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Excel is a spreadsheet application developed and distributed by Microsoft Corporation for computers using the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It features graphing tools, chart wizards, calculations, formatting options, and pivot tables.

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What is extension added to Excel files?

Excel 2003: .xls = Workbook .xla = VBA Add-in .xlb = Toolbar (where custom toolbar settings are stored) .xlc = Chart .xld = Dialog (from older versions of Excel) .xlk = Archive (Excel spreadsheet backup) .xll = DLL Add-in .xlm = Macro .xlt = Template .xlv = VBA Module .xlw = Workspace (collection of multiple Workbooks) Excel 2007: .xlsx = Workbook (XML format) .xlsm = Macro-enabled Workbook .xlsb = Excel Binary Workbook (instead of XML format) .xltm = Macre-enabled Template .xlam = Add-in (XML format) ...
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How do you insert a PDF file into an excel sheet?

You want to insert an OBJECT (select from file), then select PDF from the choices of what to insert. That is: Insert>>Object>>Select "Adobe Acrobat Document">> OK If you wanna convert PDF to Excel, then you'd better use enolsoft PDF to Excel with OCR converter. ...
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How do you add date stamp on excel?

Try this formula: =NOW() If you don't want the time, the formula is =TODAY() ...
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How do you make a dot plot on Excel?

It's called an X-Y scatter plot. The procedure is different depending on which version you have. Basically, you highlight all of the cells containing, the data; click on 'Insert' then click the icon that looks like a 'dot plot' and it should have the word 'scatter' underneath it. ...
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What does portrait orientation mean?

it means vertical allignment, document is more heigh then wide
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How do make an times table on Microsoft Excel?

Enter one set of numbers in a column and another set of numbers in a row at the top of that column, so that the numbers you want to multiply intersect at a column and row. EXAMPLE: In A2 enter 2. In B1 enter 3. In B2 enter =A2*B1 (observe the answer 6) TIP: If you want to be able to enter the formula only in the first intersecting cell of the row, then copy the formula to all the rest of the cells...
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What types of documents can be created in excel?

workbook files, also called spreadsheets
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Why is VLOOKUP function used moere often than other lookup functions?

Data is more commonly arranged in such a way that a VLookup is better able to extract the data. The same kinds of data are generally arranged to be grouped in columns and that is what VLookup is best for searching through. It searches through data vertically, or in other words through columns. ...
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What does ctrl and home key do?

It will bring you to the start of a document.
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What are some ways to use Excel?

There are many uses for Excel. If you have novel ways to use Excel, please add your ideas here or on the discussion page. Here are some ideas: Set up a favorite friend list and enter the number of SMS messages you send them each month. The person at the end of the year that received the most messages is your favorite texting friend. Plan a vacation budget. Decide how much money you will spend for your vacation and set up a budget...
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What does the delete button do in excel?

It erases what is inside the cell.
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What the print set area command is use to?

If you want to print just a part of a spreadsheet and not the whole lot of it, you can select the part you want to print and set the Print Area. It is a very useful feature if you only want to print an important part from what is a large spreadsheet, like some totals or some columns. When you have finished, you can use the setting to clear the print area which will set the setting back to normal...
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How do you calculate Spearman's rank using excel?

See video at related links for instructions.
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How is the font size in Word and Excel measured?

Microsoft Word measures fonts in points. A common example would be something like 10 or 12 point Arial or Times New Roman. Excel is similar. ...
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How do you draw a partition in Microsoft Word?

You can do that with table, Insert - Table. Table can have visible or invisible borders, Design tab (appears when you insert or draw table) Table Styles section - Borders. ...
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What are Some of the ways to format numbers is to use?

Under the Home tab in 2007/2010 Excel you have Number. Clicking on the lower right selector arrow under that shows the various ways: Number (decimal places and + and - numbers) Currency (Including symbols besides US currency, decimal places and + and - notation style) Accounting Date (various forms) Time (How you want it notated and 12 or 24 hour clock) Percentage Fraction Scientific Special and Custom ...
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What is the formula in excel for counting base 8?

To convert from decimal to octal, use the function DEC2OCT. EXAMPLE: =DEC2OCT(58, 3) Converts decimal 58 to octal (072). ...
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How can I export from Excel to a Dymo Label Writer?

Ask this question again to specify which model of Dymo Label Writer you are using. Or, perhaps you can find what you need at the related links. ...
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Where is the undo button located?

Since Office 2007 it is located in the top left corner of the page in the Quick Access toolbar. You can also use the Ctrl - Z shortcut key to undo things. ...
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What spreadsheet software do teachers use?

Teachers can use many different spreadsheet programs. Microsoft Excel is the most common one, so most would use that, but they could use any of the others available, such as Calc in Open Office or Lotus 1-2-3 etc. ...
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Difference between paste and paste special?

In word programs, there is normal pasting which is normally done with images, text, etc, then there is special pasting which allows you to copy a section of text from word for example and past it into another word program as a picture eg. It just allows you to copy one type of information and paste it as another. ...
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What does the countblank function actually count?

Countblank function is a derivative of count function and it is doing a very simple task - countblank function counts the number of cells in the range with no data. Actually, if you'll add the results for count/a function and countblank function you'll get the total number of cells in the range (empty and not). ...