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Movie Awards and Events

Movies draw fans and critics alike. Usually, annual events and movie awards recognize outstanding movies released for the year. MTV Movie Awards, Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards are examples of these events.

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What movie is the song 'Waiting For a Star to Fall' from?

'Waiting for a Star to Fall' in which Movie The song is featured in two movies: ''Look Who's Talking Too'' ''Three Men and A Little Lady'' (it plays at the start and during the credits) Both movies were released in 1990. The song is written and performed by "Boy Meets Girl." Here is some interesting trivia on "Waiting For A Star To Fall": Following their meeting at a wedding where the two were hired to perform, Seattle natives George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam formed the...
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Where are Elizabeth Taylor's children now?

Elizabeth Taylor's Children: Michael Howard Wilding, Jr. Father - Michael Wilding Listed as an actor on IMDB. Married to Brooke Palance (August 28, 1982-present) Father of two girls named Naomi and Laela (from a previous relationship) and one boy named Tarquin, with Brooke. Christopher Edward Wilding Father - Michael Wilding Listed as a sound editor on IMDB. Married to Margaret Carlton Has 2 sons with ex-wife Aileen Getty: Caleb and Andrew. Elizabeth Frances Todd (Called "Liza") Father - Michael Todd Divorced Mother of two sons with ex-husband Hap Tivey: Quinn...
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Who wrote the screenplay for Blade Runner?

The screenplay for the 1982 film "Blade Runner" was written by both Hampton Fancher and David Peoples . The film itself was predicated upon Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" ...
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What are some movies that begin with the letter K?

Killing Fields Kiss of the Spider Woman King Kong Kismet Kapoch Kracatau Killing Box The Killing Hour Kill Bill 1-2 The King & I Knocking on Death's Door Kung Fu Panda King Kong Karate Kid Kicking and Screaming Kiss the Girls Kangaroo Jack The Killing Fields Kujo Kramer vs Kramer The King and I Kindergarten Cop Movies starting with K include: King Kong Kiss of the Spider Woman Killing of Sister George Kagemusha Kim Killing Zoe (A) Kiss before Dying Kiss Me Kate Kate & Leopold King Ralph Knowing Kull the Conqueror (The) Killing Fields Knocked Up King Kong Keeping the Faith Knight's Tale K-pax Karate Kid King of Kings Karate Kid. Kalifornia. Kansas King Kong King Kong kill bill kill bill 2 kill...
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What movies have castration in them?

power ranger the movie
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What is a woody award?

its woodie its an award show on MTV2 for bands that are unknown but they have lots of fans ...
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'What is the world record for the most car flips?

The World record for the most car flips in a row went to casino royale, (007 movie,) it was the part where there is a carchase and the car flipped 7 times! ...
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What are some movies that begin with the letter N?

North by North West Night Watch Night at the Museum. Notting Hill Never say never again Not another teen movie Nemesis (Star Trek) National Lampoon's Animal House Nickelodeon Nine Months The Natural No Way Out No Country for Old Men No Mercy The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Nuns on the Run National Treasure Nim's Island New York Stories New York New York Northfork Now and Then Nixon 9-1/2 Weeks The Notebook Nacho Libre Nuts The Nutty Professor (1 & 2) Not Without My Daughter Narnia Nights in Rodanthea Now and The Numbers No Reservation * nims island * number 23 * national...
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Who hosted the first Academy Awards?

Douglas Fairbanks, actor, one of the 36 founders of the Academy; and writer-director William C. de Mille, the first president of the Academy (and brother of Cecil B. de Mille). ...
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Is The General's Daughter a true story?

It's based on the "Tailhook Scandal" - a scandal involving the United States Navy and USMC in which dozens of women were assaulted and raped by aviators, and the subsequent attempted cover up by senior military officers. See related link. ...
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How many times has Oliver Stone been nominated for an Oscar?

He has been nominated eleven times and has won three times. (Keep in mind the Awards were presented the year AFTER the films were made as the Awards are presented in February.) They are as follows: Midnight Express (1978), Writing (Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium)<- WINNER; Platoon (1986), Directing <-WINNER and Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen); Salvador (1986), Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen); Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Directing <- WINNER, Best Picture and Writing (Screenplay...
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What did Desi Arnaz accomplish to become famous?

Played Conga drums and had his own Desi Arnaz Orchestra from Cuba.
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Who is the superfox from Tenacious d?

Diora Baird She appears in Wedding Crashers and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning too ...
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What movies has Kristen Stewart been in?

Kristen Jaymes Stewart has been in numerous films and it is hard to tell all of them in one, single answer. So, we decided that it would be better if we gave you a link to look at now and then for information on what latest films Kristen Stewart will be in. To access this link, please look in the Related Links Section for the Wikipedia Kristen Stewart page. Kristen Stewart has been in... The Safety of Objects: R, 2001 Panic Room:...
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What year was titanic filmed in?

It was filmed in the year of 1997.