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Q: How many other names does Nikki Sims have?
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What jobs did Nikki Giovanni have or has?


How many wives has Victor Newman had?

The answer depend on how many times you count Nikki. :-) Julia, Nikki, Ashley, Leanna, Hope, Dianne, Nikki, Nikki, Sabrina

Names starting with N?

There's alot lke Nicky, Nicole, Nikki, Natasha, Noi, and many more!

How many pages does Being Nikki have?

Being Nikki has 352 pages.

How many kids does Nikki Bella have?

Nikki Bella has 1 child

How many children does Nikki Bella have?

Nikki Bella has 1 child

How many people can live in a family on the sims3?

You are absolutely wrong i have 13 on one of my sims famil You can have up to 8 controllable sims in a family, but there may be other, uncontrollable sims in the family (other households), such as parents etc.

What are names of patriots?

There are so many other names of patriots. Some of these names include loyalists, partisans, nationalists and compatriots among many other names that show loyalty.

How many people can you have in a family on sims 3?

you can have 1 - 8 Sims and (for pets) up to 6, and then you can not try for baby or adopt or ask other Sims to move in all those will be greyed out.

How many names does Jupiter have and what are the other names?

Jove or Zeus

What sims game would I have to buy first If I want to play a sims gameThere are so many and some need other games to be there first before you can play othersSo what game would I have to have first?

You will have to buyThe Sims 2, The Sims 2 Deluxe, or The Sims 2 Double Deluxe. then you can buy any other game you want as long as it works with your PC.

How many players is sims Urbz?

You can connect wirelessly with up to 2 other people.