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A program created by Apple Inc., that enables you to store and transfer music, videos, and various media from your library to your iPod and other devices.

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How do you put iTunes gift card money on your iPod touch?

To put iTunes gift card money on your iPod touch you go to the iTunes app. It is purple and has a music note on it. Then you press the Music icon on the bottom left hand corner. Scroll down until you see the redeem button. Then click on it. Enter the code on your gift card and hit redeem which is in the upper right hand corner. ...
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How do you transfer games onto ipod without itunes?

i think you try sharepod first. its alternative to itune and much better if it runs on your pc. try to get it on getsharepod.com its me davejaydeep find me on facebook i have ghajini as my image for further help............ ...
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Why isn't Entourage available on Netflix?

I just called Netflix customer service about this very same issue. I love Entourage and want to stream it on my system, Season 7 or any for that matter. I was told that Netflix is in negotiations with HBO for the rights to stream Entourage...but nothing is final at this time. I assume it is a financial issue. Netflix does not want to pay the $$ amount that HBO is demanding. ...
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Why wont bear share let you download songs?

Try frostwire it has most songs and it's easy to use
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What happens if you upgrade your ipod touch from version 3 to version 4?

well i hacked my iPod before i updated.... if you update your iPod... there are all difference.... i was using 4.0.something ios and when i updated to ios 5.0.1 it has a lot benefits like weather and stuff...... and there are much benefit when you jailbreak too ...
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How do you edit song's length in iTunes?

Check out http://editmp3.blogspot.com/
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Does rebel sport accept Westfield gift cards?

Yes, provided it is one located inside a Westfield Centre.
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Can you burn something onto pre-recorded CD?

No, not if it is a purchased 'pressed' CD.
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Why is Internet file sharing of music illegal?

Well, as you may know music industries get money from the cds they top bands sell, and if you "share" your music with strangers you make them lose lots of cash. If you really like a band or singer go to a store and get the legal record, your gonna help them make even more cds. ...
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Can you download games onto the mp3 player q2?

depends on what type but as far as i know you cant but if you count an ipod then yes ...
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How do you put Korean music videos on your ipod?

Put the format for your music video in mp4. Then open iTunes, connected to your ipod, and drag it in! ...
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On iTunes what does consolidate your library mean?

it means that it will save that music to a folder on your itunes library.
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How do you upload a song to LaDiDa?

first you have to have an account you can easily make one from your facebook account then just click share and the world can then see your creations however you can only upload songs on your i pod touch or i phone or i pad not on your PC ...
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Can you use your itunes gift card anywhere?

u just have to have ur ipod touch iphone by wifi or 3g or u can do it on a computer ...
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The file itunes library itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes?

May Be something as http://blog.dominik.net/2006/09/23/reverting-to-itunes-6-windows/ can help... // emvader ...
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What is the size of the podcast audience on iTunes?

iTunes provides a directory of podcasts but does not host or supply podcasts. Podcast providers host their podcasts on their own sites and would use their site's logs to determine the number of subscribers to their podcasts. The potential audience will be the 160 million users of iTunes. ...
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How do I fix this issue. ITunes Library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes?

It's very easy. Go to C:\Users\(your username)\Music\iTunes and rename the file "iTunes Library.itl" to "iTunes Library.OLD" Open iTunes, go to Help --> Check For Update, download & install the most recent upgrade. Once complete it will usually requires a computer restart. If not, you must close iTunes for the next step to work due to "File In Use" issues. Go back to C:\Users\(your username)\Music\iTunes and rename newly-created "iTunes Library.itl" to "iTunes Library.NEW" (or just delete that file). Then rename your old file "iTunes Library.OLD" back...
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Does the 2001 vw bug have a ipod plug already installed or not?

No it does not but you can have the dealer install one or a local car audio shop can do it. ...
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When will 'When I Look At You' by Miley Cyrus be put on iTunes?

sometime this year or next year when her movie "the last song" comes out her song when i look at you is in that movie. it is already out or so they say but it's only the piano version so DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND BUY IT!!!!! ...
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Download jay jay garvi gujarat song?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek5UuwK_cSk&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqrlBlu1RIY&feature=related ...
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Is there a program like lyrics seeker for mac?

iClip Lyrics is the perfect Lyrics application for Mac: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/29994 Just open it, and it will update automatically with the current song. The songs don't even have to be from the iTunes Store! Hope I helped! ...
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How do you use mojo?

First it asks you to make a type of "profile" kinda thing. Just make up a name and a password. Then, when ur finished with that step, it takes you to a small window, that will say the name of your computer, and it has a small green music note below it. That means that you're online. You'll notice there arent any other names in there. This is because u have to add people. So then, get a friend to make...
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What is the meaning of 'Error 5002' on iTunes?

Apple Care's Answer I just had this problem (when trying to purchase a free App from the iTunes store), so phoned up Apple Care. Their advice was simple and worked, so I'm reproducing it here: Download and run "App Cleaner". You can get it from here: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/system_disk_utilities/appcleaner.html Find iTunes in your applications folder and drop it on to App Cleaner's window. Download a new copy of iTunes for Apple, and install it. You can get it form here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ That's it. Pretty easy, and seems to...
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Why can't I complete your album on itunes?

It says that i haven't purchased the songs that I already have, so the price hasn't dropped. ...
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Is life discovery channel on iTunes?

No not yet... I've been waiting for it too :(