The highest member of the brass family of instruments, the trumpet's distinctive sound always stands above the rest. Questions about the trumpet, trumpet players, and trumpet music belong here.

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Scales and Key Signatures

What are the b flat concert scale fingerings for trumpets?

scale: open............1st & 3rd.........1st & &

arpeggio: open...........1st &

Woodwind Instruments

Is the trumpet harder to play than the clarinet?

As a clarinet player who has several friends who are trumpet players I would not want to argue that point with them. Each musical instrument comes with its own set of difficulties and it takes practice and a lot of listening to constantly improve oneself. Clarinet players need to deal with their reeds not always working properly, different/alternate fingerings to help play in tune and listening for an even tone moving through the different registers of the instrument. Trumpet players have their own set of problems and I'm sure you can find a friend to find out what they are.

I am a trumpet player and the difficulty with the trumpet is embouchure. All notes are played with your lips. To understand this more, you should ask a trumpet player in your band to give you a lesson.

Musical Instruments

What valves do you press for high f on the trumpet?

The usual fingering for an "F" on the trumpet is first valve.

The first valve is used to perform any notes from the B-flat harmonic series: all B-flats, all F's, and any D's from the fourth line on up.


What are the notes for thriller on the trumpet?

well i am first trumpet at Lowndes Middle School 7th grade band( look us up were in valdosta georgia, and yes we are related to the famous lowndes vikings). Based on what our band director said, we are an aspiring great future band. that is why he has set the standard for us so high, and is also the reason why he has given us thriller. Now, im one of you-staying up all night looking for that song that i want. I would be willing to post the pic of the sheet music on a revised post if someone would please post how to play another one bites the dust and walk this way for trumpet. in the meantime however scince i cant get to my scanner til latet i will post in my own words how to play thriller in musical score.

the band version is slower than the mj version.

44 time

six measures restcrashendo aflat eight beatsquarter note hi d dotted half note c u no this is getting too long u can just wait til later and print it out

Entertainment & Arts

How much does a conn 1050b trumpet cost?

The Conn 1050B is a brass trumpet (1050B-SP for silver plate) for the upper level student. List price is $845. A used 1050B in good condition would sell for $350-$550.


Is a holton trumpet a good trumpet?

Go with Stomvi or Kanstul? They are both very expensive and recognized names in the music industry...However to answer the question; "Is a Holton trumpet a good trumpet? Yes, and fortunately at every level. The T-602 (T is for trumpet), or C-602 (C, cornet) is the beginners model that was made for many years and was known as the collegiate until the 70's. Recognized as strongly built, in tune with itself and better than many brand's intermediate models. Today, the T-602 and its variants, 602 R and 602 RC (made in Japan's Yamaha factory) are available used in such great number that they are nearly being given away on eBay.

If you are looking for a pro or near pro horn there are many Holton models to choose from. The best of these are the vintage models which can be investigated in part at the one sure sign is having a Manyard Ferguson endorsed model. Although not foolproof, the rule of thumb regarding this brand is; the 600 level are the beginning horns, mthe 300's intermediates and the 200's and 100's pro level.

Until the great mergers and death of owners etc., Holton, now owned by the Steinway group, was the largest brass instrument producer in the world and has produced many of the finest trumpets and cornets ever designed. Fortunately for collectors, very little information is currently available at any one source about the 'old' Holton company and there are bargains to be had.


How do you screw in trumpet valves?

Oil the valves first, then gently slide the valve into the slot. Make sure that you are putting the right valve into the right space, otherwise the trumpet won't work. The valve should have a number on it denoting which space it goes in. After the valve is in, gently twist it clockwise until it locks in. After it locks in, tighten the ring that sits on top of the space for the valve.

Middle Ages

What is a medieval trumpet called?

The medieval trumpet you're thinking of would be the Herald Trumpet. It was a natural horn and could only play notes that would be considered "open valve" on today's modern trumpets.

In the late 1800's, the cornet was invented. It was like a bugle, but it had valves and slides. A little while later and the cornet was elongated to make the first modern trumpet.



What are the notes for hard rock blues on trumpet?

these are the first twelve measures

♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ rest, half rest ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ rest, half rest ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪

d d fd c d d d fd c d g g fd f g

♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ rest, rest ♫ ♪ ♪ ♪ rest ♪ ♪ ♪ rest ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ rest, half rest, d d fd c d fg a a a g g g d d fd c d

Lyrics and Sheet Music

Where to get trumpet sheet music Mario theme?


Who are the best black trumpet player?

Dizzy Gillespie. He is amazing! :) Louis Armstrong as well. Both are outstanding trumpet players that EVERYONE should know :p

Also...Miles Davis, Wynton Maralis, Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown, Lee Moran & Clark Terry to name a few more. :)


Is the trumpet conical or cylindrical?

Trumpets are cylindrical brass instruments. The tubing is 2/3 cylindrical, and 1/3 conical. The conical equivalent of the trumpet is the cornet, being 2/3 conical, and 1/3 cylindrical.


What kind of instrument is trumpet?

It's (generally) made Brass. Even the silver ones are mostly Brass with a thin plating on them.

It can be described as being a "Brasswind", or just a "Wind instrument".


Do silver and lacquer trumpets sound different?

In general, it doesn't make any real difference other than the looks, and the polishing cloth. Unless you are a top level pro, I doubt you can tell the difference in playing between the two (and the pros argue whether or not even they can).


How long is an uncoiled trumpet?

An uncoiled Trumpet is eight feet long.

Humor & Amusement

What orchestral family does the trumpet belong to?



What is the difference between b flat and b on trumpet?

B flat is fingered /played with the first valve while b is played with the middle valve. Also b flat is a half step lower than b

Instrument Buying and Selling

Who manufactures the best trumpet under 1000?

honestly you can buy a used trumpet that is perfect condition for under a 1000 dollars i bought a getzen that reall cost 2500 dollars but i got it use for only 300 dollars and its in perfect condition but if you want a brand new trumpet then you should buy a Yamaha student trumpet it ranges between 100-500


How do you play the c note on trumpet?

Both c notes - high and low are played without pushing any valves down!! :) just hold the trumpet, buzz your lips and make a noise and you are probably playing a c, just dont try to play too high or you might be playing a g. so



How tall is a trumpet?

A trumpet is 19 in. without a mouthpiece.


How do you care for a trumpet?

If this is actually your first time playing Trumpet, these care tips will make it easier. (Even though I'm a Tenor Sax player)

-You should always make sure your valves are well-oiled using valve oil.

-ALWAYS EMPTY YOUR SPIT VALVE BEFORE PLAYING!!! Or else your trumpet can't hit your targeted high notes.

-You have slides on your Trumpet. So the best oil for them is Trombone slide greese. (Oil.)

-NEVER over-oil(greese) your trumpet. moving your trumpet too fast will cause your slides to fly accross the room, and you will lose contorl of your fingerings.

- NEVER, EVER eat food before playing ANY instrument! (Not even if you are a percussionist!) You can cause a (very) nasty build-up in your Trumpet, and your Trumpet will have to go into shop to get fixed. (Music stores. EX: Port Huron Music, or Eastside Music Store.)

-But if a build-up does happen in your Trumpet, check for food, or empty your spit valve--- your Trumpet should gurgle when that happens, so EMPTY YOUR SPIT!

-If you don't want your Trumpet, (or any other instrument) in shop, try this: (Recomended for BRASS players only!) Soak your instrument in your bathtub, using luke-warm water, and soap. (No shampoo or body wash. JUST regular "Dial" hand-soap will do.) Place your instrument in the water, and let it soak for a half-an-hour.

-Check to make sure there is no food left in your Trumpet or ANY brass instrument. After you Re-assemble your instrument, just blow through it. So there is no left over water and soap.

(P.S. Don't put your mouth-peice in the bathtub. It costs at least $20 to get a new one. Clean your mouth-peice by hand.)

-ALWAYS make sure your mouth-peice (brass players) is not rusted, or a ring of acne (or zits) will form around you mouth, and you won't be able to play.

I really hope this helps. You should still listen to my advice even though I'm a Sax player. (Trust me, I know all about this.)


Who invented the trumpet?

The trumpet was invented in 1814 by Heinrich Stolzel.
No one knows for sure who invented the trumpet. They were used for war calls in ancient times.


What do you call a person who blows a trumpet?

Trumpet players are often called trumpeters or trumpeteers.


Where was the first trumpet actually made?

We don't know. But the concept of a brass tube, flared at one end, and with a mouthpiece to buzz the lips against at the other end, was in common use at the time of the Roman Empire. Valves came much later, of course. The Bugle has more flare to the tube, in fact my trumpet teacher taught us that the difference between "trumpet family" and "bugle family" is that trumpet family instruments are 1/3 flared tube, 2/3 straight tube, while bugle family is 2/3 flared tube, 1/3 straight tube.


What materials is the trumpet made?

A trumpet can be made out of many things (including PVC), but the most common type is brass-yellow brass, gold brass, and silver brass


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