. DHTML is the...
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What does HTML consist many types of?

HTML consists of many types of elements.
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Are HTML applications statefull or stateless?

Stateless, by default. HTML's parent protocol, HTTP, is a idempotent, stateless protocol. However, we have means using Javascript, PHP, Perl, Ruby, ASP, etc. to add a state an application. But, using only HTML, it's not possible. ...
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What is the function of XML tags?

the function of xml tags is to display to web browser kind of applications, such as html, but with tags which one you wanna to type. ...
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How many different heading sizes are there?

In HTML there are 6 heading sizes: h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 "h1" is defining the most important heading and "h6" - the less important one. Size of each heading is best defined by CSS styles, for instance: h1 { font-size: 24px; } h2 { font-size: 18px; } ...
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What is the HTML code for a picture?

HTML Code for Images [image_source] src is short for 'source.' If your image was in a directory called 'images' with a filename of screenshot.jpg, you would replace [image_location] with images/screenshot.jpg [hover_text] This is an optional attribute that displays text when a user puts his or her cursor over the image. [alternate_text] This is also optional. If a user has images turned of through their web browser settings, this text is what shows up in place of the image. So when it's all said and done, it should look...
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What character does every tag in HTML start with?

Every HTML tag starts with a less-than sign, as shown below. <
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The p tag is generally equivalent to how many br tags?

Generally two! P stands for paragraph so it automatically gives you a line break. ...
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How do you run HTML notpad code?

To "run" HTML code, you simply need to open it using a web browser. This can be done by placing the file on the server and pointing the browser to it, or you can use the native "Open File..." command in the browser itself. If you want to learn HTML you can visit one of the websites in the related links. ...
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Which attribute specifies the submit URL in a form tag in HTML?

Use the "action" attribute of a FORM element to specify the URI of the form processor. ...