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What is the story of Premchand 'The Chess Players'?

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"The Chess Players" ("Shatranj ke khiladi") is a short story by Munshi Premchand and details the obsession two members of the aritocracy playing the game of chess while neglecting responsibilities to society and family .

There's an eponymous 1977 film by Satyajit Ray which is well-regarded by those within the international film community .

Full form of ZEE TV?

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Asked by Vunnamranadheer1987

Zee TV is a India based TV channel owned by Zee Group. It generally broadcasts serials and live shows. It's very popular among Indian women because of its content.

When did Dhoom Machaao Dhoom end?

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Dhoom Machaao Dhoom ended on 2008-01-10.

What is the real name of Natkhat Pari in real?

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Natkhat Pari's real name is Aditi Sajwan.

In the book Village by the Sea by Anita Desai how do the village fishermen show Biju that they are grateful for his help?

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biju is a person who lived a luxuryious life. because he have a lakh of money.biju lived a happy life.

Who is head of SBI?

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Asked by Pbalakrishnan

mr prateep chaudhary

Who is Rohan Rathore?

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Rohan Rathore - A True Eternal Lover

Rohan Rathore was a student from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwhati, India. He had terminal cancer.

He wrote and sung a song 'Emptiness' for Supriya - a girl he loved more than anything and anyone in the world. Unfortunately, she didn't return his love. He sang about his hurt and longing, and even though they don't end up together, this song was something he felt he had to do. He died just 15 days after recording the song. Truly a very painful love story.

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