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Comedies and funny movies at least make an attempt to be funny and usually have happy endings. The genre breaks down to romantic (“Pretty Woman”), gross-out (“American Pie”), comedy horror (“Scary Movie”), and fantasy comedy (“Shrek”).

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Who is Jackie Q?

Jackie Q is a fictional character from the movie "Get him to the Greek". Posing as a Celebrity Star and Ex-Wife of the Lead Character of the Movie, Aldous Snow. ...
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How many Herbie movies are there?

There are five, but one of them is a remake. Herbie Fully Loaded, Herbie the Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes Bananas, and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. ...
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What movie has to black guys dress up like to blonde girls?

The name of that movie is White Chicks. It's a 2004 buddy cop movie in which two African American FBI agents have to disguise themselves as two Caucasian women to go undercover for a case. The film received many negative reviews, but it was a financial success and made 113 million dollars on a 35 million dollar budget. ...
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Napoleon Dynamite's grandma's name?

According to the new Napoleon Dynamite Television Series on Fox Cable Network, her name is Carlinda Dynamite. The actor's name is Sandy Martin. ...
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When is the movie LOL coming out in Australia?

On Wikipedia, it's saying that It will release the 17th May but I haven't seen anything about it. ...
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What nationality is animal from the muppets?

"Animal" , the drummer from the band Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem , is an expatriate from an undisclosed nation . ...
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What movie do they watch in Stranger than Fiction?

When Harold is at the movie theatre on his own, he is watching 1983's Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. When Harold and Ana are watching a movie on TV at her place, they are watching the 1966 French film Un homme et une femme (in English: A Man and a Woman.) The story is about a man and a woman who meet by accident at their children's boarding school. Slowly they reveal themselves to each other, becoming friends, then close...
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Is the pink panther a boy or girl?

A boy. He is just pink. :D
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Who is the actress who played Mary in Three Men and a Baby?

In the movie Three Men and a Baby, Lisa Blair and Michelle Blair play Mary. ...
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Will there be a hot fuzz 2?

Extremely unlikely
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Does Juno temple smoke?

Yes, she smokes. Check out the video in the related link below.
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Song on the music box in the golden child movie?

If you mean the song playing on the TV when Eddie Murphy kicks butt in the biker's (yellow dragons) hangout.... it sould be "body talk" done by a group called Ratt. Check it out! Hope this helps! ...
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Is watching scary movies a sin?

Absolutely not... Unless you go and repeat what you see onscreen there is absolutely nothing wrong with entertainment. I was raised a Christian and I am sick to death of religious nuts trying to create these unnecessary spiritual rules and stipulations and pretend like they are all-knowing and close to God because they think that what they believe is right. Watch whatever you want to watch, dear. I absolutely agree with the above view and would like to add the following. Nothing wrong...
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Which movies have male name as title?

Oh, there are so many movies with names in the title! I'll start with the male named ones that I can think of: Harry Potter Forrest Gump Donnie Darko James Dean Dan in Real Life Adam Cool Hand Luke I Am Sam Jack Peter Pan Charlie Bartlett Napolean Dynamite When Harry Met Sally Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Bonnie and Clyde Ed Wood Edward Scissorhands (both Ed's are Johnny Depp!) Being John Malkovich The Curious Case of Benjamin Button What's Eating Gilbert Grape Saving Private Ryan Kill Bill Who Framed Roger Rabbit Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World Willy Wonka Austin Powers Ferris Beuller's...
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What is singer Adele's middle name?

Adele's full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Which means that her middle name is Laurie Blue. ...
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Where is the comedy-horror movie Red Victoria set?

it's set in the city you grew up in. So say's the director.
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Is scary movie 5 rated r?

No, the movie is rated PG-13. Source: Whoever posted the above answer didn't post a source. So there's no real reason to believe them. ...