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Network security is any form of computer security dealing with multiple computers linked through a network. Questions about everything from firewalls to viruses to denial-of-service attacks belong here.

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What is message control system?

A method for controlling messages in a software system. The method activates a report-handling module when a subroutine has a message to send. The subroutine passes an identification to the report-handling module. The subroutine then passes a message and message level to the report handling module. The report-handling module then determines the message level to be reported for that subroutine, the process from which that subroutine is sending messages and the message level to be reported for that process. If the message level of the message compares correctly to the message level of the subroutine and the process, the message is reported.

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What is the need for Network Security?

Computer Network Security is necessary to prevent potential losses. For example, if a hacker will want to access a computer not on a network, physical access would be vital. However, with networks in the picture, it is possible to bypass that particular security aspect.

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How does symmetric key encryption work?

Symmetric encryption requires that both parties (sender and receiver) know and have the exact same encryption key. This key is used both for encrypting and decrypting the data. Using the same encryption algorithm means that only those individuals that know or have the same key will be able to read any messages encrypted by the symmetric key.

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Is stand alone computer secure?

Of course viruses can be spread through floppy disks, usb keys or other methods so being a standalone computer not connected to any network doesn't mean the computer can not be infected though the information cannot be leaked via the network to external persons.

However, there is also physical security of the computer itself, and that where it gets interesting depending on who and what your trying to secure the pc from.

If for instance the pc is sitting in a public area, and you are not worried just about external threats but also potential employee data theft then one should assume no information on the pc is secure even if the pc is standalone.


Also - - -

Just because a computer is CURRENTLY standalone, does not mean someone cannot decide to connect it to a network (with or without approval) - at which time it's no longer standalone. Few computers manufactured these days do not have networking capability built in.

When a computer is disposed of, unless proper precautions are taken, all the information on it can be recovered - and misused - by whoever gets ahold of the hard drive.

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What is an IP grabber?

An ip grabber is a program that will find the ip address of another computer. Often used by hackers.

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What is the difference between distributed operating system and network operating systems?

The network managers are responsible for all the customers, including other networks that they buy and sell electricity to and from. Typically the distributed operating system mostly worries about the local electricity needs, however incompetent behavior is often penalized such as shut down without warning of the distributed system, non-sinusoidal waveform, poor power factor, poor phase matching, over loading interconnecting power lines and high or low voltage operation = the voltage needs to be matched plus or minus about one volt. Neil

Or alternatively, if you meant the two kinds of computer operating systems:

A network OS will share filesystems over several machines, and each computer system schedules their own processes individually. (Windows, OS X)

A distributed OS will also share the scheduling of processes as a collective group for the networked machines. A program running on one system may have subprocesses running on other systems in the network, all cooperating and running as if on the same computer. (maybe GNU Hurd)

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How does an encryption help security of an network?

One of the key objectives of computer security is confidentiality - information is only available to those who are supposed to have access to it. Encryption helps protect confidentiality of information transmitted over a network by (if it works as intended) making it difficult or impossible for someone who is not authorized to have the information to make sense of it if they intercept the information in transit. In cases of data stored on a network, if it is stored in encrypted form, it can make it difficult or impossible for an attacker to get anything useful from the encrypted file.

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When do you install the network operating system?

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What is a firewall access control list?

A control list of your firewall that you can access.

answer #2


an access control list is a set of rules that are compared to each incoming or outgoing packet or access to determine if they are allowed to pass. The rules have different formats depending on the manufacture but they do the same thing. For example a rule may say drop all packets to port external port 155, or drop all web requests from the inside to a particular web site. In a properly configured firewall all traffic is blocked unless it matches a specific rule, this prevents an application (like a virus) using an oddball port to communicate and download more dangerous software. When a new virus is discovered one way to prevent its spread is publicize the ports it uses so they can be at least monitored if not blocked entirely.

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How do you stop a computer to broadcast?

Three basic ways:

  1. On most lap tops there is a switch on the front
  2. On most towers there is a USB stick to unplug
  3. On all computers WIFI and Blue-tooth can be disabled from "my computer".
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Why is your federal system a double security?

because it contains top secret information

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When was the first computer network created and by whom?

Contributions to computer networks were made by the following:

CERN in Switzerland

The first computer network was created at CERN the European research center for particle physics. it is in Switzerland.

UCLA in 1969

The previous comment "the first computer network was created at CERN" is not correct. In 1989, CERN added the WWW as a new feature to the already-existing Internet. The Internet itself was created in 1969 at UCLA. There were previous experiments in wide-area networking, e.g., in 1965. For more info, see "history of the internet" on


The computer networking revolution began in the early 1960s and has led us to today internet technology. The Internet was first invented by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for military purposes, and then expanded to the purpose of communication among scientists. In 1957, the launch of Sputnik had spurred the U.S to create a network for communications links between military and university computers that would not be disrupted by bombs or enemy spies. In order to solve the problem, in 1968 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) made contracts with BBN (Bolt, Beranek and Newman) to create ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network).

Sergei Lebedev in the Ukraine

The first computer network in Ukraine by Sergei Lebedev for the USSR antimissile system. The system was operational in 1960 far before the idea of ARPANET.

SAGE air defence computer network

A network of vacuum tube computers connected by leased telephone lines and the first MODEMs used by the US to protect against bomber attacks. The system was operational in 1958.

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Why you choose MCA course?

Im an MCA final year student. I did BCA as my UG degree. With MCA i feel that i can specialise in programming languages. so i choosed it.

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What is meant by the term securing your perimeter network security?

your perimeter network is the network you operate such as you have the internet and your network your network is your perimeter

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How does hardware devices send signal to the CPU?


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What is security policy in a distributed network environment?

The security policy anything really, whatever your admin enforces. Everything from what programs you are allowed to what wallpaper you have can be controlled through GPO's. Usually you will find the common one are that every computer has to get updates, every computer has to have an AV etc...

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Which layer is done by congestion control?

Congestion refers to the traffic at receiver or overwhelming of receiver. Techniques that avoid congestion are congestion control techniques. And it takes place at network layer.

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What is availability for IA security?

One of the basic themes of IA is that it is composed of three principles - which have the memorable acronym CIA. C = confidentiality: only those who should be able to see the data can see it. I = integrity: the data is only changed by those authorized to change it and is not being corrupted accidentally or intentionally. A = availability: users can access the data when they want to or need to.

Attacks against availability include denial of service (DoS) attacks which tie up resources and bog down networks to the point that legitimate users are not able to access them. Availability is also attacked by anything that causes the computer or the networks that provide access to it to crash. Availability is protected in IA through various methods including (but not limited to) redundancy, rerouting, disaster recovery plans, and contingency planning.

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Can someone hack into your computer using Teamviewer?

No sir, if you have it running in the back ground than maybe, but i doubt they will get your password, it regenerates every time you restart your TV and if they get it wrong i believe you get a warning so you can generate a new one or shut it down fast :Pso yeahh NO :D

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How do you install the Network Operating Systems and server and which one is best for a network with less than 10 computers?

With a network that has less than 10 computers, you really don't need a server. Installing network operatins systems is the same as installing any operating system, insert the CD and install.

For a network with less than 10 computers, a peer to peer networking topology would be the best.

Please note: This also depends on the function and usage of the network. A architectural firm or chemical company may have dedicated servers doing calculations, managing project data, and so on. Many times these networks require one or multiple servers dedicated to the task because the workstations just don't have the computational power alone. Or because the project, project notes, mark-ups, etc. must be managed in a way that permits multiple changes to occur without an actual committed change. I

In short even networks of 10 or less computers may qualify for the server-client topology if the type of workload you have in mind requires heavy data processing, and workgroup management.

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When would a PC need a default gateway address?

You would only need a default gateway address if you wanted to route packets outside your local area network.

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What device is used to connect multiple PCs to the network bus?

its hub but now switches are used

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What is Multicast Protocol with diagram?

In computer networking, "multicast" refers to the delivery of data to a group of destination computers simultaneously in a single transmission from the source creating copies automatically in other network elements, such as routers, only when the topology of the network requires it. There are several multicast protocols. RFC 1458 - Requirements for Multicast Protocols attempts to standardize these protocols. Generally the possible routing schemes fall into one of a three main addressing methodologies, unicast addressing, broadcast or multicast addressing, and anycast addressing.

Unicast addressing sends data from a single source to a single destination.

In anycast addressing datagrams from a single sender are routed to the topologically nearest node in a group of potential receivers all identified by the same destination address. The data has multiple POSSIBLE recipients, but only one recipient winds up getting it.

In broadcast and multicast addressing, a single sender sends a single message to multiple recipients simultaneously. Broadcast differs from multicast in that under broadcast, ALL computers on the network get the data while under multicast, only those computers targeted to receive it.

For diagrams illustrating this, see the Wikipedia article in the related links.

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What is the defining difference between computer security and information security?

Ar 25-2

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What is the difference between an expoit and vulnerability in information security?

A vulnerability is a weak point in a system. This implies a risk, especially to confidential information.

An exploit is a means of taking advantage of the vulnerability and using it to take advantage of a system or network.

Just because something has been identified as a vulnerability doesn't mean that it has been used to compromise a system. The presence of the exploit means someone has successfully used that weakness and taken advantage of it.


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