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How many Emmy Awards has ER won?


Television Awards
Emmy Awards

How many different categories are there in the Emmy Awards?

There are 80-plus Emmy Awards categories.

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Which entertainer has won the most Emmy Awards?

Actresses Cloris Leachman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have won eight Primetime Emmys each during their distinguished careers. Leachman also has a Daytime Emmy. Actress Allison Janney has seven, which ties her with Mary Tyler Moore and Edward Asner. As the star of HBO comedy series "Veep," Louis-Dreyfus has won six consecutive Emmys as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. She also won the 2008 award in that category for her previous show "The New Adventures of Old Christine." Louis-Dreyfus also won a 1996 Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series award for "Seinfeld." She is the only person ever to win Emmys for three different comedy programs.

In third place, John Lithgow, Art Carney, Tim Conway, Tyne Daly and Carl Reiner are tied with six wins each. Reiner actually has nine Emmys if you add the ones he received as a writer and producer for "The Dick Van Dyke Show" in the 1960s.

Betty White, another "Mary Tyler Moore" alum, has won five Primetime Emmys and two Daytime


As for Daytime Emmys, Anthony Geary has won a record eight for acting -- all for his performances as Luke Spencer on the long-running ABC soap opera "General Hospital."

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Does Uryū Ishida care for rukia?

Uryu Ishida has feelings for Rukia, but it is nothing more than a good friendship. Before, i mean during the 'Saving Rukia Ark.', he wanted to save Rukia to make Ichigo very mad. Now, as the series prolongs, they both have become good friends. I do not think these two will get together, due to their different 'status.' Rukia is a Soul Reaper, him a Quincy; naturally, they are enemies. But in any anime, you can never know.

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What is the origin of the name 'Emmy Awards'?

According to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, it's the feminization of "Immy," the slang term for the early image orthicon camera.

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In what year did 'Roots' win the Emmy Award for 'Best limited series'?

The 'Roots' miniseries aired in January of 1977 and won the Emmy that year for Best Limited Series.

It also won Emmys that year for :

Best Actor - Drama or Comedy Series, Single Appearance (Lou gossett, Jr.)

Best Director - Drama Series (David Greene for "Part I")

Best Editing - Drama Series (Neil Travis for "Part I")

Best Music Composition for a Series - Dramatic Underscore (Gerald Fried & Quincy Jones"Part I")

Best Sound Editing - Series

Best Supporting Actress - Comedy or Drama Series, Single Appearance (Olivia Cole for "Part VIII")

Best Writing - Drama Series (Ernest Kinoy & William Blinn for "Part II")

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Parenting and Children

What are some positive choices that teens can make?

One choice teens can make is that to not have sex when they aren't married, and then when they get pregnant, have abortion!

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What TV shows featured the sound of a flushing toilet?

All in the Family, Mama's Family & Married with Children

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What did sandman wear at the Apollo theater?

Earth boots

African-American History
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Did glenn ford refuse to sit next to gail fisher at the Emmy Awards?

Yes, the racist son of a hoot did refuse to sit next to Gail Fisher. She should have refused to sit next to the idiot Glenn Ford. African Americans are too forgiving of crimes done to them in the past.

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When do the teen choice awards 2011 air in the UK?

Either 13th August on 4music at 12:00pm (midday) or 24th August on 4music at 8:00pm ;)

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What kind of musical theatre is similar to the 1980s royal variety show?

Ofcourse do you think that we would do this for fun

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Has anyone ever won that PCH-publishers clearing house contest?

From everything I've read and from their contest letters, I've come to the conclusion that people have won prizes from the PCH contests.

Publishers Clearing House is best known for its dramatic sweepstakes, a marketing campaign that offers millions of dollars in prizes every year.

SINCE the NUMBERS were PRESELECTED, Publishers Clearing House COULD PROMOTE the sweepstakes truthfully with the words, "YOU MAY ALREADY BE A WINNER!"

At first PCH did not feel obligated to award prizes if no winning entry was received, but later a second random drawing came to be held from entries submitted if no one turned in the winning number for the top prize.

By late 1991, Publishers Clearing House had DISTRIBUTED MORE THAN $50 million in prizes to more than two million people, including $13 million in fiscal 1991.

The Federal Trade Commission's expert on sweepstakes said...Being labeled a "FINALIST," he declared, generally merely meant that the contestant had sent in a previous entry. The FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION'S EXPERT "...also noted that the $10 million prize was not given in a lump sum, but over 30 years, with $2.5 million not paid out until the final year. Million-dollar winners received only $50,000 in the first year.

In 1994, PCH agreed to pay $490,000 to 14 states to settle allegations that it used deceptive advertising in its annual sweepstakes. The company agreed to stop using the word "finalist" on most solicitations and to employ the phrase "final round" only in the last weeks of the promotions.

By January 1996, PCH had awarded more than $92 million in prizes since instituting its sweepstakes.

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When can you begin voting for Kids Choice Awards 2011?

You begin voting on March 1 at

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Publishers Clearing House stated they were going to name a winner of one of the contests tonight on NBC Nightly News which was not - does anyone know anything about it?

I've seen this happen before, years ago. What actually seems to happen is that sometime during the 1/2 hour newscast, the winners name is flashed upon the screen. When I saw it, it didn't seem to actually be PART OF the newscast - in other words, the newspeople didn't announce it, and it didn't flash on the screen while they were talking. It almost seemed like a commercial that was designed to look like part of the newscast.

The point is, if it is a paid announcement, NBC Nightly News wouldn't know anything about it at all. They only know what is on their show. When they cut to commercial, they don't have any idea what the commercial is.

Therefore, when PCH says that the name of the winner is going to be announced "during" the NBC Nightly News, they are correct. It is 'during' the news. But it isn't necessarily ON the news, or BY the NBC News Crew. So they aren't breaching any ethics - they're just telling you when they'll be announcing. Insinuating that NBC Nightly News is a part of it is a marketing technique that gives it more credibility.

If anyone else has different info, please step in and correct me.

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What is the television show that has won the most Emmy Awards?

"Saturday Night Live" has won 64 Primetime Emmy Awards in 243 nominations since it began on NBC in October 1975.

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Who are performing at 2007 Royal Variety Show in England?

Paul Potts, winner of the 'Britain's Got Talent' TV show. He is a tenor singer.

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When is the next rerun for the kids choice awards 2009?

it was Friday march 27,2009.

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Dell Laptops

New Dell commercial January 2008?

Charmed Life by Mick Jagger

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How many Emmy Awards did Titanic win?

The 1996 made-for-television production was nominated for two technical Primetime Emmy Awards, and won in the category of Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Miniseries or a Special.

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Did 'Friends' ever win an Emmy Award?

"Friends" was nominated for 63 Emmy Awards during its 11-season run on NBC, but won only six:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series of 2002.
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, 2002 (Jennifer Aniston).
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, 1998 (Lisa Kudrow).
  • Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, 1996 (Michael Lembeck).
  • Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, 2000 (Bruce Willis).
  • Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, 2003 (Christina Applegate).
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Who is hosting kids choice awards 2010?

it is actually Kevin James.


Actor as Paul Blaurt Mall Cop

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Did Catherine Crier ever win an Emmy Award?

Catherine Crier won the 1996 Emmy for outstanding investigative journalism for a piece she did on nursing home abuses while she was with ABC's 20/20.

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Who is jay ingram?

Jay Ingram is an experienced science journalist and is the

host of Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada

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Who is hosting the kids choice awards 2010?

Kevin James will be hosting the 2010 kids choice awards, which will be televised on Saturday, March 27, 2010.
The host is Kevin James! (from Mall Cop)


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