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Purchasing a personal computer is a major decision and requires a lot of research. Arm yourself with information about PCs, Macs and software by asking questions here.

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Compare and contrast hardware and software?

Hardware is any physical part of the computer necessary for it to operate ( basically anything inside the case)

Software is any programs or operating system installed on the computer, it is not essential for the computer to run but is necessary to complete certain tasks, it cannot be physically touched.

Hardware is essential for the computer to operate, without it nothing will work.

Hardware can be; Motherboards, Memory, Harddrives, CD Drives, Video Cards etc...

Software can be; Operating Systems e.g. Windows, Linux. or programs e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player. or Updates from the OS or Hardware Manufacturer

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What does the computer require on a regular schedule?

Registry cleaning, defragmenting, and temp file cleanup. This can take a while,

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What is price of Super computer?

Super computers are mainly used by researchers and government agencies that require an amazing amount of processing speed. A super computer can perform 20 x 1015 operations every second. Definitely not for the average user which is perfect because the price tag is also not for the average person. Super computers range in price from $100 million to $250 million depending on design and installation requirements. Besides the huge price tag you can also expect somewhere between $6-7 million in energy and maintenance costs per year. While these computers are far out of reach for most of us they would be amazing to see in action.

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Should you buy an extended warranty?

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Is hp g series good laptops?


hp is good choice.

For gaming, surfing the internet and for watching video, other entertainment and for studies I got an HP - it's a pretty solid machine

Yeah its okay but for me Dell much do good. I had it also, i bought mine in, dell has many good featur

Yes HP is good choice.

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Are Lenovo notebooks better than Acer notebooks?

It does depend on what model you buy. A top of the line Acer is of course better than a bottom of the line Lenovo but if you purchase simular models then I would say the Lenovo is much better.

The 2 main reasons are that Acer has terrible support (not only have I read this on many forums but I have experienced it) and Lenovo uses higher quality parts.

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What type of laptop and DJ software and song editing software is recommended for one to be an amateur DJ?

any newer laptop should do, as long as it has a good processor and a decent sound card.

as for the software:

Virtual DJ is a good DJ program ( not free)

Mixcraft is a program for producers, so you can create loops and songs with it (not free)

thenpurely for editing: audacity, a free program, very handy. (free, many addons with effects available)

i don't know about free DJ / producing software

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Who was the owner of hp computer?


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Does the Lg Viewty Snap have Wi-Fi?

No it lacks the WiFi feature

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Does HP own Acer inc?

I work in a store where I was told by my coworkers and manager that HP bought Acer and I was telling that to everyone in an effort to improve Acer's image. Just the other day I realized that I had never actually checked into that so I decided to do some research. Though I have found nothing conclusive, I have to say it is highly unlikely that HP owns Acer.

HP Does Not own ACER. Inc. We are HP PSG Business Partner & If it was so then HP would have supplied all ACER Machines in Pakistan with it's due warranty, which is not the case.

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List 10 advantages of computer?

1. It helps you automate various tasks that you can not do manually.

2. It helps you organize your data and information in a better way.

3. It has much more computing and calculating power then an ordinary human.

4. It may help your work to be a lot easier.

5. It may be the storage of your important data and files.

6. It may be your handy book.

7. It may help you solve problems faster than an ordinary human being can do.

8. It has speed, storage, reliability, consistency and communications.

9. It helps you to find useful information using the Internet.

10. It helps in businesses, factories, offices, schools and homes.

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Why does my laptop charger only work with 1 outlet?

Because the other outlet does not have a charge running to it. Call an electrician.

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What kinds of jewels are in the world?

Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Opal, and Sapphires are some gemstones that come to mind when we think of jewels. At a quick glance I can count more than 130 gemstones in my reference book. Gemstones are broken down by the scientific community into 10 specific mineral classes. To keep this simple, we will use the common terms for gemstones of precious, semiprecious, organic, and exotic. The following list is not all-inclusive, but is a good start.

PRECIOUS gemstones are: diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald.


Amber (Amber)

Amethyst (Quartz)

Ametrine (Quartz)

Apatite (Apatite)

Aquamarine (Beryl)

Agate (Chalcedony) (red-banded agate is shown under sard)

Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl)


Benitoite (Benitoite)

Beryl (Beryl)

Bloodstone (Chalcedony)

Carnelian (Chalcedony)


Chrome Diopside (Diopside)

Chrysoberyl (Chrysoberyl)

Chrysoprase (Chalcedony)


Citrine (Quartz)

Diamond (Diamond)

Emerald (Beryl)


Garnet (Almandine, Andratite, Grossularite, Pyrope, Spessartine, Uvarovite)

Heliodore (Beryl)

Heliotrope (Chalcedony)


Hessonite (Grossularite)

Hiddenite (Spodumene)

Iolite (Cordierite)

Jade (Jadeite or Nephrite)

Jasper (Chalcedony)

Kunzite (Spodumene)



Lapis Lazuli (Lazurite)

Malachite (Malachite)

Moonstone (Albite, Microcline Feldspar, Orthoclase, Plagioclase)

Morganite (Beryl)

Onyx (Chalcedony)

Opal (Opal)


Peridot (Olivine)

Quartz (Quartz)

Rhodochrosite (Rhodochrosite)

Rhodolite (Almandine-Pyrope Garnet)

Rock Crystal (Quartz)

Rose Quartz (Quartz)

Ruby (Corundum)

Sapphire (Corundum)

Sard (Chalcedony)


Sinhalite (Sinhalite)

Sodalite (Sodalite)

Spinel (Spinel)

Sugilite (Sugilite)

Sunstone (Oligoclase Feldspar)

Tanzanite (Zoisite)

Titanite (Sphene)

Topaz (Topaz)

Tourmaline (Tourmaline)

Tsavorite (Grossularite)

Turquoise (Turquoise)

Zircon (Zircon)




Copal (young amber 3-7 million years old)




(Not commonly known, but are becomingly increasingly more popular especially in custom designed jewelry.)





Benitoite (Benitoite)













Hemimorphite (also called Calamine)


Kornerupine (also called Prismatine)









Sinhalite (Sinhalite)

Smithsonite (also called Bomamite)


Sphene (Titanite)



Variscite (also called Utahlite)


(Called this for a number of reasons. Many of these are hard to fine and not available in large quantities, others are brittle or break easily and therefore are not suitable for jewelry. These gemstones are generally owned by collectors and do not make it to the marketplace.)

This list could be quite long, I have included only a few to give you an idea of some that are in this category.


















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Where are Samsung TV's manufactured?

Factories approved and licensed by Samsung probably in china

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What is the toll-free number for HP computers?

Hewlett-Packard's toll-free phone numbers are:

HP Products for Home & Home Office Use:

800-HP invent or 800-474-6836

HP and Compaq Products or Business Use:


HP TouchSmart PC products / HP HDX Notebook PC products / HP Envy Notebook PC products / HP Firebird Desktop PC products:


Palm webOS (Palm Pre and Pixi)


The 1 800 numbers for HP Computers:



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Intel Core 2

Is 2.20 ghz better than 2.4 ghz?


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1982-1994 Chevy Cavaliers
1995-2005 Chevy Cavaliers

What should you look for in a new computer?

First i will know the processor,RAM,hard drives,ac os,windows ans linux

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When is the best time to buy a computer?

I would say probably around and/or after Christmas and New Years.

It is also a great time to purchase a computer during large sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. .

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CD and DVD Drives

What should you look for when buying a computer in terms of RAM video-sound cards processors CD-DVD drives and burners OP systems USB etc?

It depends what you want to do. Some things that may help are the following: 1.) How much are you ABLE to spend? Stay in your price range.

2.) Windows, Apple or Linux? If you're new to computers you may want to go for Windows or Mac, Advanced users normally go Linux. (for you so called advanced users ALL OS'S suck. choose one that makes you feel like a guru).

3.) Dell, Gateway, Apple or locally built? The big corps are good but you might be impressed with a small shop near you neighborhood. The biggest advantage with a small shop is, if it has problems you can get it fixed faster and phone support is way faster. Technology is always changing and some people feel they know what is best for YOU , from the guys who work for CompUseless to BEST TRY or the wanna be hacker kid who crashes your new computer, you can be assured, no matter what kind your going to get, something might go wrong with it and then the other guy will tell you you should of listened to them!

Personally, I use Windows, Linux & Mac. they all have there pros & cons. I tend to favor Apple. why? you might ask? & if you know me , I am a Linux Administrator. Because "It's easy to use" and isn't that what a computer is supposed to be? Some people feel windows ie easier for new users , fine. but remember ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU! It really looks as though this guy didn't really answer your question proficiently. He is right in the fact that you must decide what you want to use your computer for.

What should you look for when you're buying a computer?

It very much depends on what you want to do with the machine, basically you need to look for a PC that fits your needs. Computers are practical devices, which will help you in completing your daily tasks more efficiently. Daily tasks Of course every person that uses a PC has common daily tasks that can be performed with it e.g. checking email, writing a text document, to browse the internet, compiling your own CD's, listening to music and managing external audio devices (like ipods). The power user But if you are one of those persons who wishes to edit and create images with an heavy duty image editor (like PhotoShop) or editing video (and to do this at a decent speed) is better of with buying a more powerful system. For those wishing to perform daily tasks only, a PC with the basic specifications written below will be most satisfactory: - A hard drive which has a large capacity (300 GB min.) - 1 GB of RAM - A CD/DVD burner (for sharing photo albums, enjoying acquired music elsewhere) - Common Ports at the front of the PC like audio and mic jacks, usb slots and maybe a multi cardreader (for digital cameras and so on).

A PC which doesn't have a high end power processor but has a decent processor which runs at a decent speed (1.7Ghz) and is built to last. -Integrated Sound and GPU (Graphical processing unit) - Basic sound system (2 speakers) - 17' inch LCD screen - Mouse and Keyboard (wireless or not). - An OS which suits your needs. I chose this combination of components because they're aimed for the future. Written below is a short summary which further explains my choice.. Sizes of games and applications are increasing as they become more complex and collections of music and documents keep growing.

Today's applications (and OS'es) demand more RAM. People nowadays tend to do multiple tasks at once (browsing, making documents listening music and so on). A not too fancy processor and Integrated Audio and GPU devices will help in keeping the cost down of the PC system itself.

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What is the reason the city collect's sales tax?

For city maintenance, Streets, Buildings, Police pay, Electric, water, gas, city parks and misc. properties, Lets Audit them and see how much of the funds get wasted, I bet if you wasted as much as any Government (I.E. City, County, State, Federal) Your competition would put you out of buiseness in A hot minute.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In other words your service costs would be so freegin high that your competition would get ALL the customers.

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Has anyone ever used ArrowOutlet?

I have - I won an iPad on my first try actually, but I know some people are not as lucky. Support was very fast - emailed me right after I won - and it was shipped that day.

It's legit and you can win some great deals here. Each item starts at $0, and each bid raises the price of the product 5 cents and adds 15 seconds to the counter. Each bid costs $0.50.

This means that if you are one of the few bidders on an auction, you can win it for just a few dollars since the timer counts down. They also have a Buy It Now feature so that the bids you use on an auction can be used for a discount if you buy the actual product. So if you spend 10 bids on an auction for a $30 item, you get a $4 discount on the item and can buy it for $26.

So overall I believe it is safe to bid on the site if you want the products they are selling. If you place a lot of bids you can still buy the product at a discount, and you won't lose any money. Their prices are very good and are pretty much the same as Amazon prices.

It's probably a good idea to start out slow and learn how to bid on the site well. Lots of veterans of the site agree about this. Learn to use the site features to master the bidding and you will do better in the long run. Then you can start bidding on more competitive auctions with bigger deals.

Long story short, you just have to be careful and watch your auctions carefully and bid responsibly.

Here are tips I found at another site:

Answer 1

To me Arrow Outlet is NOT fake because a) they are not using fake bidders and b) they actually ship the items. When I found Arrow Outlet new just like you did I watched for a while and it didn't seem like they use fake bidders. I bid on a $10 giftcard and lost, and then bid on another $10 giftcard and won it for around a buck. I got it about a week later and I was happy so I kept on bidding.

HOWEVER you have to be careful to bid carefully and responsibly (like drinking). My advice is start out with some small items so you get a feel for how the site works, learn to use the bidomatic, etc. If you bid smart you can win a lot, but you have to learn first. I started off losing and now I just won an iPad.

Here are some of my tips:

1) use bidomatic to pressure your opponent. When they see you bidding against them a lot they will back off.

2) you have to use money to make money! I spent around 200 bids to win a Wii but doggone it I won it by pushing away everyone else. if you give up then you lose the auction but if you push through you can win it.

3) start small small small. Win a keychain or flashlight first - it's cool and you won't spend as much money learning. Then you'll feel good about it and be more confident.

The rest you will have to find out yourself otherwise you, the reader, might beat me one day ;)

Answer 2

the site gets 50 cents for each bid and raises the price by 10 they get lots of money on some items and lose money on summary i don't think its a scam but like he said you should probably be careful in the uncle got really good at bidding and won like a PS3 and iPad and tv and has an awesome living room now


The site is actually a scam. There's pretty much no way to win.

The prices are misleading and most likely you'll end up paying A LOT more than the bid price. For example, 7.02 USS is actually 351 bids which costs 175.5 dollars. So if you win that item, you actually end up paying 175.5+7.02+shipping+ (#bids/2)dollars you have done on any similar item before giving up on them. Is this even legal? I'm not sure. I wonder if legal action has been taken against this company already.

Well, I tried, but I cancelled my account and asked for a refund as soon as saw what this site was about.

I really hope consumers realize this is a HUGE trick on the American people and the world at large. Shame on you I hope you get closed down asap.

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What are examples of application programs?

web browsers: internet explorer, safari, Google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera...

application suites: Microsoft office, iwork

video games

editing softwares: paint, photoshop...

and more...

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How much does it cost to build a laptop?

You cannot build a laptop, it is too complicated, you cannot buy in exact sized case for your requirements. Also the parts are hard to find when compared to building a desktop.

Desktop's are better in terms of power than laptops and you get more for your money. Plus desktops are buildable.

EDIT: Do not listen to the above moron. Building a laptop is just as easy as building a desktop, but it does require you knowing how to do it. It is a very simple process, you buy the case and then a MoBo that fits said case, then the rest goes in. Super easy.

If you don't really know the answer, don't answer.

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What does GHz mean in computer terms?

GHz is most commonly used in computer lingo when discussing a processor's speed. Hz (Hertz) literally means one wave or cycle per second. So 1 GHz (Giga-Hert) is 1 Billion cycles per second. It's a measure of the clock speed of the processor. The more GHz that a computer has, the faster it runs. All things being equal, a machine with a 2 GHz processor will run twice as fast as a machine with a 1 GHz processor.

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Who sells dell computers?

Dell. And BestBuy.


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