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They do not kiss in New Moon. Jacob and Bella do not kiss in New Moon. That kiss doesn't happen until close to the end of Eclipse. they kiss twice in Eclipse (once on page 330 - and once on page 526 -> 529)

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Q: On what page in new moon does Jacob Black kiss Bella Swan?
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Do Bella Swan and Jacob Black kiss in 'Breaking Dawn'?


Why did Bella Swan want Jacob Black to kiss her?

She loves him. In real life Jacob likes Taylor swift.

Did Taylor Lautner ever kiss Bella Swan?

In Eclipse, Taylor Lautner's character Jacob Black does indeed kiss Bella swan 2 or 3 times in the book.

How did you like Bella Swan and Jacob black first kiss?

I love twilight because Jacob black and bella swan have their first kiss was amazing it touch my heart I always Wach it over over over again and I say he is good kisser

What language is Jacob Black speaking to Bella in New Moon before he kisses her?

Jacob Black does not kiss Bella Swan in New Moon, he kisses her three times in Eclipse, though.

Will Jacob Black kiss Bella Swan?

have you finished the book?..(probally not) but i really dont think i should awnser but .... he does in the book, New Moon.

Why does Bella kiss Jacob in Eclipse?

Jacob kissed Bella in eclipse because he loved her...also because he thought that she wanted to kiss him...Jacob also wanted to try and convince Bella that she loved him too. Jacob wanted Bella to choose him over Edward he kissed her... Jacob said he wanted to do it smoother but had no time and quikly rushed into a kiss

Does Bella kiss Jacob after she gets married?

No, but in Eclipse Bella and Jacob kiss.

What is the song in Jacob and Bella kiss in New Moon?

Jacob and Bella don't kiss.

Do Edward Cullen and Jacob Black kiss int The Twilight Saga?

Edward kisses Bella in all the twilight saga. Jacob was so close to kiss Bella in new moon!!!(TEAM JACOB RULES!!!)

Does Bella get with Jacob Black in new moon?

they kiss once but that's as far as it goes.

Does Jacob Black give Bella Swan anything for her birthday?

I think he gives her a charm bracelet with a werewolf on it *wink wink.* He doesn't give her anything in the movie but I think he means to give her a kiss.

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