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The Nintendo GameCube, abr. GCN, is a sixth generation video game console created by Nintendo in 2001. The Nintendo GameCube is the successor of the Nintendo 64.

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Is it possible to play downloaded Gamecube games with an emulator?

No. not really there is a gamecube emulator called dolphin but it wont play most commercial games at all especially without a powerful pc. ...
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Can you get an electric gun on Resident Evil 4 for GameCube?

Its called a plasma cannon and its only unlockable in the special edition re4 along with ada's crossbow. ...
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How do you save naruto clash of ninja 2 for GameCube?

It's pretty easy, so don't worry! All you have to do is go to the "options" (or "settings", whatever it says on there), go to "memory card", and you'll find the option to save your current data. ...
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What is the password for the Peach in Animal Crossing GameCube?

Go to or gamewinners they should have the code
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Why did they stop making game cubes?

The Gamecube was discontinued in production in 2007, because the Wii came out in 2006. An the Wii having the ability to play GC games rendered the GC obsolete. The Gamecube was a great console and died a little early. But the answer is because the Wii was already gaining money and power while the GC started to die. Gamecube, we will miss you. Q _ Q ...
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Where can I get a GameCube wad?

Right now, there is NO site that provides gamecube wads. This is believed to be impossible, since no one has created a gamecube wad except me. ...
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What is the Orange Code for Animal Crossing GameCube?

exrQkk9XofYWLz CROgdCKb&IV5Tw To enter, go to Tom Nook, click "More", "Say Code", and enter the code. ...
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How do you change the day in animal crossing GameCube?

Before you log into your profile, pick other things. On the list of options it will say set clock. Pick that and you will be taken to the screen to set the date and time. ...
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Can you plug-in a GameCube controller into the Wii?

Yes four of then otherwise it wouldn't be able to play gamecube games
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How do you get a pear on animal crossing GameCube?

By going out of town, using a code(, or talking to villagers ...
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Can you use the network adapter on a GameCube to play games on your PC?

Gamecube to PC what he said is wrong, its possible to stream gamecube games over ethernet. but you need first a broadband adapter, and a modchip. and you have to run a certain app on the gamecube to act as a server to run the iso image of the game. i never personally tried it but it can be done. it may run sluggish during fmv scenes. but it can be done. to learn more about it, Answer probably not you will need...
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Who wants to buy a GameCube for 200 dollars?

No one is going to buy a game cube from you they can get a wii for $199 and it plays game cube and wii games so why pay more for less ...
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How do you change back to a child in Zelda Ocarina of Time for GameCube?

You must go to the temple of time and in put the master swords back.
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Will Madden NFL 2009 be on GameCube?

no. buy an xbox360 ps2 or wii. you could get a ps2 because they are like 70-90 bucks at gamestop and they have awesome games. ps2 has madden 09 it just isn't as good as madden 09 for the new consoles. so buy a wii xbox 360 or ps3. or a ps2. Dont buy a wii because iv heard from my freinds that they regret it. Since you seem like a sportish guy u shouldn't buy it because you wont be...
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What do you do to get wisp on animal crossing GameCube?

Wait until (or time travel to) around 1-4 in the morning. Look around everywhere and there's a possibility you'll find Wisp. If you do find him, he'll ask you to catch 5 spirits for him with your net before 4-5 o clock. catch all of them and he will grant you a wish. ...
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Where can you buy Harvest Moon for GameCube?

you can go to a used game store like game crazy or you can go to e bay i got mine at movie gallery!:) good luck buying it ...
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Where can you download a GameCube BIOS?

GameCube BIOS dumps are not legally redistributable. You must dump the from your own GameCube. ...
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Where can you download a GameCube emulator?

The best currently available GameCube emulator, Dolphin, can be downloaded at the link below. ...
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Do the Goodwill Games still continue?

No. The final Winter Goodwill Games were in 2000 and the final Summer Goodwill Games were in 2001. ...
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How do you start over on Animal Crossing for the GameCube?

You have to delete your old game and make a new game.
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Can Sims have kids on The Sims 2 for GameCube?

Sorry but no, you cannot. The Sims 2 for Gamecube doesn't feature cheats that allow you to have a baby, let alone have one without cheats. That was just to tell you if you were wondering. The Sims 2 for PS2 and Xbox have the same rules. ...
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How do you get a bigger ruppe pouch in the legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

I`m pretty sure that you have to collect a bunch of skulltas (spider monster things) and give it to the family that has been turned into spider human creatures. I am not sure how many Skulltas you need. There are 100 Gold Skulltulas throughout the game to find. When you defeat one, you can obtain the token it carried. After you killed enough of them and won enough tokens, bring them to the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village to get prizes. Here's a...
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How do you enter cheat codes on a Nintendo GameCube?

well go to cheat planet and click on the cheats tab then click gb( it stands for gamecube) then click on the first letter of the game tittle and scroll down until you find your game click on it and if it has cheats it'll say location and how to open the cheat window. HOPE I HELPED YOU:)!!!!!! ...