A ballad is a form of verse, frequently a narrative set to music. Ballads were especially characteristic of Irish and British popular poetry and song between the later medieval period and the 19th century. They are used extensively across Europe and later North Africa, the Americas and Australia.

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What is a ballad?

A ballad is a narrative poem adapted for recitation or singing, especially one with of a sentimental feeling, or a slow romantic song.


How many lines are in one ballad's stanza?

four lines.


What does the first stanza of the poem ballad of a mother's heart mean?

(setting) the moon was hiding from the clouds seem it will be raining because the star are sleep


What is the difference between a ballad and a song?

Ballad- its a narrative poem that is intended to be sung; thus a story told in a song.

Love song- A song w/ intimacy & love. Its a subset of songs or a romantic ballad. Hence, it can deal w/ the darker side such as infidelity & breakups...

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What is the summary of ballad mother's heart?

hindi ko nga alm


Can you have 1 paragraph ballad poems?

no its like a song so you cant just use one paragraph


What was the plot for the demon lover?


How is the ballad Casey at the Bat a ballad?

Because it is written in a varation of the ballad stanza--a rhyming, four line, metrically regular stanza. ____ Also, the ballad form traditionally tells a story. Other poetic forms (set to music or not) often deal with a single emotion or event, and aren't narrative in nature.


How A 6 stanza ballad?

at least six stanzas tells a story must have a rhyme scheme!!!

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What is the features of poetry?

..poems have meaning,images,patterns,sounds and lines..

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Figurative speech in ballad of Birmingham?

The key device used was irony, in the fact that church should of have been a safe place for the little girl to go, but instead it was her death. Who knows she could have livedto see another day, if her mother had given her permission to attend the freedom march.


What is the summary of the poem the ballad of a river by Patrick Fernando?

there was a calm and peacefull river. A rich man built a dam in the river. Profits grew and one day the river got angry and wrecked everything and flowed peacefully.

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What is the shape of a ballad?

The "shape" of the ballad is the structure of it. (e.g. is it one long piece or in short verses or, as they are called in poems, "stanzas"?)


What are bahamian ballads?

a set of lyrics like a poem that is put to music

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What heart in the Celtic motherhood knot represents the mother?

The interlocking heart itself is the mother. The dot or heart within is the child, in the arms, surrounded by the love of the mother.

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What are some examples of Haiku poetry?

An English written haiku poem is usually focused on nature (this includes seasons). The poem expresses a single feeling or impression. It contains three lines that do not rhyme. The syllables are traditionally broken up this way:

Line One: Five Syllables

Line Two: Seven Syllables

Line Three: Five Syllables

Some examples:

Melodic starlight

Serenade us with your song

In the twilight hours.

Shy little songbird

where is your bright color now?

On this dreary day?

here are some examples of free form haiku very much preferred in various journals and zines:

The perfume

from her armpits --


Though little

her snowman smiling

white backyard

Pausing between bites

on the guava tree

the parrots

Sunny morning:

a snake slides through the fence

looking for a prey

Sea waves

roll from faraway

white peaks

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In the wreck of the hesperus what character trait in the skipper led to the shipwreck?

It was his pride. If he would have went for shore when the sailor and daughter were telling him, maybe the shipo wouldn't have wrecked. He was arrogant and too confident.


What are some characteristics of traditional folk ballads?

Folk ballads are typically written impersonally, with dark, sordid tones, often on topics of a supernatural, violent, or romantic nature. Traditionally, they were meant to be sung a Capella, and were not connected to one particular poet or bard. This varies from more modern ballads, such as those which arose from the Romantic age of the early 1800's and the folk revival period of the 1960's.

A ballad stanza is typically in quatrains (four lines) with rhyme sequences of abcb. In literary or formal ballads the lines stick to alternating eight and six syllables. CHABOINKA


Do all ballads have to rhyme?

yes.ballads is all about story or narrative a rhyme.


Is a ballad fiction?

It may be fact, fiction or folklore. Most well-known ballads from before the twentieth century (and some within the twentieth century) are folklore - true basis, but "embellished" facts. Think "The Ballad of Davy Crockett".


What is a ballad for hockey?

The Hockey Song by Stompin' Tom Connors

The Necklace

Is there a Summary of the poem Casey at the Bat?

i hate that poem and i think i know what your talking about. here.. team is down. 9th inning. bases loaded team is almost to victory if they can score a homerun. 2 kids come to bat. both out. casey comes up. everyone is glad + expect him to win the game casey acts cocky lik the little kid he is misses the first two balls on purpose third ball is thrown casey strikes out i thought that kid deserved it "The umpire makes a decision that Casey doesn't like, and an argument follows, during which Casey deftly trips him up, and continues the argument on the ground. The other players run from the bench and join in the rumpus. The fielders come running in and the pile on the home plate looks like a foot ball scrimmage. A solemn warning to all rotten umpires." Written by Edison Catalog

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What does lyric mean in poetry?

Lyric poetry does not tell a story which portrays characters and actions. so in that case a Lyric in poetry is a lyric that does not tell a story HOPE THIS HELPS

P.S. I'm NOT that good at explaining things loll xxx :-)


What does the spoken form of a poem mean?

A. an idea complexity can grow for the reader as the poem develops

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Kinds of narrative poetry?

Narrative Poetry: is a poem which tells a story. A narrating of an event or story stressing actions of plot,incident and action.

Kinds of Poetry

1.Epic- a long narrative poem which deals of more or less fabulous adventures of a mythological hero.

e.g "The Story Of Beowulf"

2.Ballad- a short narrative poem telling an actual folk story or folk-like story in verse form.

e.g "Richard Cory

2.Metrical Romance-a narrative poem that tells about the stories of knights and religious pursuits.

e.g "The Knight Tale"


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