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Quran (Koran)

ف ی ل ت ر باز کن?

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How do you add a 'Bookmark this site' button to your website that - when clicked - will add the website to the user's favorites?

== == Add this HTML code to the website <!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->

<a class="addthis_button" href="http://www.addthis.com/bookmark.php?v=250&amp;pub=xa-4a82c0b20e2312c3"><img src="http://s7.addthis.com/static/btn/sm-bookmark-en.gif" width="83" height="16" alt="Bookmark and Share" style="border:0"/></a><script type="text/javascript" src="http://s7.addthis.com/js/250/addthis_widget.js?pub=xa-4a82c0b20e2312c3"></script>

<!-- AddThis Button END -->

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How do you add an login box onto your website?

The simplest way I've found of adding a login box to a website is to use User Session Pro. The guys that make it have a short tutorial on how to do it:
( http://www.prophpscripts.com/tutorials/how-to-add-a-members-login-to-your-website )

I hope that helps.


How do you create layouts on Piczo?

You need to know quite a lot about CSS and Coding.


What websites have info about ADD?

You can find out more about ADD/ADHD by contacting the National Women's Health Information Center (800-994-9662) or the following organizations: National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH) Phone: (301) 443-4513 Web Site Address: http://www.nimh.nih.gov National Mental Health Services Knowledge Exchange Network Phone: (800) 789-2647 Web Site Address: http://www.mentalhealth.org National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Phone: (301) 496-5751 (Information Office) Web Site Address: http://www.ninds.nih.gov Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) Phone: (800) 233-4050 Web Site Address: http://www.chadd.org National Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) Phone: (800) 487-2282 Web Site Address: http://www.add.org ADDvance - A Resource for Women and Girls with ADD Web Site Address: http://www.addvance.com Asktheinternettherapist: http://www.asktheinternettherapist.com ADD-care: http://www.add-care.com

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How do you make a hyperlink?

Anchor Text
Wood Crafts

What business name could you use with wood in it?


How do you add pages to a Piczo website?

If you don't already have pages added, In the top right part of your site should be button that says tools. Click on tools and then scroll down to Controls. The fith one down from the top under controld says page list. Once you have a page list you can add or take away pages. At the bottom of your new page list it says "add new page" You can type in what you want your first page to be called and add things in. Once you click on add new page it will ask you if you want it like a guestboook or regular page. (most people only have one guestbook) This may be a long message but it is easier than it looks!

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How do you add a chat room to your website?

You could add a forum where members can communicate through posts... common CMS forums include 'SMF' which is free and open source.

Simple and great way is to just buy third party chat script which would be in html. Add it into web pages and start chatting with forum members.

There is free software for something simple or software to buy if you want something more. Shop around, take your time, and make comparisons before making a final decision. For additional information that might prove useful, see Sources and Related Links further down this page.

Labor and Employment Law

Can you be turned down for a job for having a misdemeanor?

well i think it depends what job you go for An employer is under no requirement to say "WHY" you didn't get a job. I honestly don't know whether you can or cannot. But I do know that I have more than one misdemeanor and have never been denied a job based on that fact. It depends on the company. As a matter of fact I had a Human Resources manager tell me one time "well, it's not like you killed someone or robbed a bank". As I said ALOT depends on the company. Also, anti-discrimination law (applies to some employers, not all) prohibits employers from considering (or asking about) arrests, but allows consideration of convictions, if the conviction relates to the job duties (don't hire a convicted embezzler to handle cash). Answer If you have been looking for a competitive job lately, you will notice that many applications ask about "Have you ever been convicted of any offense besides a minor traffic violation?" Answering "Yes" in this job market means you have to walk on water to go any further. There are so many people who can say "No" because they either didn't do it or didn't get caught. Like Denzel Washington said in "Training Day", "It's not what you know, but what you can prove." You're not likely to get a lot of sympathy from the general public who see eliminating candidates for any reason as good increasing the competitiveness of their loved ones. Ever think about that?


Interprate the Voyagers on Recto Avenue?

the setting of characters in the story of voyagers on recto avenue


How do you add music to a Piczo website?

How to add music to your piczoTo put music on your piczo you must first go to a website like Videocodeplanet.com and then choose a song or music video that you would like on your site and then copy the HTML code under the video or song. Then go to your piczo editor and go to cotrols, then go to HTML and add the HTML that the site gave you.

Here is more input and advice:

  • In a piczo website, currently uploading your own music is not allowed but you are allowed to put only backgroud music. It can be found in Tools menu in the Editor mode.

How can you put an MP3 on a Piczo website?

If you go to the Piczo site click on piczo pros. It will give you a list of helping piczo sites where you wil find out.

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How do you permanently delete Claria?

First of all deletion is not the only option. You could quarantine the file. Clean the infected file of Claria or deny Claria access. You should go to the URL windows.com. Then download windows live onecare. It comes with a free 90 day trial. Trust me it will definitely help you. Trust me I am a Guru.

You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer.

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

4 Run Superantispyware

5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection

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How do you add a drop down menu to a Piczo site?

This tutorial shows you how to use a drop down menu, like i have on my HTML codes page.There are different types of menu, here is the one I've used.

Copy and paste the code into a HTML box on your site.You can change the font color, size and face by altering the parts of the code which say:face="Georgia" (this is for font)"#CBF855" (these are HTML color codes, you can change any of them in the code to whatever color you like. Go to HTML colorcode chart for more.)FONT-SIZE: 15px (obviously for font size, the smaller then number, the smaller the font.)

To put your links in the menu, paste the full URL of the page you want to link to in the "FULL SITE LINK HERE!!" part.This Includes the whole http:// bit!Then, where it says NAME OF LINK HERE, put in what you want your link to be called.If you want to add more links, just add more parts under the others.If you want a blank line somewhere in your menu, insert above/below the place you want your line to be.

i loveyer mum Drop Down MenuGo to your Tools, and select Controls.Then go to add HTML. And then a box will appear on your homepage saying " put your HTML " here .Go the that box and open it up, as if you would with a text box.Earase the text and paste your code and click ok, just to make sure it works.Then if a drop down menu appears, open the box again and type in your page names.Then go to each page from the Organizer and copy the URL and paste it in the URL area of the code.Do that until all your desired pages are done. then click ok.

Now your Drop down Menu will be finished and now you can access your pages from a drop down menu.

AnswerI NEED HELP, Answerdrop down menu
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Why is a book a thing with pages?

Books were not always things with pages, but evolved into things with pages.

In the beginning all writing was done on stone tablets and during those days...you know, the day's of Mesopotamia and well, you know the biblical times writing on stone was all the rage. In fact, it was so trendy at the time, even God got in on the movement and with that extra special flare that only God can produce he seared the Ten Commandments onto stone tablets. That was the origin of writing which would evolve into what we now call books, or more specifically things with pages.

But, before they became things with pages, in fact, before they became books the early prototype of books was known as scrolls. Scrolls being hard to read and tablets being hard on the back and the lap - they evolved into an easy to carry form we now call books.

Once the Bible was in print (first written by monks and done by hand) and the word of God spreading like wild fire, the diversity of language began to take root and some time during the age of reason, you know that philosophical time, they went from scrolls to things and given nobody used papyrus any longer, pages was invented to form the phrase; things with pages. Sometime after the age of reason, I think during the reductionist years, things with pages became formally known as books, with things with pages the definition.

A book is also lots of things beside something that prevents a story from being all over the place.

A cop can book you after you failed your drunk test. A bookmaker or bookie will take your bets. You can book a table at Sardi's, you also can book a reservation to Vegas. You can book wallpaper so the glue doesn't dry out.

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How do you add pages to your piczo site without the page being listed on your 'your Pages' list?

Hover over 'MY PAGES' on the left of your page editor. Now find the page you DO NOT want in your page lists and click on it. It will now expand. Click the blue 'HIDE' button and there you have it! That page will now be hidden from your Page Lists! You can always undo this in the same way too, by clicking 'UNHIDE'.


How can you enlarge the pictures on your piczo website?

1.Get a picture and put it on your site. 2.Hold the arrow that diagonal and shape it whichever way you want. 3.If some don't do that or it's blurry go on. www.tinypic.com or www.imageshack.com


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Sony Playstation 2

How do you make a PlayStation 2 region free?

You can buy a disc which you play on your playstation it allows you to choose the region you want to use and then you can play a DVD from that region but you cannot make it entirely region free, or if you want to be able to play different games from other countries you can either buy a simple box which will allow this or the more expensive method is to get ur PS2 chipped.



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What can you do to make a 22cc scooter faster what do performance parts do and are there any links where they can be bought?

performance pipe, carb, airfilter and v-stak, racket key etc. just google it and look for the best deal


How do you change the status bar for a piczo website?

Answer ANSWEReasy! theres some HTML codes for it in javascript, just type java script in Google then it will come up with catorgories, then u just go into status bar effects. u copy the script you chose into HTML on your site well after you cahnged what they wrote to what you want it to say. i hope that helps ya!

How do you link pages on your piczo site?

when you go on " add text " you type in what Eva you need to type in then near the bottom you type in the site you want to link ur page to !!!

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How do you make another piczo page from clicking on a picture?

Go to the picture that you want to link to another page and double click on the hand. Then where it says "Or Choose An Album Or Page" pick the page from the drop-down menu click "ok" and there you have it!

Entertainment & Arts

What is the name of the Toys R Us giraffe?



How do you delete a page on Piczo?

Go to organizer, then click on the page you want to delete. On the right hand side there should be a row of bars and one of them says delete. Click on it. Then enter your password and OK and it should be deleted.


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