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File sharing is the term given to any method people use by people to share programs and other files between one another. Questions about file sharing programs and protocols belong here.

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Is Kazaa legal?


Kazaa is actually a legal program but because of the way it's used, its developing company and several users have already been sued for copyright violation.

Uploading or downloading works protected by copyright without the authority of the copyright owner is an infringement of the copyright owner's exclusive rights of reproduction and/or distribution. Anyone found to have infringed a copyrighted work may be liable for statutory damages up to $30,000 for each work infringed and, if willful infringement is proven by the copyright owner, that amount may be increased up to $150,000 for each work infringed.

$100M worth of damages previously settled by Kazaa in favor of recording companies, private individuals who obtain through Kazaa mp3s and other copyrighted files have also been sued by parties in interest, monetary payments averaging $3,000 were paid by several people. In particular, a single mother had to pay $9,250 for each of the 24 songs they had accused her of stealing.


Yes. Kazaa is a legal program. However, the uses it is primarily put to are not. Downloading copyrighted music, videos, and software without the permission of the author / artist is illegal. Due to it being used primarily for this purpose, the creators of Kazaa have been sued for being a sort of "enabler" for piracy. Really, though, this charge could just as easily be levied against Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, since they also allow you to download files regardless of their legality.


Since 2008 there has been a new owner of Kazaa who made unlimited,unrestricted, and safe downloads at a monthly phone bill fee. It is now completely legal (for now).

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Is it safe to make a mediafire account?


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How often do you conduct marketing research?

When you do not know the results or outcome. Marketing research gives you a comfort level & indicator to see if your thesis or judgment was right on the money

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Who found basis of Internet?


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Is downloading songs from Ares illegal or legal?


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What is the best program for torrent privacy?


Apart from bit torrent and utorrent, i find utorrent faster and good.

Vuze is another good torrent software.

All these have best torrent privacy.

I'm not an expert but this is just to help:

I think it would be uTorrent cause then you can randomize a different port every time you DL a torrent from there.

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Is Keepvid safe and legal?

The website is legal. But how you use the video you downloaded could be legal or illegal.

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What is the password for the bodog mafialife open?


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How do I fix Azureus Firewall nat tcp reachability problems?

If you do have this problem, please download any VPN and start your program again, this is because VPN will hide your IP and your server can't detect you either.

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Does Limewire give you viruses?

No. Limewire does not give you a virus. Like many tools that connect to the internet, Limewire can be used to download a virus. This is no difference than downloading an infected file through your web browser or email client. Avoiding infected files on Limewire is very easy. Limewire includes the ability to look up files through an external service known as Bitzi, where people can report if files are legitimate, virus-free, and of good quality. If the file has only bad reviews, or has none at all, just don't download it.


Avoid downloading dangerous file types...

The below list may not contain all the dangerous file types.

*.exe (Executable Files / Programs)

*.bat (Batch Files)




*.scr (Screen Savers)



*.js (Java Script)

*.*.* (Files that have more that one file extention, example: screensaver.txt.exe)

*.zip (Compressed files that contain one or more of the above file types.)

Most infected files on Limewire contain the words "cracked", "keygen", "full version", or "with serial".

If you decide to download an infectable file type, make sure that you have a good anti-malware scanner like MalwareBytes, at

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What is administrative custom list settings?

how can chage the Administrative Custom List settings

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How do you transfer music files from Limewire to iTunes?

LimeWire was shut down by US Courts for violating copyright law.

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What applications depend on the RTP?

The application that depend on RTP is VoIP layer 4

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Does the name of the torrent files or any other free files I downloaded show up on the Internet Bill?

No sir, but its not like my parents care. Are you talking about a... PCMCIA cards or sumtin where you get charged while on the go? then no still cause itll bill you for other stuff. You can also download torrents on ur iphone or ipad if u got one. I do net endorse copyrighted torrenting! not that most people haven't?

I would imagine someones parents would care if they got a knock on the door from the police because the music/game/software companys got a court order to look at your internet service providers records and find you've been pirating software?

Your billed only for data USE not the content. They don't care if it's free or commercial.

BUT, any Internet service provider can see the names of the files you are downloading if the police give them a court order to look. Cable, DSL, etc.

Some Ip's will "choke" the download speeds to most PtP torrent programs to stop any "Possible" pirating of software, whether you are or not.

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Is jamendo safe?

No, Jamendo is very, very, very unsafe.

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How can you completely uninstall or get rid of Kazaa?

Go to Windows Update and download the new malicious program removal tool.

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How do you get rid of the frost wire adds?

Get rid of Frost Wire. When you download it it's free, so the company needs some sort of income. So they spam you with ads.

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How do you seed torrents?

To seed you just keep the torrent file in your application with it still on green (means that you're uploading) - this also means you can't move the file(s) to another part of your hard drive unless you relocate using the application,

If you want to really reassure yourself that you're seeding, open a saved torrent file from your hard drive into your application. When the options come up, uncheck everything so you won't download. Since it won't be downloading, it will immediately go on to seeding.

Average uploaders request a 1:1 upload - say you've just got a 120MB file, you're expected to upload atleast that same amount. Although the recommended would be 2:1, especially if its a relatively new torrent.

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How do you download songs from LimeWire to your mp3 player?

The other guy that gave that answer is a fud, don't listen ,theres an even easier way to do it!

Open Limewire! then go into library then click on saved files and then drag on to your desktop then put it on your MP3 ! $as easy as that$

Answer if you have musicmatchGo to Itunes and click on file and click on import file or folder (single or album) find the song and then it will sync it on youre ipod.

Hope it helped (by Jamieson)

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What is the Facebook Hacker v1.8 activation key?

adm king

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How do you download songs from LimeWire to your iPhone?

= Answer =

1) Open Limewire 2) Go to 'Limewire' in the taskbar at the top (By the apple logo) 3) Choose Preferences 4) Go to iTunes on the left 5) Enable iTunes importing :) 1) Open LImewire 2) Go to Help or File at the top of the window 3) Choose Preferences 4) go to iTunes 5) Enable iTunes importing :) 6) Open iTunes and Allow admin commands to import. l

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How do you download LimeWire?

Go To You just go to again and install go to and search for limewire

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Why cant you register at uowforums website?

UOW is down for a time being i am a Smod on UOW & feel free to go to

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What software opens Open lotus forms files on a MAC?

Use XSmiles, or Open Office.

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What is the Regular Monkey Website password to download files?

It's just a scam......DO NOT download files from Regular Monkey Website.


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