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Sometimes referred to as a personal video recorder (PVR), a digital video recorder (DVR) is an electronic device that records digital video format to a disk drive, often a SD memory card or USB flash drive.

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What is a good photography store name?

My photography studio's name is Blue Water Studio. But I think using something natural or catchy like "snap shot studio" would be cool. It helps people remember who you are and get a relaxed feeling! A lot of people don't like their photos taken so if you have something in your name that makes them feel relaxed they may choose you!

Think about what it is you do best, or what you wish to convey. Obviously, if your speciality will be animals, it would be best not to suggest that you specialize in weddings. "Snap Shots" might be a catchy name for the market you seek, but some would regard this as too informal. A ten year old can MAKE a snap shot. A professional wedding photographer CREATES a moment in time, thus would need a more suitable name. Or is this a retail store selling cameras and such?

There is something to be said for using your last name in the business name in that it usually makes it easier to register.

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Is 8GB good for a laptop?

Yes it is infact very good mines only 2 i think and i got quite alot on it u should get lots on it

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Can you get a DVR digital video recorder that you can use to record TV shows without having to pay a monthly fee to some company?

Yes you RCA makes one, I just bought one on eBay for $150 and it works great. Records 40 hours of shows, TV guide on screen, or program like a VCR. Quality is great, no problems so far.

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How do you hook up an electric range into a 3-phase switch box with a number 2 service cable coming into the box and cartridge type fuses?

One View

You shouldn't. However, in a residence, you don't have 3-phase. You have single phase delivered by two "hot wires" and a ground. In that case, you would need to determine if you have adequate electrical capacity for the range. That means a spare 40 or 50 Amps for an oven / range combination, 30 Amps for just a cook top. Assuming capacity, you probably still have a problem with adding a circuit to the fuse box. There are limitations on how many fuses you can have. In any case, you need fuses rated 30-50 A, as appropriate, and four conductor cable (3-wire plus ground #10-6 AWG, as appropriate). Home stores sell appropriately rated receptacles / supply cords to complete the installation. If you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing, this is a job for an electrician.

In regards to the first answer. 220 is not delivered with two hot wires and a ground. 220 Volt Service (200 amp usually) is delivered from the power company using 2 hot legs and a NEUTRAL. The ground is provided by the home owner's electrical service installation. Neutral should never be treated as a GROUND. It is not a GROUND.

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My parents lived above my fathers machine shop...the shop had 220 volt 3 phase mother used her wood range for years and would not part with it. My grandmother moved out of province and gave her electric range to my mom so she decided to use both, very handy for large family get together...We hooked the electric range to the 3 phase 220 power...just used 2 of the 3 hot wires and all was fine...we did add a breaker box between the 3 phase bus box and the range, so it was done by code and had two 30 amp breakers...never a problem. However, do not attempt this with 440 volt power unless you step it down with the appropriate transformer...also VERY IMPORTANT to ground the range to the ground on the service panel!

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The assumption here is that you have a single-phase range, but there are also 3-phase commercial ranges. The hookup for a 3-phase range is the same as any other 3-phase 4-wire circuit.

For a single-phase range, this is a common need for kitchens at commercial buildings and offices that have 3-phase power. You can hook a range (wired for single phase) to a 3-phase, 208 volt or 240 volt switch box by using two of the cartridge-type fuses. First, check the range nameplate for voltage rating and circuit Amperes. Use the proper size fuses and try to use a spare fuse holder that has only two poles. If the only one available has 3-poles, then leave out one of the fuses and only connect your two range wires to two of the fuses. Also connect the neutral and ground wires to the neutral and ground buses in the switch box.

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How do you hook up HDTV cable box?

If your cable box has a HDMI cable port, buy an HDMI cable to connect the TV to the cable box. The next best alternative is to use a S-Video cable with a pair of Audio cables. The third best alternative is to use a RF Coaxial cable. The last option is to use a composite Video and L/R Audio cables.

You should note that while the TV may be HD capable, the cable box may not support HD so you will have to upgrade your cable box to a HD compatible cable box.

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What is the abbreviation for obsolete?

OB is the abbreviation for obsolete.

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What year did the DVD replace the VHS?


VHS came before DVD's, VHS's are videos that contain film to play inside of VHS player. VHS also need to be re winded to start from the beginning.

DVD's came later, DVD's are a disk that don't need to be re winded at all can have multiple language and subtitle's depending on what you want. DVD's can be played in portable DVD players

Converting a VHS to a DVD requires special equipment because VHS tapes are analog and DVDs are digital. A video transfer service can perform a VHS to DVD conversion for you. At StashSpace.Com the transfer is just $6.95.

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How do you repair a Sony Hi8 Camcorder?

it'll work if you hit it with a hammer enough times.

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Where can you get a replacement battery for an Insignia camcorder NS-DCC5HB09?

There is one Seller on that is Selling Insignia Camcorder Batteries, for this model NS-DCC5HB09 that I know of. The Camcorder with the 3" LCD screen. Our Family has three of these. We needed spare batteries, so we could always carry a charged spare with us. I see a link to there listing, on the top of Google Search from time to time. If you go to Ebay, just type in the title search bar: Insignia Camcorder Battery. I have bought 2 batteries from them. The batteries I bought were Brand New, OEM, and very high quality. I can't remember how much I paid for them? but I thought it was a real good bargain. Very Fast Shipping, and the shipping cost was reasonable.

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What is a DVR?

A DVR is a Digital Video Recorder. It's like a VCR, but instead of using a tape it records and plays back video digitally. It works like your computer, with a hard drive that stores the information. TiVo is the most popular DVR. It was one of the first on the market. These days there are other competing brands of DVRs, and many cable companies have started offering DVR services. Essentially, they've built a DVR into your cable box and then sell you the ability to use it as an added option (generally for $10 a month or so). The cable-company option requires no hardware since the DVR receiver is integrated with your program menu, so it can be cheaper.

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What happened to the Astro MAX decoder and service?

The present astromax has lot of problems ( teething) so improved version expected next year 2009? Capable of HD but with component outputs. Wait and see first to believe.

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What is ATSC?

ATSC stands for Advanced Television Systems Committee. It is the new organization created to establish technical standards for new television systems in the U.S. The old standards are referred to as NTSC, which was named for the National Television Systems Committee that established rules in 1953.

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How do you hook up hard drive to cable box?

You cannot hook up a hard drive directly to a cable box.

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How do you connect a magnavox DVD recorder and VCR To TV?

some help is better than none...

  1. plug in the power cords
  2. look for the cables that are red white and yellow and conect them to the tv and magnavox with the corresponding colors
  3. discuss if there are xtra cables

i dont know youre exact stuation but me trying im better than no one answering!

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Can you convert color video to night vision?

You can only enhance what has already been recorded. If the information simply isn't recorded, there's not a lot you can do.

A standard color camera may be improved, at the time of recording, by using an infra red light source, to illuminate the subject without it being obvious.

Most (if not all) video cameras are sensitive to infra red.

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What is the importance or significance of knowing the video input bandwidth?

AnswerBandwidth is defined as the frequency range that the circuit, component, cable, or complete system can pass where the frequencies reproduced , transmitted, or amplified worst come out at least half as strong as those coming out best.

For screen resolution on HDTV monitors and smooth and uninterrupted transmission of video, and set all video buffering in advance we need to know the video input bandwidth.

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Why can't you watch one channel and record another channel at the same time on your DVR?

In brief, your DVR probably only has one station tuner built into it.

I don't believe that there is a tuner (electronic device) today that can tune into 2 channels at once. This feature was implemented with the advent of PIP (Picture-in-Picture) technology. But to have this feature, your television would need 2 tuners built into the television circuitry. With old analog cable, channels were pumped through the coax cable on different frequencies. If you put a splitter on the coax, you could get the full range of channels on both tuners. Nowadays with the advent of Set-Top Boxes (STB's) - usually a digital cable box, there is probably only one signal output (which can't be split). Some of the better cable boxes have a splitting feature built into them. If you have a television that supports PIP, chances are one of the inputs is an ATSC tuner which can receive OTA HD content, and the other is an NTSC tuner, that can only display standard definition content. A cheat to digital cable, is that the Cable company still pumps analog signals through their digital lines, and you could use the cable box on the first tuner input for HD content, and have the coax from the wall split, and the second connection going into the second tuner input, and get analog channels 2-99. But I didn't tell you that.

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What is MTS Decoder?

MTS, or 'multi television sound' is just another acronym for a stereo receiver plus that of a secondary audio channel (SAP) decoder built into the TV set. The SAP is usually mono, and is mostly used for Spanish language programming in the United States.

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Is DVR service expensive?

How expensive your DVR service is depends on if you use your cable company's service or if decide to purchase your own DVR.

  • Cable company service. Most cable company's DVR service seem to run approx. $10 per month, in addition to your current cable company bill. Generally, there is no equipment to purchase so the only cost you pay is your monthly bill. Note: This may or may not be the case with your cable company. Consult your cable company for exact pricing and terms for DVR service.
  • Purchasing your own DVR. A new DVR can be anywhere from roughly $100 (for a standard TiVo DVR) to $600 for some higher-end DVRs. The higher-end DVRs include fancy features such as DVD recording and the like. Plus, you pay an additional monthly fee, ($12 per month for TiVo, for example). If you decide to network your DVR, you'll need a network adapter. If you need to hook it up to a phone line, you may need to purchase a filter if you have DSL.

While purchasing your DVR may be more expensive initially, your DVR offers more features and flexibility than your cable company's service. Once you buy the TiVo DVR, you can pay a one-time service fee that covers the life-time of the box. This avoids costly monthly service fees, but this often doesn't allow for DVR upgrade or subscription changes

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How does a DVR work?

A DVR works like a VCR. Instead of videotape, a DVR is a simplified computer system (usually Linux based) to digitally record movies and television shows from your TV to a hard disk (like the one in your home computer). DVRs record in real-time, which allows you to pause or rewind at any point in the program.

DVRs also have networking capabilities that allow you to transfer your digital pictures to your DVR. Some even allow you to hook it up to your receiver. You have many options.

Using a DVR is quite simple: you hook your cable or satellite line to your DVR and plug your DVR into an electrical outlet. There are additional set-up steps if your home entertainment system includes a VCR or receiver or if you are hooking it up your home network. See your manufacturer's web site for the steps.

The most common use for DVRs is the recording of movies and television shows via your cable service. Recording movies to your DVRs provides more storage (some offer up to 300 hours of recording) and better recording quality than videotape.can be obtained.

Since DVRs record in 'real-time' DVRs allow you to fast-forward, rewind and pause of live shows. Also, some have channel search capabilities, which allow you to search for shows by director, topic or even actor. Most will conduct nightly downloads of your cable, antenna or dish services listings for up-to-date viewing.

The most common DVR is TiVo. You can purchase a special TiVo DVR or purchase a manufacturer DVR that includes TiVo capabilities. Or you have the option of using DVR receiver services from your cable company. This option requires no hardware as the DVR receiver is integrated with your program menu. You simply order the service from your cable company, and you'll be able to use your DVR services straight from your program menu and remote. Shop around and see which service would suit your needs.

Some DVRs now have online capabilities. You can hook your DVR to your home network and schedule to record your favorite show or movie from the Internet (if you TiVo or similar software). Or use your DVR to organize and store pictures from your digital camera.

Alternatively if you have bought a new PC you could turn your old PC into a Media server that has all the qualities of a DVR plus many more features than the average DVR off the shelf. (Projects for using an old PC as a media server can be found all over the internet. Simply search for 'Do It Yourself DVR').

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How does a digital video recorder work with cable or satellite TV?

DVRs are compatible with most any cable, satellite or antenna setup. Your exact setup instructions will vary according to the type of DVR you purchase. You'll need to review your owner's manual for more information, but here are some tips:

  • Depending on your current home entertainment arrangement, you'll basically hook up your cable line to your DVR, plug your DVR into an electrical outlet, and leave your cable box as is. If you have services like TiVo or RePlay, you'll follow on-screen instructions for setting up your program guide and recording your cable channels.
  • If you have a VCR or receiver, your setup instructions may be slightly different. See your DVRs manufacturer's manual for exact instructions.

Notes about setup if you use DVR services like TiVo:

  • Some DVR services (like TiVo) require that you hook your DVR to your phone line (instead of plugging it into an outlet). The TiVo service does daily downloads of your cable company's program listings to your DVR during a pre-set time. If you have DSL and want to use a service like TiVo, place a filter on the phone line plugged into your TiVo DVR.
  • Some may be incompatible with HDTV and C-band satellite systems.

If you need help with your DVR hardware and the answers aren't in the manual, visit your DVR manufacturer�s web site to locate tutorials, FAQs or a support center phone number. Some of the common DVR manufacturer�s include:

  • TiVo:
  • Philips:
  • Pioneer:,,2076_4137,00.html?
  • Toshiba:
  • Humax:

Note: This is not a complete list of DVR manufacturers. This list only serves as a starting place for your research. If you don�t find your manufacturer on this list, search for yours via a search engine like Yahoo or Google.

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My DVR is not recording full shows but cuts off in the middle of programming. How do you fix this?

Sounds to me like you're hitting the `timer record' button and what's happening is that a lot of DVR's have an automatic preset time they'll record before shutting off on their own. Try to see if you can reset the record length, or find a different way to set up the recorder to record your programs.

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Is there a way to fix a Delco cassette player in a vehicle which plays both sides of a tape at the same time?

Sounds as if the head is out of alignment. There should be a small screw holding the head down (haven't seen one of these decks for ages). Adjusting one of the screws (might have a spring under it) either looser, or tighter should help get the head aligned. Or of course, take it to a pro car-audio place and they can take care of it for you. The dealer will probably send you to their preferred tech shop anyways. -del

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What is the benefit of connecting a DVR to a home network?

Connecting your DVR to your wireless network allows you to transfer and view media files, like digital photos and music, from your PC and view them on your DVR. For example, most DVRs allow you to store and organize your digital photos and view them on your TV. Some even let you play MP3 files directly from your DVR. Here is the hardware you'll need to connect your DVR to an existing wireless network. (The following items are typical hardware needed to hook your DVR to your wireless network. Actual steps and some hardware may vary according to your network setup.) * Compatible wireless USB network adapter for your DVR. Consult your DVR manufacturer for more information about compatible network adapters. * USB cable (to hook the wireless USB network adapter to your DVR). * After you hook up the wireless USB network adapter, you

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How is a DVD recorder different from a DVR?

You also can record on DVD rw disks and them transfer from the stand alone too computer too take out comercials.

I don't know if you can take out comercials on a DVR's.

The biggest difference between a DVD with recording capability and a DVR is:

  • A DVR uses a Hard Disk Recorder (HDR) to digitally record movies and television shows from your TV to a hard disk (like the one in your home computer). DVRs record in real-time, which allow you to pause or rewind at any point in the program.
  • A DVD recorder records to discs and not a hard drive like DVR. A disc has limited storage capacity compared to a DVR. It doesn�t have a hard drive or �real-time� recording capability.

There are some DVRs that have built in DVD recorders. Some allow you to burn DVDs while you watch and record television shows and movies on your DVR or simply burn saved shows to your DVD to free up space on your DVR. Check with your local electronics store to see which brand would best suit your needs.


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