Death Note (Anime and Manga)

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Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Why is L from Death Note weird?

L has a lot of strange characteristics in both the book and TV series which are demonstrated throughout his participation in the Kira case. These 'characteristics' range quite a bit, but some of his main weird traits are that he always sits in a 'swatting' position i.e. he crouches wherever he sits; he has a strange liking for sugary foods, but never seems to gain weight; he never sleeps, and even when he does you cannot tell, because he sleeps in the 'swatting' position with his eyes open; he doesn't take care of his body - he wears the same outfit every day, he never combs or cuts his hair, and he never wears shoes or socks unless he has to.

But I think the main reason these characteristics have developed in him is because he had a bit of a rough childhood - he was raised in an orphanage in England, without his parents, and he's not really the social type, so he must have struggled a bit, and therefore, this must have left some form of mental scarring on him that remained with him for the rest of his life.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

How many pages are in a Death Note?

As stated in How to Use XXXI, "The number of pages of the Death Note will never run out". However, Sidoh states in the manga that for him to get his notebook back, he had to wait for the owner to die, or use up all of the pages.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

What model is Matt's car in Death Note?

Old camaro like 60's?

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

What age rating is the Death Note film?

The Death Note manga has three live-action film adaptations: Death Note and its sequel Death Note: The Last Name,as well as a spinoff L: Change the World.

All three films are unrated by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Is there a subbed Fresh Pretty Cure episode 5?

very nice question. try or if that doesnt work, try youtube and type in English subbed or watever language you need subs for.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

In what city does Light Yagami live?

Light lives in the Kanto region of Japan, likely in or around Tokyo.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

When does light get back with ryuk in Death Note?

In Episode 24, Light gets the death note back and recovers his memories. He then kills Higuchi making the Death Note his again. But the original owner of the death note at that moment is Rem, so he has to touch the piece of paper from the Misa's notebook to be able to see Ryuk. Ryuk stays Misa's shinigami until Mello kidnaps Sayu, then Light temporally returns one of his notebooks to Ryuk, sends it to the police, and when Soichiro dies, Light is again the owner of one of Ryuk's notebooks.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Is L from Death Note male or female?

L is male.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

How do you read death note lifespan?

To see it you need the shinigami eyes.

However, to read it...well they never really said that. According to the 13th book, the author he forgot how and Light's was the only one that actually used a formula. The others are just random numbers.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

How many episodes are in Death Note?

Death note consists of one season of 37 episodes.

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Death Note (Anime and Manga)

What is L's IQ?

It is never specified, though in How to Read, his intelligence stat is listed as 8/10 (and as 10/10 according to other sources from the anime).

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

How old is Light from Death Note?

Light was born on February 23, 1986 (1989 in the anime). He was 17 at the start of the series and 23 by his final appearance.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Does Matsuda die in Death Note?

Matsuda does not die in neither the anime or the manga.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Why did L die?

L died because Rem realized that without killing L, Misa would be captured and killed. Rem kills L to save Misa's life.

Light sets up this plan to both kill L and get rid of the meddling Rem.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

How many seasons of Death Note are there?

Death note had one season which originally aired in Japan on the Nippon Television (NTV) network every Tuesday, from October 3, 2006, to June 26, 2007. It consisted of 37 episodes.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)
How To

How to behave like Light Yagami?

To behave like Light Yagami, you first need to learn to think light Yagami and to think like Light you have to 1. read read and read. By reading not only you will expand your vocabulary but also know to act in certain situations and talk to people. You can read anything, whatever you want it doesn't really matter as long as you read different stuff like fictions documentaries and don't stick to one genre 2. Play a lot of chess. Chess allows you to think about how to control your opponents and make them act the way you want them to act. 3. Solve a lot of riddles. Riddles will allow the mind to grow, and think outside of the box, which is required in order to think like Light. 4. Watch news. News will help you to become informed about everything that's happening in the world and give you a lot of information about everything. 5. Study really really hard. Light is one of the best students in Japan, even though you won't have to be the best student in your country, you still need to study very hard and be a shining example to everyone else. As for his behavior just 1. Hate everyone ( nothing to talk about that ). 2. Be confident. Confidence is a very attractive thing. With attraction not only you can make people love you, but also know that you know yourself which is absolutely required. 3. Become a psychopath. Light is a psychopath, so to be like Light become a psychopath. Just do some crazy stuff.

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Death Note (Anime and Manga)

How tall is L lawliet?


Death Note (Anime and Manga)

What is the song from death note the last name?

The song at the Death Note The Last Name credits is Snow, Hey Oh by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Animated TV Series
Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Did misa die?

Unfortunately she does... There are two theory's to this... Either she jumped off a building because she was so traumatized by Lights death... or its because she was stupid and halved her life span twice

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

What episode is L's funeral death note?

There was no funeral. No one but the people who knew who L truly was knew he died.

yeah but there was a alternitive ending at L's Funeral and I was wondering what episode it would have ended like that

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Did misa like rem in death note?

Though it is not explicitly stated, Misa was not in love with Rem, but rather looked to her as a guide. Rem, though, is proven to have been in love with Misa when she killed for Misa, which in turn killed her like a previous shinigami, Greed.

Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Did light yagami and takada make love?


Light is clean as a virgin.

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Death Note (Anime and Manga)

Who was in the movie death becomes her?

the 3 main characters were Bruce willis, goldie hawn and meryl streep


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