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Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits are edible fruits of plants belonging to Citrus of the rue family. They are widely cultivated since ancient times; the most common examples are the lemons, grapefruits, oranges and limes.

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Can you substitute tangerine zest for orange zest?

They are slightly different things, but both are edible, and probably have a similar (but different) flavour. ...
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What fruit goes well with lemon?

lime goes well with lemon Orange has been known to work well with lemon, i.e. the "rock shandy", Lime also goes well. ...
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Is that bad when you eat orange peel?

In small amounts it should not do any harm, however oranges are a subject to spraying with chemicals commercially therefore unless organic, orange peel should be washed well before consumption. ...
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What does lemon taste like?

Sour tangy & really good if you like sour and tangy
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Is urine good for lemon trees?

no, it would kill the tree. plus that's kind of gross
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What is the scientific name for Orange Tree?

The scientific name for the orange tree is citrus sinensis.
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Citrus fruit that begins with p?

pomeloa and pink grapefruit
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Why dont lime have seeds?

They do, in the center, but not limes that have not reached maturity.
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How many sugar grams are in a raw apple?

It depends upon the size of the apple. If it is a small apple with about 70 calories, it will have about 15 gram of total sugar. If the apple is large and has about 115 calories, it will have about 23 grams of sugar. ...
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What does an apple look like?

a roundish hard thing that is usually red or green or pink
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What is the average weight of a lime?

Twice the weight of half a lime
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How do you make citron jelly?

I found an excellent recipe for a citron jelly on Kraft Foods website. I'll leave it as a Related Link at the bottom of the page. Note: When you click the link, it will come to a seemingly blank page. Just scroll down a little ways to access the recipe. Enjoy! ...
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What is the binomial nomenclature for a lime?

There are many species, the genus is Citrus. See link. Citrus aurantifolia = Key lime, C. latifolia = Persian lime (very common). ...
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What is a small orange like fruit?

A Kumquat is a small citrus that resembles an orange. However, the shape is slightly different. that is correct ...
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What is another words for a slice of orange?

If cut lengthwise and the membrane removed, they are called supremes.
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Can you make fresh orange juice in the blender?

Yes, If the orange is fresh. It has nothing to do with what utensils you use though! ...
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Why do lemons clean grease?

because of a high concentrate of citric acid
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Is lemon zest the same thing as lemon pepper?

No. Lemon zest is the outer skin (the yellow part) of a lemon. Lemon pepper is a mixture of dried granulated lemon zest and black pepper. ...
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What happened to Monica Froese of Tangerine Dream?

She passed away in the year 2000 after a long illness.
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Do limes and lemons grow on the same tree?

No, lemons and limes do not grow on the same tree. They are the fruit of two different species of trees. ...