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Green Berets

Also called the Green Berets due tot their distinctive service headgear, the United States Army Special Forces are a special operations force of the US Army tasked with unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and direct action. Their official motto is “To Liberate the Oppressed”.

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If the invitation did not say anything about black tie and the ceremony is at 630 pm is it okay to wear a suit?

Yes. Whenever there is confusion, it is advisable to call the host or hostess and ask what is expected. However, typically an evening wedding would require a suit unless otherwise noted. ...
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How do you become an Army Special forces sniper?

To be eligible to attend SFAS, you need to be at least an E4 (Specialist or Corporal). You need to complete both SFAS and the Q course. As for the sniper bit, see the related question linked at the bottom. ...
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What is the us special forces motto?

"De Oppresso Liber" which means to "Liberate The Oppressed."
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What task force was the USS Makassar Strait CVE 91 part of on the Invasion of Okinawa?

I just finished printing a report on Makassar Strait CVE-91 From the time her keel was laid at Kaiser Ship Yard until she was decommissioned in August 1946 and the Secretary of The Navy authorized her to be used as a target ship Aug. 28, 1958 It states that she was assigned to TG 50.8 between Feb. 9 1945 and April 8 and protected logistics ships operating in support of the Fast Carrier Task force during devastating airstrikes against enemy targets from...
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What vehicles do green berets use?

We have access to the same vehicles used by conventional forces and we also use civilian pickup trucks or whatever else we can get depending upon what is available in different situations. Just for example an ODA may use HMMWV, GMV, Quad-4's, Harley Davidson dirt bikes, Kayaks, Zodiac rubber raiding crafts or as I mentioned previously civilian pickup trucks or during the first few months in Afghanistan a few of us conducted operations on horseback ...
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Why no female green berets?

Well the first person was wrong. There is one female Q Course Qualified Green Beret. It was a long story but it was what the movie GI Jane was all about, but they just change the military service for a better story. She was released several times for not making the qualification but always returned to her class due to political pressure from congress above the military branches. At one point she was away from the training for 3 months and...
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Does the 101st wear maroon berets?

No. The 101st Airborne is no longer an airborne division. It's has been the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division since Vietnam (I think). They wear the black berets. I was in 1st Brigade. -Keith ...
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What insignia did the 1st French Army wear?

The formation patch worn by members of the First French Army was a shield divided vertically into red & green, with a yellow mace superimposed thereon. Behind the lower half of the shield are pale blue wavy lines, to indicate the Rhine & Danube Rivers, the First French Army's ultimate objective. Written below the wavy lines are the words RHIN et DANUBE, in yellow. All of this is embroidered upon a dark blue background. Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Thank you so...
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Who manufactures Task Force tools?

Answer Some of the Task Force woodworking tools are made by Rexon Industrial Corporation, a Taiwan manufacturer that also makes some of the Sears Craftsman tools. Their website. Prior to being called "Task Force" at Lowe's some of the tools were called "Tradesman", but I do not think that the "Tradesman" name was used exclusivley by Lowe's. Many years (many, many) before I saw the name at Lowe's I bought a Tradesman drill press from Central Tractor (now Tractor Supply?) and the logo...
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What guns did the US and Germany use?

When you refer to "guns" do you mean weapons used by the infantrymen of the belligerents? If so, the American's used the M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle, while the German's used the Kar 98K Bolt Action Rifle. Answer In 1944 Germans introduced the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) . The StG44 was the world's first truly effective assault rifle and if the war had continued another year, the StG44 would have replaced every other rifle including the Karabiner 98k, MP38 and MP40. After the war the legacy...
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What impact has the Vietnam War had on Australian culture?

The Australian government felt obligated to help out these refugees, and there was general support from the public, so when the refugees got here, most policies changed and Australia became a multicultural society. As a result of Australians' involvement in the Vietnam war we found that we had an obligation to the people that were made homeless as a result. These people were of Asian descent, which was a major shock to the system. Before the Vietnam war the only people you...
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What is the impact of Buddhism in Vietnam?

The majority of Vietnam (85%) are Buddhist.
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Is there a black ops us army in Iraq?

I'm pretty sure each war had black ops (Black Operations) or operations the world isn't supposed to know like the new call of duty is about that (its weird how were not supposed to know about them yet they r in games... ...
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Can you wear combat infantry badge and combat medical badge?

They could be worn together, as the CIB and EIB are Class 1 badges, and the CMB is a Class 2 badge. However, to be able to do this, you'd have had to serve in combat in one MOS (infantry or medic), then reclass your MOS, and serve in combat in the other MOS. Infantrymen could test for the EFMB, and medics could test for the EIB. I went through EIB testing and completed it. However, since I never held an infantry...
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What do special forces do on a daily basis in garrison?

Most likely, the same as any other unit would do in garrison - maintenance and recovery, classroom instruction, inspections, that sort of thing. ...
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What are the eight lines of a sitrep?

The eight lines of a sitrep include: DTG Enemy Activity Friendly Locations Status Combat Vic Defensive Obstacles, Demo Targets Color Codes, Strength, Personnel on Hand, Personnel Assigned Class 3 and Class 5 Summary Tactical Intention ...
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Can you wear the Expert Infantryman badge if you have a combat infantryman badge?

You can only wear one at a time - they can't be worn together. With or without a CIB, the only way you'd be authorised to wear the EIB is if you've tested for and were awarded it. If you havn't done this, you can't wear the EIB, even if you have a CIB. ...
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Who was the oldest person to complete Army special forces training?

Petty Office Second class Joseph Hubbard
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How is Jay the green ninja?

He isn't he's to dumb he got bit by a snake in the last episode Zane was the first to get his full potential he is the green ninja ...
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Where do you wear the combat action badge on army dress greens?

According to the current AR 670-1, (Feb 3rd, 2005 w/ Summary of Change) on pg 298, you wear the CAB, (Combat Action Badge) 1/4 inch above your ribbons, centered, or if the lapel covers your badge, you wear the CAB so the left edge is aligned to the left edge of the ribbons. ...
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If i put a 400 sbc crank and rods in my stock 350 what difference is it going to make.?

== == That would be a 372. It should produce more torque at a lower rpm than the 350. Some machining required. Answer If you do all the mod's, you get a 350 stroker---thats a 383 now. ...
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Did any World War 1 veterans serve in Vietnam?

This is definitely possible. A WW 1 vet would have been born around 1900 and would put him in his late 50's. There were Vietnam vets this age who served in the Gulf War. This also could mean that it was possible for a Vet to have served in WW 1, WW 2, Korea and Vietnam. ...