The Sims 2

Released in 2004, The Sims 2 is the sequel to The Sims, a life simulation computer game.

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Sims 2 where to find general buzz grunt?

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Should you quit your job?

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One way or the other, you have left the job. If you quit, then you pick the time and date. But, you are not eligible for unemployment or other training. If they fire you, the time is not of your choosing but you may (depending) be eligible for unemployment. Most people have been fired at one time or another, sad to say. At subsequent interviews, try to stay positive about the company and be clear about what you gained in experience at that job. If the firing is your fault--attendance or performance issues, sort that out so that you don't repeat unacceptable behaviors.

How long does it take for a dog sims to give birth?

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The same amount of time as Sims do.

How do you get electrocuted on sims 2?

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Well, mine got electrocuted trying to fix the dishwasher. You could try that.

another way is to enter the cheat BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true

when you enter the cheats( the "e" might be lower case) click on your sim and an option called spawn will come up. then one of the inner options will be rodneys death creator click on it, a tombstone will come up and when you click on it gives you ways your sims can dei

What are the cheats for Sims 2 Castaway?

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I would recommend not cheating before the game ends like i did it is much more enjoyable but i do know the cheats

ps there are only cheats for PlayStation 2! );

Do this one first as it activates the cheat gnome (he should look like a pirate :b )R1,L1 down square R2


x,triangle,L2,R1=gives all plans

Square triangle down x left

L1 up R2 left triangle

triangle L1 L1 left triangle

hope this helps and remember to finish the game first

oh and some tips are

to set up the SOS get the transmitter and ariplane radio and connect them and place them on the top of the volcano! :D as easy as that!

Is it possible to get the sims 2 double deluxe code online?

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Not the code, but if you get the code then u can play

How do you send a sim to work?

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First you need to have enough sims to build a workplace. Click a workplace to find out how many you need. Once you've built a workplace, tap/select it to bring up the Careers menu. Then you can select a sim and pick a career for them. Note what time their work starts. An hour before their work starts, the game will prompt you to send the sim to work. You do so by selecting the pulsing briefcase icon in the simtracker, or in the career panel. Note that a sim can't go to work if they're busy with another task at the time.

How do you get the cheats bar up?

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I believe it is ctrl and x. However, it has been a long time since I played it.

Warm Regards

How do you install Windows 98 start up disk to upgrade from Windows 95?

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To install Windows 95 from MS-DOS, run an F disk before formatting the hard disk. Then add a switch /S so that the partition will be bootable.

Why was the Sims 2 created?

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Just for fun. There is no purpose.

How do you get rid of the fire code on sims 2 pets on wii?

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expand your house by gaining aspiration points, or get rid of some of your stuff, or just put em in inventory.

Is sims 2 pets ok for 7?

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I'm assuming you mean for a 7-year-old.

I do not think so. The expansion pack Pets does not have any questionable content whatsoever, but it requires the base game The Sims 2, which is rated T for teen. It is not violent but definitely has some more mature themes which are not appropriate for a 7- year-old.

I'm adding to that (I'm Jonas_Girl80)

and I say that it is ok. In it, if you want the pets to have kids, you tell them to 'Try for offspring' and they go in the dog house. Then, a drape covers the only inside and hearts come from the top of it. Then, they step out and a balloon with a cradle comes and you got a puppy/kitten! The closest thing you can come to 'Sex' in there is to hug and kiss, and you cannot have babies. Altough, when they take a shower or use the bathroom, They are naked, but it is blurry so you shouldn't see anything (Anyway, if you can see, the boys still would have boxers on and the girls a pink bra and underwear)

Although, I must warn you that the 'Sims' line of games is very addicting and will want your child (or whatever the7 year old is) to get and play more, and most 'Sims' games are a little too mature (Except for The Sims Castaway, My Sims, and My Sims Kingdom)

to:Jonas_Girl80 the abrubt truth is, you're wrong. Hacked games may preform like you describe or maybe you are refering to the Sims 1 but the Sims 2 is much more mature than what you describe. Sims 2 is rated teen for a reason and while i have always been on the side of letting kids do what they want(since i have parents that have always been ridiculously strict) the Sims 2 is not appropriate for 7-year olds. Maybe by twelve if they are a mature kid.

To: the girl up there (i forget ur name)

1st of all, i am young and i barely understand that at all. also, sims isn't hacked! how is it hacked?!?!?! I am not 'reffering' to the sims 1 (i have it, and they r NOT the same) an i belive nothing is wrong...if the 7-year old wants a sim game, hget her my sims or my sims kingdom. there is NOTHING wrong with that, i have completed my sims and u cant even freakin fall in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrr!!!!!

In the Sims2 you can fall in love, you can get married, sims can have kids, and everything in between. Games can be "hacked" or modified so that certain elements of gameplay is changed. There are hacks out there to remove the more mature elements from Sims2. MySims and SimsKingdom are completely different games from Sims2, as different as Sims2 is from Sims1. MySims and MySimsKingdom are appropriate for almost any age kid, you're right. As are the Sims2 pets version for DS. But Sims 2 the computer game is much more mature than any of those games. game? is this what we're talkin about? i was talking about Sims 2 pets for gamecube

I guess the correct answer, since the question does not specify, is that Sims2 pets gamecube is ok(so is the DS version), but the Sims2 computer version is not.

How can you speed up the age of your baby for sims 2 PC?

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CTRL + SHIFT + C will pull up cheats box. next type BOOLPROP TESTINGCHEATSENABLED TRUE. this will allow you to do many things. close cheat box by typing exit. find one of your sims and right click on them. a bunch of options should pop up. choose the one that says SPAWN.. next, click the option that says SIM MODDER. a standing baby should appear next to your sim. dont freak, its not your baby, just click on it, and choose the option that says AGE SIM. choose your babys name and upgrade to toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, elder, whatever. hope this helps, and dont worry, its not as tedious as it looks, its actually really fun!

How can you buy a Hotel in sims 2?

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i think you mean on the little acheivment bar thing?

if so, the sim does not buy it personaly, if you just go to the buy stuff mode and purchase a bar, it will fufill his wants and earn you points

How do you catch a bore on the sims 2 castaways?

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you have to craft an obsidian tipped speared first. Then when you have the weapon in your inventory and you happen to be in the same area with a running boar, simply get in front of his path. He will stop and a picture balloon will pop up in your sims head. Then a big fight between your sim and boar will take place in a cloud of dust. When you are successful, you end up with the meat, the tusk & skin (which you can use for fashion and grooming).

How do you make sims have babies?

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When your sims reaxh to the adulthood period of their life, they now open the gate to parenthood. If you want your sims to have a baby there is several ways:

Step 1:

Get a male sim and a female sim and click on a double bed which both sims can get to easily. Then click on rest for both of them and click on the male and the female and it should say "try for a baby" If you hear a lullaby at the end of their "woo hoo" session

Have a baby on sims 1?

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If Sim-man and sim-women kisses, comes window.

You see: Do you wanna baby?

..Klik YES! Now you have baby girl or baby boy.

If man kisses last kiss, baby is boy..

If women kisses last kiss, baby is girl

I have sims1, sims2 and sims3.

I don't writing or speaking englis, because I'm finnisgirl and I'm ten.

My sims 3 key wont work. I cant play that game.

Can you help me??

How do you get a golden egg on Sims 2 pets?

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apparently you have to plant 3 peppers and they have to be black or all the same colour.

the egg aparently gives you free membership. i am currently trying this, this may be wrong :)

How can you craft an sorcerer Sapphire in castaway 2?

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You go to the Forge of the Nymphs and go down one section to the bottom LEFT corner and the blue rock thing on the glowing green podium thing is the Sorcerer' s Sapphire.

How do you fill your sims needs on sim 2 seasons?

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Well there is a cheat but a silly one. First you get the cheat bar up by pressing and holding down Ctrl, Left shift and c then a little gray box should appear at the top of the screen. In the box type moveobjects on then press enter. Then pause your game, go on build and buy mode. Then click on your sim and press the delete button your sim will disappear. Then go on live mode. Click on your sims heat at the bottem and they should reappear with full needs. But sometimes it will also get rid of your sims job. So your sim will then be unemployed. But if your have the money cheat that doesn't really matter. If you want to know the money cheat here it is. Get the gray box up again but this time write klapaucius;: or rosebud;: it will then come up with cheat not real or something just keep pressing enter and you money will keep going up 1000 somilions. Now going back to filling their needs. You could either do that or just look after your sim.

Sims 2 castaway wii - how to unlock plans for dyes?

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you need to have th llama crown first you go to the dark cave then yoe inspect the door (your sim has to be wearing the crown)the door will open and you go through(you may need to have a rest or build a better bed)something will come up saying new plans dyes and you will have unlocked another part of the island

How do you get into debug mode so that you can create sims with green skin etc on The Sims 2?

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Edit to correct the code. The cheat should be typed (without the quotes) as "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true". It can matter if you don't use caps as shown. Be sure, too, that if you use shift+N, int he name section, you backspace off the N.

Sometime before you get into the "Create a Family" mode, you have to put in a cheat.

Press: Ctrl + Shift + C

Type (in white box): boolprop testingcheatsnenbaled true

Press: Enter

Go to the "Create a Family" mode.

Go to the "Create a Sim" mode.

In the name box, press: Shift + N (shift = M will disable this mode but you can simply get it back by repeating shift= N again, remember, the debug mode won't last after you've come off the game, you'll have to type it in again! #Skmgoldie)

A pop-up in the top right hand corner will tell you that you are in debugging mode.

Now when you pick their skin color, there will be a shape to the right of all the other colors. Click it.

Don't you need sims 2 university for that?



Hello there! This is gamehacker64 and I'm going to tell you how to get into the Create-A-Family Debug Mode.

First you must be in your Neighborhood. Once there, press and hold the following buttons: Ctrl + Shift + C

Don't use the plus sign though.

Now type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true".

Without the " marks.

Then press the Enter/Return Key on your keyboard to enter the cheat in.

Once done, go into Create-A-Family Mode. Once you're in there, press and hold the following buttons: Shift + N

Without the plus sign again.

Now you should be in the Create-A-Family Debug Mode. Now you can choose from loads of options, such as: Alien Skin Tone, Pale White Skin Tone, Social Bunny Clothing, Grim Reaper Clothing, Work Suits and many more!

Also, if you enter in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" in your neighborhood, enter a Family and you can drag their Needs, Skills, Interests and other stuff up.

To turn off the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled" cheat, type in this in the cheat menu "boolprop testingcheatsenabled false".

Happy Simming!


How do you reach volcano island in sims castaway?

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At West beach there is acent peirs there you need to build a canue to get you to the ther island At West beach there is acent peirs there you need to build a canue to get you to the ther island At West beach there is acent peirs there you need to build a canue to get you to the ther island