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The App Store is an application by Apple to download apps on an Apple Device (the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad And Mac).

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Does niagara region have an apple store?

In Canada, Toronto is the closest.

In USA Walden Galleria has an Apple Store, but for iphones you need a AT&T contract to buy.

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How much does the Sonos iPhone App cost?

You mean the Sonos Controller? It's free.

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Is the app store safe?

Incredibly. The App Store is monitored by Apple. Nothing shows up on the App Store without Apple's approval. All apps are tested to see if they work, if they contain viruses and other malware and to see if they perform as they are marketed to. If they fail these requirements, it will be sent back to the developer to correct before a re-approval.

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How do you change your iPhone app store password?

First of all, you have to realize that your iPhone app store password is the same as your iTunes store password. In order to change your app store password, you have to log into iTunes, and an effective way I've found is to activate your account by actually downloading something. The easist thing is for you to do this in iTunes on your computer while the iPhone is hooked up to your computer.

Good luck. Hope this makes sense.

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How do you put a child lock on the app store?

The 'child lock' you are looking for is called 'restrictions'. You must have software 2.0 or later.

To set up restrictions....

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Go to Restrictions.
  4. At the top, tap enable restrictions.
  5. Enter a passcode (4 digits).
  6. Set restrictions for 'Installing Apps'.
  7. Then save your restrictions.

This should not allow your child to install any apps.

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How do you verify Apple ID?

You will normally receive an email from Apple at the email address you used for the Apple account. Clicking the Verify Now link in the email will verify the account or you can do it by signing in at the Apple website (See links below).

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What do you call a person if they work at the apple store?

an apple genius

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How do you hit poster smash in office jerk?

When the wind is high and on your right throw a golf ball most likely it won't hit it but if you keep trying it will work

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How many songs can a 32 GB iPod Touch hold?

Apple says that the iPod Touch 32 GB can hold 7,000 songs (or up to 40 hours of continuous video.)

Our users say the following:

  • I strongly disagree: my 32 GB iPod Touch holds, at most, 4,300 songs.
  • It is possible that your songs are longer than "Apple's average song length," so they take up more space.
  • If you have no apps, no photos, nonothing... your iPod can hold 7,000 songs. Be aware that apps, of all sorts, will leave fewer gigabytes for your music.
  • It depends upon the length of the song and the compression used for the song. A higher level of compression means a smaller file size (and so you can fit in more songs), but the sound quality will be worse. For average-length songs, with a good sound quality, you can expect to have around 7,000 songs.

    And don't forget that apps, videos and photos take up space, making less space available for music.

Also your 32gb Ipod will really only be around 28-29gb as the Firmware will take some memory

Be aware that if you have songs at higher bit rates, they will also take up more room. Most songs' bit rates in the apple store seem to be in the high 100s or low 200s...downloading songs at a higher bit rate such as 320 kbps will be higher quality but will take up more room. I have downloaded numerous songs at 320 kbps, so my 3684 songs take up 27.25 GB.

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Why was Pokemon Yellow removed from the app store?

Probably because of copyright purposes or nintendo weren't notified about the game being on the App store

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Download free games to ipod touch without using app store?


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How do you uninstall an app from the app store?

Hold down on the app and press delete app

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What is a list of good dares for a sleepover?

you might have heard of a game called 21 dares so heres a list of good dares at night:

jump over nextdoor neighbours fence at midnight

have a water fight in the garden at midnight

run down your street and back again

sneak around the house shouting a certain word first one caught loses

do a prank call at midnight and when they answer say " how can I help "

bring shaving cream and have a fight with it!

A list of good dares for a sleepover could be:

1. put your brother's underwear in the neighbors pool.

2. go outside and yell "I'm free ballin!"

3. Go up to someone in a store and ask "do you know where the hemroid cream is?"

4. Yell in a store "Where's the tampons!"

5. Yell in a store, there are no good bras! (best when your right beside a guy)

6. Run outside, screaming, I love (insert enemy/crush name).

7. Run down the street stark naked singing the national anthem.

  1. Try spin the bottle
  2. Ask at the Post office for nicotine-free cigarettes
  3. Take your dog for a walk, and let it run away. Get your parents to look for it
  4. go in to a gas station and yell were are the extra small condoms
  5. Try stripping in front of your crush and then come on to him.

I wrote this out for girls, but you can translate it to boys :)


-The girl to your right must make you over- blindfolded!

- You have to let us take pics of you in your underwear xD

-You and one other girl have to switch outfits!

-Go outside and dance for 5 minutes while screaming: "HEY BABY, I THINK I WANNA MARRY YOU!"

-Run around the house in your pants only while saying: "Uh huh uh huh, I like it, uh huh uh huh!"

- You have to eat a spoonful of cinnamon!

-Eat a spoonful of Tabasco!

-Act like a pig for 10 seconds!

-Put a piece of ice down your shirt!

-Lick everyone's feet once!

-Lick a doorknob!

-Put ice down your pants!

-Strip down to your pants for 3 turns!

-Kiss the person to your left on the cheek!

-Kiss the person opposite you on the lips!! O_O (2 seconds max)

This is called the MIDNIGHT MAN

Materials: get a candle, lighter, paper, pencil, knife, and a clock

First, write midnight man on the piece of paper

Next, get the knife and cut your self on your finger tip then put a few drops of blood on the piece of paper under his name./

Then, light your candle with the lighter and sit on a table or the floor.

After that, turn of the lights get your clock and wait in till it strikes twelve a clock.

Finally, when it hits twelve a clock, go to the main door of your house and put the sheet of paper that you used on the door and knock three times on the paper.


good luck!!

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Where can you watch spongebob episode on the itouch?

In order to watch these on your mobile device, it appears that the company that owns the rights to the show require you to contact your provider to inquire about mobile access

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How do you get the watermelon whacker achievement in fruit ninja?

just hit only watermelons and avoid any other fruit. you cango to achivements and track that watermelon achivement to see how many did you hit in a row. it's not hard at all, just cut watermelons and nothing else,not even bananas.

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Do all ipod touches have a app store?

Yes all iPod touches have app stores.

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Is there sorry the board game for iPod touch?

Sorry the Board Game made by Hasbro is not available on the App Store sadly,

But there are alternatives,

Here is a list of them:

1. Monopoly 99c

2. The Game of Life 99c

3. Cluedo 99c

4. Boggle 99c

5. Scrabble 99c

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How do you unlock the firecracker blade in fruit ninja?

Get a score of 208. The Battle of Red Cliffs took place 208 A.D.

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How much does climate controlled self storage cost?

This is going to vary but storage company & location. Best thing to do is call several local storage places and get quotes from them.

I recently compared square footage prices for secured, climate-controlled warehouse storage in vaults v. self-storage with the same components. For a fair comparison, one must consider the actual cost of the space, utilities, security, environmental controls (mostly humidity) and personal property insurance.

Self-storage came to $1.44 per square foot. Warehouse storage, $1.66 before overhead and profit. O&P adds approximately $.97 to the cost for warehouse storage, same factors.

The biggest issue is insurance: coverage, exclusions, ACV or Replacement Cost, ad nauseam. I would suggest a face-to-face with your agent for an explanation, write up a memo to him summarizing the meeting and the information provided and mail it to him and to yourself, certified mail. File your copy unopened for future reference if needed.

Prices are higher in dense urban areas than in rural areas, so it's difficult to provide a definitive answer. Storage can be rented for as little as $10 a month, or as much as hundreds of dollars per month, depending on location, size, and amenities (like climate control).

Did you know that in the U.S. there are more self storage facilities than Starbucks stores?! So odds are there are more than a few facilities near you. Many specialty search websites enable you to compare the costs and features of self storage facilities without picking up the phone. Try, Spare Foot, or US Storage Search.

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What is the dearest game app on app store?

No one knows what that means.

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What is the minimum age required to make an apple ID?


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How many apps are there on the app store?

Apple's app store has over 250,000 apps. (See links below)

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How old do you have to be to create an app store account?


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What is the last name of the CEO of Apple?


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Are your card details safe on The App Store?

Depends on your password strength, if you feel like someone knows your password then simply change it but make it more complex next time.

Apple has now made it that your Apple ID must contain

1. Numbers

2. Upper score letters

3. Case sensitive letters

Apple did this to protect their customers from fraud and hacking


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