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Sony Ericsson is one of the top, global, mobile phone manufacturers which serves the worldwide communications market with innovative and feature-rich mobile phones and accessories. Sony Ericsson was established as a 50:50 joint venture by Sony and Ericsson in October 2001.

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J132 sony Ericsson unlock country code?


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What is Sony Ericsson's mission and vision statement?

What is Sony Ericsson's mission and vision What is Sony Ericsson's mission and vision

Sony Ericsson Phones

How old is Aprille Ericsson?

Well she was born in 1963 so she is around . . . . . . 48 years old.

Sony Ericsson Phones

Can you use hi-MDs in a Sony mz-n505 net-MD MDlp player?

No you can't. Hi-MDs are the latest in MD technology and can only be played by Sony Hi-MD players. The Sony mz-n505 is the old Sony NetMD which does not support Hi-MD.

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How can you format sony Ericsson mobile phones when cannot on?

menu > settings > master reset > reset all

Left handed smoke shifter

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Can you download Sony Bleem PS1 software to run your PS1 based games?

I've seen auctions on eBay for the Bleem software. You might check eBay periodically and search for 'Bleem.'

The ones I've seen were not downloads but the actual disk in a jewel case. Very inexpensive - last one I saw went for less than $2.00.

Just watch out for high S&H costs if you decide to bid. They can get rather exorbitant, considering the low cost of the software.

Bleem was a bit buggy and was rather low on compatibility. This was due to it's premature death. The emulator you should be using now is ePSXe. It is a free program which you can download. The only catch is you need a PlayStation bios also. You can also download this from various places on the internet however legally, you should have a PlayStation in order to have the bios.

ePSXe is fairly smooth and compatibility is about 98% from my experience. It has support for analog controllers and improves the graphics.

After ePSXe, the next best emulator in my opinion is virtual game station. You do not need a bios for this one. it is smoother and more compatible than Bleem however it does not improve the graphics from the original PlayStation version. However, it's fmv playback is the smoothest of the three. VGS was also put out of business by Sony and may be a little hard to find. It also needs a patch (you can find on the internet) to play on Windows XP.

Sony Ericsson Phones

How can you remove demo games Sony Ericsson?

Built into the base load by either the carrier or sony ericsson.
Only way is to root kit the phone - try XDA or Android Dev forums.
Word of warning to the unwise you void your warranty and can brick the phone.

That said despite trying haven't managed to brick mine yet - just make sure you maintain connection and power through any flashing. (And yes the built in bloatware is incredibly annoying till you get rid of it)

Sony Ericsson Phones

Is Sony VAIO notebook better than an ipad?

Sony vaio notebook is not better than they ipad because there are less apps on it. Ipad is made by Mac and they are known to be reliable and have no viruses.

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Sony Ericsson Phones

What is the tagline of Ericsson?

Taking forward

Sony Ericsson Phones

What is LM in Ericsson?

The company was founded by Lars Magnus Ericsson and was initially called LM Ericsson

Sony Ericsson Phones
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How do you unlock the Sony Ericsson w810i for free?

i want to get the unlock code sony ericson w810i for free!

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How do you download pictures off a Motorola citrus cell phone to the computer?

Use either Blue-tooth (if the phone AND computer are blue-tooth enabled) or a USB cable.

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How can you unlock Sony Ericsson k310i?

All SIM unlock codes are tied to the particular device IMEI and are carrier specific. The request for that code would need to be made from the carrier that the phone was originally manufactured for. Each carrier has their own guidelines as far as what requirements have to be met before that code will be given out. This is a free process in the US.

You can try to unlock with Setool. it is easy just spend 5 minutes process

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Sony Ericsson Phones

Wiring diagram for a sony cdx 4000 r?

do you have the harness that came with the radio? if so here are the color codes: yellow = 12v constant or battery power

red = 12v switched or ignition power

black = 12v ground or chassis ground

blue = power antenna turn on

blue/white = amplifier turn on

white = left front speaker +

white/black left front speaker -

gery = right front speaker +

grey/black= right front speaker -

green= left rear speaker +

green/black left rear speaker -

purple = right rear speaker +

purple/black= right rear speaker -

lt blue= cell phone mute input

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Sony Ericsson Phones

Can you transfer contacts from your current mobile phone to your new iPhone?

They can do it at the AT&T store. But you have to have under like 230/250? contacts. It only takes a minute and it's really easy for them.

If your current phone does not support syncing contacts to a computer, you can also (usually) bring the phone to your wireless carrier and have them transfer your contacts onto a flash drive. Once they are on the flash drive, they will still need to be imported to Address Book or Entourage on a Mac or Outlook or Outlook Express on a PC. Once they are stored in your contact management program, you will need to connect your iPhone and be sure that "sync contacts" ( found in iTunes by connecting your iPhone to the computer and selecting the 'Info' tab located at the top of the iTunes main screen, above the picture of your iPhone that appears when you connect) is selected. Then merely choose your content manager from the list under the sync contacts selection, and perform a sync. If you receive a message asking if you would like to replace or merge data, please be aware that 'merge' is the correct selection if you do not want to erase your contact info in the iPhone.

The process to make this happen is:First, you should transfer all your contact information to Microsoft Outlook on a PC or Address Book or Entourage on a Mac.Second, you can then sync your iPhone with your computer to get your contacts.

WARNING! If you have an older phone , or a phone from certain carriers, it's possible you'll be in for a lot of frustration. One of the guys at Wired Magazine just did a podcast about this-- he started with a Sprint phone and ended up going to SEVEN different stores in New York City-- various locations of Sprint, AT&T, the Apple Store, and Best Buy-- before he found someone who could transfer his contacts. Helpful, a good list of things to watch out for, and pretty funny

You might try the free service, which supports cross-platform transfers between almost 2,000 phone models including iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and others. It has many positive feedback on AppStore.

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How To download whatsapp on sony ericsson aino?


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How much does the Sony Ericsson K850i cost on pay as you go?

4billion dollars 4billion dollars let us know which net work are u talking abt

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Can you jailbreak a Sony Ericsson xperia play?

"Jailbreaking" is for iPhones. You can root an xperia play though and install custom kernels or firmware on it. Sony Ericsson has actually released instructions on how to unlock the bootloader, but doing so still voids the warranty.

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How can i record call conversations in sony ericsson p990?

Hi Sanjay,

Sorry to say, sell the phone.


Unfortunately, there is no software available for P990i that lets you record calls. It's a pity that even low-end SE Phones like W200i have this capability, but an all-rounder smartphone like P990i is missing this feature. If you're THAT desperate to record calls, try this! . Buy an audio recorder or an mp3 player with audio recording capability. . Turn on the speaker phone of your phone. . Start recording on your audio recorder/mp3 player. By the way, SE P990i is pathetic. It needs serious firmware upgrades. I'm sick of this phone myself. The only reason I'm keeping it is because I bought it when its price was touching the sky and nowadays you're very likely to find a P990i in a trashbox for free. *sighs* Good luck.

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Where can you find windows mobile 6.1 applications?


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Can the police tap your phone without you knowing it?

Yes. However they must obtain a warrant. To do this they must demonstrate "just cause" to a magestrate before that judge will sign a warrant for a phone tap. And for you not to know about it is actually the essential point of the activity. Authorities listen in to your private conversations without your knowledge to see if they can catch you talking about criminal activity.

Sony Ericsson Phones

What does the s stand for on the Sony Ericsson s500i?

Sony Ericsson phones become in their names a letter, this way W are walkmans, K are camera specialized phones, Z are usual clamshell phones, T are normal candybar phones, P and M are smartphones, S is a series of normal slider or swivel phones.

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Can repo people pose as someone else on the phone and milk your child for information about you?

The FDCPA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley do not apply directly to repossession services, forwarding agencies, or repossession agents, but all three are accountable to elements of the acts. One of the provisions of the these to which they are held accountable is "Pretexting." No agent of collections or property recovery may "pretext" himself. That is he may not make contact with a debtor and give the impression, either passively or actively, they are someone else. That being said, when we call or make contact we have to identify ourselves. We are not required to take the debtor by the hand and lead them through a point by point explanation of who we are and our intentions. For instance: if I were to call someone who is delinquent on a car note, I might identify myself as "Bob from RR Service." You'll notice that I did not give much there. I did not tell the debtor that I was "Bob from Repossession and Recovery Services." I could even simply identify myself as "Bob" if that is my legal name or a legally filed alias. As long as we do not offer anything that could be misleading, we cannot be accountable for violation of pretexting. Repo men can make contact at hours different than collections or skiptracing. The rules are a bit looser. But, they can never misrepresent who they are. Typically, the less shared with the debtor, the safer.

If any collector or repossession agent identifies himself as anything other than who he actually is, get as much information as you can. If you are able, notify the highest level executive with the firm he represents that you will be filing complaint with the FTC and your state's attorney general. Contact an attorney and take the steps necessary to file a complaint, and begin suit. The only more serious violation of collections/repossession laws is perhaps third party disclosure.

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Uc web browser for sony Ericsson w302 download?


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How can you download games on sony Ericsson w580i?

If your on orange, go onto Orange World in the menu.


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