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Penguins live primarily in Antarctica, but can also be found in cold coastal areas of South America, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. There are seventeen species of Penguins, and seven are found only in Antarctica.

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Can R2-D2 fly?

That depends on how fly is interpreted. He can fly like a rocket but only in small bursts. He can go up stairs. He can negotiate sand. And he can get wet and endure the cold. R2-D2 can hover for short periods of time but not fly. ...
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How do you make five days go by really fast?

Do something you love. work on your list of things you would want to like the top 100 things even if they only take 10 min. ...
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What kind of plants does a penguin eat?

Penguins are not plant eaters, although when food is scarce they may eat algae. Penguin's main foods are fish, squid, and krill (similar to shrimp.) ...
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Why do penguins have blubber?

Penguins have blubber to keep warm during the winter.The blubber keeps the heat in their bodies and warms them up. To survive the cold of course-a penguin has to spend a long time in wintry winds-evolution has made sure that penguins developed a layer of blubber-the others did not survive. To protect them against the arctic cold. ...
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Does the Galapagos penguin live in a pod or pack or herd?

The term pod refers to whales and dolphins, Pack refers to land predators, and herd to large herbivores. Penguins live in a colony where each pair of birds is self sufficient. ...
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What is a penguin rookery?

A penguin rookery is a place where penguins hatch their eggs and rear their young. ...
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Can you buy a real penguin?

No you can't buy a Penguin as a pet
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Can you buy a baby penguin?

No. Penguins cannot be bought by everyday people.
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What animal eats penguins?

The best known predators are the leopard seals, but there are also fur seals, and whales and sharks. ...
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Why dont penguins feet freeze in the cold?

because they have webbed feet and webbed feet dont freeze
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What are adaptations of penguins?

For the most part, penguins are found in cold regions. Penguins are specially adapted to live in these colder areas, because they have blubber which can protect them from the cold. Cold water can remove heat from the body much faster than air, so a good insulator is required. Penguins are adapted to live in and near the ocean because they eat fish. They have special adaptations that allow them to live in the water. Penguins have webbed feet to help them...
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What type of fish do emperor penguins eat?

The emperor penguin eats different types of fish and krill and crustaceans, as well as squid. Remember the movie Happy Feet.....I read this amazing article in the 7/22/00 Awake magazine regarding the largest of all penguins, the emperor penguin which stands nearly four feet tall and weighs up to 85 pounds. When other penguins head north to escape Antartica's brutal, dark winter emperors head south for Antartica. The female lays her egg, the male scoops it up to keep warm in the fold...
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Why do penguins like cold water?

because they are living in Antarctica
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Are penguins more intelligent than other birds?

No, parrots seem the most intelligent than any other birds because they learn quicker than other birds,that's why parrots are the only birds that really know how to talk and they learn to repeat people so they learn more and have a great memory of what people say. Penguins are probably the second most intelligent birds. ...
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When a mother penguin gives birth what happens to the egg?

The father keeps it in his egg pouch, while the mother goes out to sea to get fish to regurgitate to the baby upon reunion. Then the father goes out to sea while the mother stays, and so on. ...
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What lives in snow?

Tons of different animals live in the snow, as manta species live in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. There is on also snow in places like Nepal, where there are lots of mountains, and more animals live there. ...
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What also looks like a penguin?

Puffin or Auk
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Why do the dad penguins carry the egg on their feet?

To keep it off the ice/snow and to keep it warmer.
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Why are penguin and osprey in the same group?

because they are bothe birds but neither can fly
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Is the emperor penguin the largest bird?

No, they can get 4' & an Ostrich can reach 8.
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How do contour feathers help a bird fly?

i think it helps it fly by moving through the air and water smoothly. answer by : Rishi Patel ...
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How much space dose macaroni penguins need?

They don't need that much....... 5 feet
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What do ospreys and penguins have in common?

They are both birds, they both live and depend upon water, for food. They are both vertebrates. ...
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Do wild penguins live in Alaska?

If your reffering to south alaska east alaska.. etc.. than yes