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Q: Why cant you mine iron in pixelmon mod?
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What is the minecraft pixelmon seed called?

Pixelmon is a mod...

Does the minecraft mod pixelmon need forge and modloader?

I don't really know but you might need a mod-loader or mabye see tutorials on how to get the pixelmon mod without the mod-loader.So really im not an expert

How do you get pixelmon on minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

Unfortunately you cannot get the Pixelmon Mod on Minecraft for the XBox 360, this is because you cannot mod the XBox version currently.

Is pixelmon on computer free.?

Well, you need the game 'minecraft' which does cost money. Pixelmon is just a mod for the game 'Minecraft'.

How much money does the mod pixelmon cost?

Pixelmon mod does not cost any money it is a free downloadable mod. If you have questions about installing it look for a installation video on youtube. Hope this Helps!

How do you get pixelmon on Minecraft for Xbox360?

Unfortunately you cannot get the Pixelmon Mod on minecraft for the Xbox 360, this is because you cannot mod the XBox version currently.

How do you catch Groudon in pixelmon?

Groudon is not yet implemented into the minecraft mod of Pixelmon, however in future updates it will, as well as Kyogre.

Is a Pokemon mod for Minecraft?

Yes. There is currently a Minecraft pokemon mod called "Pixelmon". It is a great mod that is updated to 1.4.7 that adds pokemons,pokeballs, and much more to the game. Here is the link to the Forum.

Can you get the pixelmon mod for minecraft pe?

The Pixelmon modification is only available on desktop systems running Windows or Mac operating systems. The modification is not yet available for the Kindle Fire HD.

Do mobs spawn in the pixelmon mod?

Dosnt work tryed it and theres no way

What is better pixelmon mods or pokemobs?

Pixelmon is much better because Pokemobs has shut down (Stopped at 1.2.5). Pixelmon also has all 151 Generation 1 Pokemon plus certain Pokemon from other Generations. The mod creators are already working on Generation 2 Pokemon and are almost done with all of them.

Are You Allowed To Mod Minecraft?

yes you are allowed to mod mine craft you cane have hero brine mod or any other mod