Twilight New Moon

New Moon is the second book in the four-book Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

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Twilight New Moon

Where are the Volturi located in New Moon?

Volterra, Italy

Twilight New Moon

Is it true that Chaska Borek is vegetarian?

yup! she is vegetarian !!

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Twilight New Moon

What does best man mean in Germany?

bester Mann. i looked it up on an online translator.

Twilight New Moon

What was the problem in twilight new moon?

Edward left Bella. Then Bella saved him in Italy.

Twilight New Moon

When is new moon coming to showtime? posted that New Moon will premiere on Showtime January 8, 2011

Twilight New Moon

Is golf team really a team or just a group?

Its a team all right.

Twilight New Moon

What is the age restriction on the film new moon?

I believe it is rated PG-13, but it all depends on your parents or whoever. I know someone took a four year old to see Ghost of girlfreinds past...

Twilight New Moon

What was the theme for Bella's wedding according to Bella?

Like a midsummers night, Shakespeare Greek theme. I thought it was really beauiful but would have been awful if it had rained lol, bellas dress was made to look like it was from Edwards time which i think was Edwardian, hope this of help lol

Twilight New Moon

Why does Edward Cullen look different in new moon?

He looks different becuz Rob Pattinson is not immortal so he is still changing.

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Twilight New Moon

What was the festival called in new moon?

The St. Marcus Day Festival

Twilight New Moon

How did Bella feels when she learned Jacob imprinted on her daughter?

she was just plain mad.......:)

Twilight New Moon

Did Bella Swan have nightmares in New Moon?

Yes she did she would always wake up and scream

Twilight New Moon

What happened with Victoria in New Moon?

She didn't kill Bella so she tried in eclipse and thenEdward ripped her to shreds.

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Twilight New Moon

What are opinions on the worst Edward Norton film?

My opinion:

I don't really think that any of his movies are bad,well,I'm going to show you why.

Edward Norton's first movie: Primal Fear,a movie that he isn't THAT much in,pretty much thought but in main role,Richard Gere,great actor.

Great movie too!

Second movie:Same there,only that Woody Harrelson is in there,Richard Gere is a better actor but Woody isn't a bad actor either,and a good movie.

Third movie :Everyone says i love you,Edward Norton, Drew Barrymore,great actors,good movie.

Rounders,great movie! Great Actors,Matt Damon,and Edward Norton in main roles.

American History X,same as Primal Fear,but Edward is in main role and it's a great movie!

Fight Club,one of the best movie I've seen,Brad Pitt,Edward Norton.

Keeping the faith,Ben Stiller in it!

Not too bad movie,not too bad.

Death to smoochie,Robin Williams,Danny DeVito,Edward Norton,funny movie,but good too,not like Norbit,funny but bad.

Frida,Salma Hayek,Alfred Molina,Antonio banderas, not too bad movie with great actors.

Red Dragon,Great movie and actors,Anthony Hopkins.

I'm not gonna type down the other movies because i feel the same with them as i do with Primal Fear,only typing what great actors are in the other movies.

Philip Seymor Hoffman

Mark Wahlberg

Donald Sutherland

Charlize Theron

Jason Statham

Seth Green

Liam Neeson

Orlando Bloom

Liev Schreiber

Tim Roth

William Hurt

Collin Farrel

Jon Voight

Robert De Niro.

Milla Jovovich.....i kinda hate her but i guess many people don't.

I'm finished.

P.S. He really hasn't made a bad movie

The Twilight Saga
Twilight New Moon

Where are the setting of new moon novel?

Forks Wasington

Twilight New Moon

Why does Jake from twilight imprint on baby Nessie and does that Jake a pedophile?

In the fictional Universe Twilight is set on, wolves dont choose who they imprint on. When wolves see the person, that process happens and it's outside of their control. That person is similar to what we call a soul mate, except at a whole knew level.

Jake will not be classified a pedophile as long as he doesn't touch or attempt any sexual interaction with the baby as long as she is a minor, legally speaking.

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Twilight New Moon

Why would an attack be planned with the waxing gibbous moon?

A "waxing gibbous . The Italians would like to be able to see where they are going, & whom they are sooting at. As invaders have learned the hard way for centuries, to invade this mountainous region one must take advantage of everything available to them.

- Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Connections

In addition to the above (maximal light conditions while still benefitting from the cover of darkness), a waxing gibbous moon

The reason this is important is for amphibious landings. Very high tides tend to flood beach defenses (which are usually designed for as far safer to use and more likely to reach the beach intact.

One note: modern low-light and infrared technologywi now generally chose to attack during phases close to the new moon ) and in bad(cloudy, ra can have such vision-enhancing equipment) AVOID waxing gibbous moon phases.



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Twilight New Moon

Is there a fire hazard in leaving the electric fans on during the day when nobody is home and are ceiling fans or free standing fans more dangerous?

The 'FIRE HAZARD' is the SAME as that of leaving any other appliance unattended. Besides the obvious waste of electricity and the extra wear and tear on the equipment, there should be some valid reason for doing it. Remember, that a running fan uses power and this generated heat. If you are always forgetful (like me), then perhaps investing in an automatic shut-off timer would be wise. If there are animals that would be left uncomfortable, make sure that there is nothing else (besides the fans) that they could get into to cause a fire. Besides circulating air, ceiling fans only benefit a person if they are actually in the room to feel the air, they should be turned off and not left to run all day.

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Twilight New Moon

How soon after chapter 7 bankruptcy can you buy a new car?

The day you get your discharge paper. I do caution against that because ANY bad mark after a bankruptcy is taboo and you will not be able to finance anything for a long time.

Twilight New Moon

Breaking Dawn vampire powers?

Read the book and find out

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Twilight New Moon

What would cause swollen knots about quarter sized on your head in different places that last about 2-3 days and are very sore when touched?

If you are having these symptoms just go to the Symptom Checker

Twilight New Moon

In twilight does Bella Swan wear Bracelet's?

in (either eclipse or breaking dawn) she wears a bracelet. One charm is a wolf carved from red-brown wood and the other is a diamond heart. [wayy pretty and sweet]

Twilight New Moon

Where can you legally watch the movie 'New Moon' online for free?

Downloading Free Movies

It is usually illegal to download movies from the Internet, depending on the copyright and license information for the particular movie. Box office (the ones you see in theaters), DVDs, and VHS movies are generally illegal for downloading free. There are some movies out there that are free to download and free to watch, usually independent films or other films that did not make it to retail.

You can watch many movies at places such as Netflix, and the charge to "rent" your movie online and watch it isn't too expensive. You could also purchase a copy of your movies through other online services.

Since downloading movies without paying for them is illegal, WikiAnswers cannot provide you with information to download such movies, except for movies with licensing that is free for distribution (but these will never be popular movies).

Twilight New Moon
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Does edward richtofen die at moon?


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