The tuba is the largest member of the brass instrument family. It also has the lowest pitch and is a principal instrument in military bands.

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What is a 3 keyed small tuba look alike instrument?

You would have to be more specific, it could be a euphonium/baritone or even a trumpet. also it could be some sort of vintage brass instrument, it might just not be as modern as the tuba you know.


What note is concert B flat for a tuba?

It depends on the type of Tuba, really. In the most common tubas (I think they're F Tubas), a concert Bb is a Bb. In other tubas, it may vary. I think that on a Bb Tuba a concert Bb is a C. For other variations I would suggest consulting a professional musician.


Is the tuba hard to blow?

It depends on what you mean by "hard to blow." If you mean it resists being blown through, then no. Not at all. However when playing lower notes it takes a lot of wind and one tends to hyperventilate when playing sustained low notes.

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How do you repair a broken tuba?

There is a riddle that goes to this question- and that answer is with Tuba Glue- like a tube of glue.

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What is the fingering for the C scale on tuba?

C- First and Third

D- First and Second

E- Second

F- Open

G- First and Second

A- Second

B- First and Second

C- First

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What is a Sousaphone?

A tuba that is shaped in such a way where it 'wraps' around your body. Its main function is to be used in marching bands. Its named after John Phillip Sousa, a very famous American bandmaster and composer known for his marches.

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How do you play a low e flat on a b flat tuba?

Valves 1, 2, and 3 or if it's a 4 valve tuba 2 and 4

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What does a tuba call its father math joke?

A tuba calls its father an Oompapa!

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How do you play tuba chromatic scales?

You play every note including sharps/flats up to an octave higher than the note in which you started with.

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Is there a tuba in Red Solo Cup or is it a Base Guitar?

Basa. Is it a Base guitar or a tuba? what is a BASA?

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What do you call it when you switch tuba notes to clarinet notes?

Making a "transcription" that will involve transposition.

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Which is bigger a tuba or a french horn?

A tuba by far.

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The Roman tuba is very different from the modern tuba What is the main difference between the two?

The modern tuba is bent and the Roman tuba is a straight brass tube.


What is the scientific name tuba-tuba?

Croton tiglium Linn

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What country or culture did the tuba originate from?

Like most instruments, the tuba evolved over a period of time, so it depends on exactly where you want to freeze-frame the process. To me, a tuba isn't a tuba unless it is a good-sized bass instrument made of brass, with a cup mouthpiece and valves, a large bore that expands throughout the length of the tube, and pitched to play well below the trombones and other brass.

The first documented instrument like this is the Bass-Tuba built by Johann Gottfried Moritz in 1835, to the specifications of Wilhelm Wieprecht. It was pitched in F, with five short-action piston valves, making it quite comparable to modern instruments except for its relatively small bore and small bell.

Moritz was an instrument maker in Berlin, and Wieprecht was a bandleader in the Prussian army (later director of all their military music), so this instrument's origin was solidly German and rooted in the military band tradition. Wieprecht wanted a bass instrument that could match the power of the other brass instruments, especially in an outdoor setting.

The French made a contribution here as well, however, through the bass member of the "saxhorn" family, another group of instruments developed by Adolph Sax in the 1840s.

Source: "Tuba," New Grove Dictionary (1980).


Does tuba play bass clef?


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What instruments play treble clef?

viola violin


Why does a flute produce a higher pitched sound than a tuba?

A flute has a higher pitched sound than a uba because it has a shorter tube length.

Remember: wave speed= wave length x frequency

..and a higher frequency equals a higher pitch and a low frequency equals a low pitch, a smaller wave length equals a high frequency and a larger wave length equals a low frequency/

Scales and Key Signatures

What is the D flat minor scale?

D flat, E flat, F flat, G Flat, A flat, B Double flat, C flat, D flat.

However, since D flat and C sharp are, essentially, the same, it would be easier to write in terms of C sharp. The scale would then read

C sharp, D sharp, E, F sharp, G sharp, A, B, C sharp.

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Does the song Red Solo cup have a tuba in it?

If you look at the list of instruments on the CD, there is no listing for a tuba, No, it is a Base Guitar.

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Facts about the tuba?

1. The tuba was originally designed to be played while marching, not sitting.

2. The first Friday in May is International Tuba Day, which celebrates tubists around the world.

3. The tuba is the youngest of the brass instruments, made in the middle of the nineteenth century.

4. An orchestra often only has one tuba, although it is also common to have three.


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