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Marching bands consist of a group of instrumental musicians performing outside that normally includes brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments. Most people see marching bands at high school and college football games but many bands also compete in marching band competitions. There are also many professional marching bands, like Drum Corps International (DCI). Ask questions about marching bands in this category.

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Marching Bands

What does the band master of a marching band use?

A mace. The mace is used to coand the band, and also to perform tricks, to win points in competition :)

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What celebrities have played in marching bands?

Here's a list of famous former marching band members:


• Halle Berry, actress

• Celine Dion, singer

• Calista Flockhart, actress

• George Eastman, founder of Kodak

• Gwen Stefani, singer


• Woody Allen, director

• Gloria Estefan, singer

• Julia Roberts, actress

• Alan Greenspan, ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve (he also played saxophone)

• Steven Spielberg, director


• Jennifer Garner, actress

• Vince Carter, basketball player

• Lionel Richie, singer

• Bill Clinton, president

• Tom Selleck, actor


• Richard Gere, actor

• Steven Tyler, singer (Aerosmith)

• Drew Carey, comedian

• James Woods, actor

• John Glenn, astronaut, senator

French horn

• Ewan McGregor, actor

• Vanessa Williams, singer

• Samuel L. Jackson, actor

• Otto Graham, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback


• Tony Stewart, NASCAR driver

• Nelly Furtado, singer

• Bill Engvall, comedian

• Conrad Janis, actor

• Jonathan Frakes, actor


• Andy Griffith, actor

• Aretha Franklin, singer

• Dan Ackroyd, actor

• Harry Smith, CBS Morning show host

• Malik Rose, NBA player


• Tommy Lee, musician for Motley Crue

• Dana Carvey, comedian

• Johnny Carson, talk-show host

• Trent Reznor, musician for Nine Inch Nails

• Mike Piazza, baseball player

Marching Bands

What is a marching band hat named?

Shako. Hope this helped!

and the feathery part is a plume

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Are there clarinets in the marching band?

Yes, sometimes. In most high school bands, there are clarinets and other woodwinds (flutes, piccolos, saxophones, etc.) It depends on the discretion of the band director. She or he may choose to only have certain woodwind instruments, like saxophones, because of their projection ability, and so on and so forth.

In some college bands, however, it's only brass and drums. There are independent pageantry organizations called drum corps that use entirely brass and percussion only.

Marching Bands

What is the leader of a marching band called?

A Drum Major or Field Commander.

Marching Bands

What plays brassy notes in a marching band?

Trombone, Trumpet, Baritone, Mellophone and Suzaphone.

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Marching Bands

When did marching bands start?

The first marching band to ever march during halftime at a football game was the University of Illinois' Marching Illini. They performed at halftime in 1907 during the University of Illinois' game against the University of Chicago.

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What is the importance of marching?

The marching aspect of marching band started as a direct effect of the military band's influence on the marching band, but more importantly, marching serves a few purposes - it keeps the musicians in tempo by making them actively move in time, and it keeps the unit as a whole organized, not just a bunch of people walking around in sorta the same area.

There are also technical aspects of marching - the mechanics of the leg follow through and the foot placement/angle support the upper half of the body, especially for a wind player. If players didn't march, there would be a "wawawawa" in the sound for every time they clomped their feet on the ground.

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Which NFL teams have marching bands?

Two The redskins and the Ravens

Marching Bands

What is the name of the hat in a marching band?

The hat is called the shako.

Marching Bands

What is the name of the leader of a marching band?

The drum major

Marching Bands

Name an instrument you wouldn't want to get stuck carrying in the marching band?





I'm leaving the original answers above - however I am not sure the nature of the original question:

"stuck carrying" is a bit vague.

If you are referring to weight then Tuba, Drums, Baritone Saxophone come to mind.

If you are referring to safety - then the Bassoon comes to the front of the list

If you are referring to Tradition - Then I would say Clarinet, Saxophone, and maybe flutes. Because marching bands have become more known for Brass type instruments (more so since organizations like DCI have emerged where woodwind instruments are not apart of the band).

Overall though I again say I don't understand your question. The instrument you play in marching band is usually your instrument of choice (meaning you have made that decision without consideration of marching band). Your chosen instrument is usually what you would play (with the exception - in most cases - of string instruments that are not used in marching band - with some exceptions but when used are pit instruments)

A person is usually not "stuck" carrying anything.

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What marching band options are there after high school outside of college and Drum Corps?

Depending upon the area in which you live, there may be community bands sponsored by various organizations such as Fire Companies, Police Depts. , etc. The local Chamber of Commerce usually has all of this information. Although many of them are drum & bugle corps, there are many who are not. Sometimes calling the local band director at the high schools in the area can also answer your question. And, incidentally, they seem to be more more common in small communities or suburbs.

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Where does one obtain a license to use Sousa's band music?

Most of John Philip Sousa's music was published before 1923 and the U.S. copyright has expired, so no license is needed.

For performances: If you select works that were done later, assuming they are still copyrighted, you will need to notify the Copyright Office of your performance and the number of copies made, so they can bill you for the mandatory license fees.

For other uses of works still copyrighted, see a copyright attorney.

Marching Bands

What is a marching band?

A sport that includes marching in different formations on a field to music both music and marching are done by band members. Marching bands also are in parades and play at football games and during halftime at football games. They also go to marching contests. It's very fun but a lot of work you have to dedicated.

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Does marching band look really good on a college application?

It depends on how much your marching band does, whether you only perform at football games every other week or whether your school does field shows and have a competition every weekend. It also depends on your school's marching band reputation. Colleges usually would know that marching band takes up a lot of time and they'll take that into consideration. It'll look even better if you continued to stick with marching throughout your four years in high school and you are/were drum major, section leader, captain, etc. This shows that you're involved in leadership and that you're commited to marching band, not just being in it. Whether your school's marching band is a small one or a big one with a good reputation, colleges definitely would like it if you stuck to it and how involved you are with it.

Overall, it isn't the fact that you are in marching band versus something like basketball or NHS. The colleges like to see that you have the deteremination to stick with something. If marching band is something that you want to do, go for it.

Marching Bands

Are there flutes in a marching band?

Yes, there are flutes in a marching band.

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Can you get a scholarship for college doing marching band?


My high school has a very vigorous music program. Our jazz band made it All-State, we went to a marching band festival, and received honorable mentions as a band. I am a senior this year, I play the baritone saxophone (rather uncommon instrument) and plan to pursue music. Two of my acquaintances did earn scholarships. One of them played percussion for SUNY Stony Brook University, he received a scholarship for participating in the marching band. Another person went to UConn and played trumpet, he earned a large discount off his education. I hope to be able to follow in their footsteps, so yes, you CAN get a scholarship for doing marching band in college...

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What is a Special holiday event filled with marching bands?

Macy's Christmas Parade or the Rose Bowl Parade.

Marching Bands

Can you play the french horn in a marching band?

The traditional french horn is not usually used on a marching band field just due to the sheer peculiarities of the direction that it produces tone. On a marching band field, most of the sound has to go forward, because you are not in a concert hall that bounces and focuses sound forward for you. The bell faces backwards, and no one sitting on the front sideline would hear it.

There were very strange versions of marching french horns, and in fact, some still do use a wierdly-shaped marching french horn that faces the bell forward, but most bands nowadays use the mellophone, which is a bell-front instrument that is closer to the trumpet in terms of appearance, with a much larger bell that flares out widely.

Marching Bands

Marching band music-holder?

Lyre or flip folder.

Marching Bands

What is the largest high school marching band?

Try Allen High School - Allen TX

For the school year 2009-2010 the Allen Eagles Escadrille is at 682 kids. You can check out YouTube for several videos of the performances that will give you an idea of the size.

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Are there flutes in college marching bands?

It depends on which college you go to. In some cases, yes, there are flutes as well as other woodwinds. In other cases flutes and other woodwinds are not present.

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What is the Largest College Marching Band?

Since the 2008 college football season, the James Madison Marching Royal Dukes have regarded as the nation's largest collegiate marching band with a staggering 474 members. The MRD's have been featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2001 and 2008, Presidential Inaugurations for President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and the 1983 NFC Title Football game between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The MRD's have also been a recipient of the "Sudler Trophy" which is the highest honor available for a collegiate marching band, and the first band to ever receive it as a D1-AA school.

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What are the best California college marching bands?

in my opinion its berkeley


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