Minecraft is a 3D construction game. It was developed by Mojang, and uses textured blocks to create various structures. It was first released in 2009.

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What tool do you use to mine gold in minecraft?

Iron pickaxe.

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Can You Mod MinecraftSP?

Yes It Can Be, Please Follow The Following Steps:(Important stuff is in Bold)(Links are in the related links below)

First, Backup Minecraft. (THE ENTIRE FOLDER!)

Now download (*ModLoader*) so your mods will work.

(Some mods have a different version of this, just download their versions and replace with ModLoader)

With" WinRAR. Sorry for the ALL-CAPS. Please also make sure that the Example:

Mod name: Something cool


Something cool.mod




Mod name: Blow up the world


Blow up the world.mod



The files I have bolded will crash the game.

These files both edit the same area of data, the last mod you install will overwrite the last mods editing.

Please make sure the mods you want don't have this problem before sending them to me.


Is it supposed take long for Minecraft registration?

Registration and buying the game are two separate things, unless you do it at once.

For registration, it is very fast to complete and all you have to do is fill in some basic info (like email, username, password and etc.)

For buying the game, you need to register first. After that, you have to fill in credit card data or other payment data (like Paypal). I think that it is pretty exciting to buy the game because of the anticipation of playing it.

So the answer to your question is... usually no

(unless there are problems, problems such as the servers to the websites being down).

For me it took apx 24 hours for me to be able to logg in and such.

If you do pay for the game but still can't log in, I would go here to look for help, and you can contact Mojang if you don't find anything, good luck:



What does the scary music in minecraft mean?


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Are there cheats to be a creeper in Minecraft?

You can be a creeper in Minecraft in different ways:

- Mods:

Mods such as the morph mod allow the player to morph into anything they want.


Certain datapacks are possible for you to install on your map that allows for you to play as a creeper.

-Command Blocks

Not as efficient as the above listings, but, you can get armor from the command blocks that allow for you to get the creeper abilities.

-Spectator Mode

You can spectate from a creeper's perspective if you want to, but, you can't play as the creeper.


How do you pause Minecraft?

Simply press the 'esc' key.


What is the IP code for multiplayer Minecraft?

That depends. Many servers have their own ip address. Some servers work on hamachi, which has a totally different type of ip address. Each Minecraft server ip is different, but you can find different servers on any website or make your own with port forwarding or hamachi. For general multiplayer servers just type in 'Minecraft Multiplayer servers' and you should come up with many websites with tons of good servers to try out! Happy Playing! ;)


What can you feed wolves in Minecraft?

Wolves can be fed without taming them. Wolves can be fed the following list of food:

  • Raw Porkchops
  • Cooked Porkchop
  • Raw Beef
  • Steak
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Raw Chicken

Feeding tamed wolves will increase their health to a maximum of ten hearts. There is no chance of poisoning wolves with Raw Chicken and Rotten Flesh.

Rotten Flesh might be the most efficient because rotten flesh can give food poisoning to players, but not to wolves.


Does Minecraft work on Windows 7 64bit?


If you go to video settings, and then change the render distance to far, 64bit would work better than most other windows programs

While the above is mostly true, to get the best performance out of your copy of MC, you'd need a 64-bit version of Java installed on your computer. A guide on how to install 64-bit Java has been included in the Related Links section.

While the above is mostly true 32 bit computers can work just as well as 64 bit laying minecraft. it does not change anything having either system it just depends how good it is.


Is Minecraft alpha good?

I Never played it but I think so


What are some cool Minecraft world downloads?

Take a look at the website called "Planet Minecraft", there are thousands of Minecraft resources you can browse and download

If you have ever heard of the syndicate project, he has a pretty good world. Just search the Minecraft project and go to one of the episodes that is a multiple of ten.


How much memory does Minecraft take up?

The game itself takes 10-20 MB of Hard Drive space, while it can use 256-1024 MB of RAM while you are playing the game.

Save files can get big, however, and if you have explored the world a LOT, it can take up to 1GB (or more!) This problem is more prominent on servers, however.


What is Minecraft password?




What language was Minecraft made with?

It is primarily made in Java but also uses OpenGl.


How do you get music discs on Minecraft?

There are 2 ways. There are 13 disks. To get a disk, you must have a creeper die from a skeleton's arrow. There is also an 8% chance you can find them in a dungeon chest.

For more information and videos on how to get achieve both of these methods check the Related Links section.


How do you download Minecraft classic?

Classic is not available for download; it is only playable on the website. There are, however, special downloadable "client wrappers" that provide extra features, like hacks; WoM is a good example. Google search "Wom client" and follow the directions at the WoM website. u cant. I assume that you mean Java, as minecraft classic is not something you download, so search java and download it.


How do you make an underwater house in Minecraft?

First build the house, then empty the water with the empty bucket if you are in creative. if not, than fill the house with blocks and put a door on the entrance. then go in and destroy all the blocks. you should have a air bubble in the house.


Can you buy Minecraft from EB games?

yes. you can buy the Xbox or Playstation version as a disk but The PC version is sold as a 'gift card' sort of thing with a special code you can use to redeem your account at minecraft.net, after a few additional info (Player name, Etc). This saves having to use credit card online at the minecraft website, as not all people want to use their credit cards for saftey reasons.


Do you need Java to play Minecraft?

Yes, as you get better and higher quailty of java and lot of memory, more faster the minecraft will run.

More importantly, it is better to have the correct version of Java based up whether your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit. I have included in the Related Links section below.

There is also a program called Minecraft Portable that you can download that lets you install Minecraft onto a USB stick or other portable storage device. Minecraft can then be played on any computer, even without Java.

You can also use Minecraft Portable to install Minecraft onto a computer that does not have Java or the Java is not working, or the necessary version.

See the related link below for system requirements.


What is a whitelist in Minecraft?

Some servers have a "whitelist" that you need to be on to get into the server. These are also called private servers. To get onto a whitelist, you need to contact the people in charge of the server and ask them to add your minecraft name to the whitelist. If they do, you can now connect to the server by using the IP.


How do you harvest wheat on minecraft?

Once you have planted seeds on dirt you tilled with a hoe, wait for them to grow up into ripe wheat. This will take a day or two. When the stalks are yellowish and the tops are brown it is ready to harvest. Hit it with anything, including bare hands, and it will drop wheat and more seeds.

If by harvesting you mean getting the wheat once it is grown, punch it.


What can you do with Lapis Lazuli on Minecraft?

Use it for dye on wool.

if you arrange 9 in a 3x3 crafting grid, you can make a Lapis Lazuli Block. It's mainly meant for storage like the iron, gold and diamond blocks. However, unlike the others, it actually looks really good. It takes up a lot of a relatively rare material, but the effect is worth it. Besides, it shows up in the same area as diamonds, so you should be finding plenty of it, especially if you have a pick enchanted with Fortune.

If you're playing creative or with an infinite-inventory mod or some such, then it's even more worthwhile.

Because of the new feature of dying wolves and leather armour, you can use it to dye those things as well. In addition you could download mods that make it more worthwhile.

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How many mod can you use on minecraft?

You can use as many mods as you wish, as long as none of them conflict with the others. It would also depend on how much RAM your computer has, and how powerful your CPU is. That would be the hard limit. Most computers nowadays can handle about 5-8 mods before Minecraft just crashes.


How do you find a unicorn in minecraft?

Greetings! Well, as our nature is, we really want the rare types of horses. So first you must have the Mo' Creatures Mod Installed. And if you do, I suggest you look everywhere, especially desert-like areas, because they appear there most often.


How do you get an earlier version of Minecraft?

As of Update 1.6, the new launcher was released and now it is possible to go on almost any version. Just simply open the launcher, click 'Edit Profile' and go where it says 'Version Selection'. There, you can change to whatever version you like. You can tick the boxes that enable you to use old Beta and Alpha versions of the game. You can also enable development versions, colloquially known as 'Snapshots' which is basically a test version of a future update that is released to the public. Do be aware though that playing on alpha/beta/snapshot versions can cause damage to your computer and save files, and if you play on a world on a version earlier than it was created it can potentially corrupt the world.


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