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He does not kiss her in New Moon.

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Q: What page in new moon does Jacob first kiss Bella?
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What is the song in Jacob and Bella kiss in New Moon?

Jacob and Bella don't kiss.

Do Bella and Jacob kiss in new moon?

no but they do in eclipse

Where does Jacob kiss Bella on new moon?

he doesn't kiss her in new moon, he kisses her in eclipse

Why did Jacob try to kiss Bella in New Moon?

He wanted to.

In new moon trailor you see Jacob and Bella kiss. But Its In Eclipse Where They Kiss.. I Dont Understand?

Jacob kisses Bella in new moon but Bella punches him in the face and brakes her hand and they kiss in eclipse too and Bella wants to kiss him thenNo that is soooooo not true they only kiss in Eclipse but they kiss twice trust i have read new moon they do NOT kiss

In new moon what page is it when Jacob kisses Bella?

He doesn't kiss her in New moon

A rumor is going around that Bella kisses Jacob in the movie New Moon is it true and why?

No Jacob and Bella kiss in Eclipse.

On what page in new moon does Jacob Black kiss Bella Swan?

They do not kiss in New Moon. Jacob and Bella do not kiss in New Moon. That kiss doesn't happen until close to the end of Eclipse. they kiss twice in Eclipse (once on page 330 - and once on page 526 -> 529)

Do Jacob and Bella kiss in the movie New moon?

No ,but Jacob kisses Bella in Eclipse and Bella breaks her handIn the movie they were close to kissing but it never happened and yes Jacob does kiss Bella in eclipse and she breaks her hard from trying to punch him. She soon asks him to kiss her in the same book

Did Bella and Jacob ever kiss?

yes in eclipse and new moon but they wernt willing kisses from bella.

Do Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart kiss?

their characters Bella and Jacob kiss in eclipse not new moon :)

Do Edward Cullen and Jacob Black kiss int The Twilight Saga?

Edward kisses Bella in all the twilight saga. Jacob was so close to kiss Bella in new moon!!!(TEAM JACOB RULES!!!)

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