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What is Shahid Afridi's official fan phone number?

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Fan Phone Number No official fan phone number is available for Shahid Afridi at this time.
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Are Bollywood films popular in Pakistan?

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Yes, Bollywood films are very much popular in Pakistan.
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Who is the girl in song twist twist from love aaj kal?

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It's Florence Brudenell-Bruce. She is a british model.
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Where can you download movies for free?

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It is usually illegal to download movies from the internet, depending on the copyright and license information for the particular movie. Box office (the ones you see in theaters), DVDs, and VHS movies are generally illegal for downloading free. There are some movies out there that are free to download and free to watch, usually independent films or other films that did not make it to retail. You can watch many movies at places such as Netflix, and the charge to "rent" your movie online and watch it isn't too expensive. You could also purchase a copy of your movies through other online services. Since downloading movies without paying for them is illegal, WikiAnswers cannot provide you with information to download such movies, except for movies with licensing that is free for distribution (but these will never be popular movies). Note to Supervisors: This is a catch-all question. Neither it nor its alternatives should be removed. It should remain protected.
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What is Rajinikanth's first Kannada film?

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Rajinikanth's first Kannada film was Katha Sangama.
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What is Shahid Kapoor's official fan email address?

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A fan email address for Shahid Kapoor is not known at this time. No fan contact information can be found for him. He does have unofficial fan clubs on Facebook and Twitter, though he is not on the sites personally. If you post on the fan club's pages, he might see the post, but there is no way to know if he watches those pages. To visit his unofficial fan club pages, see the Related Links at the Related Question.
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Sanaya Irani is Mohit's girlfriend?

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yes, and they are very good together. I just love Mohit Sehgel.. and SANAYA is the right girl for mohit
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Who is the richest Filipino movie star?

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The richest Filipino movie star is..Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao, though he is a professional boxer and now a politician, he is is undoubtedly the richest! How about for a $10M per boxing fight??
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Who was Shahid Kapoor's maternal grandfather?

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Shahid Kapoor's maternal grandfather was Anwar Azeem, a noted marxist journalist and author from Bihar.
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Which was the second movie of Akshay Kumar?

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Akshay Kumar's second movie was 'Khiladi'.
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How many childrens farah khan have?

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she has three children
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Is there any list of muslim actors of Bollywood?

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No such list of the actors based on religion has been prepared.
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Does Madhuri Dixit belong to politics?

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No, she was never in politics and she is not in politics.
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Does Bollywood action movies have any action woman or action girl?

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Yes. There are many action women and girls in Bollywood.
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Is priyanka chopra virgin?

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Although a miss world and hugely talented, she had hard time to get her foot in bollywood. She was initially framed by Akshay and as a bargain he went on to get her many films few of which became superhits. Later bitten by the industry's realty, she herself let her loose. She herself went for Shahid after his breakup with Kareena and they slept together which came out in media during the govt. conducted IT raids. Later she left him and had a small time relationship with SK which albeit was grounded by his aggressive wife. Nowdays she is single and adopting a restrain. kamal saini
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What is the real name of Bollywood actress Helen?

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Helen is her real name. Her full name is Helen Jairag Richardson.
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Who wrote the lyrics for 'Bombay Dreams'?

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Don Black [b. June 21, 1938] wrote the lyrics for all but two of the songs in 'Bombay Dreams', a Bollywood musical of 2002 in London, England and of 2004 on Broadway in New York City. Gulzar [b. Sampooran Singh Kalwa, August 18, 1936] wrote the words for 'Chaiyya Chaiyya'. Sukhwinder Singh [b. September 16, 1968] wrote the words for 'Wedding Qawwali'.
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What is Cal Ripken's official fan mail address?

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Cal Ripken c/o Ripken Baseball 1427 Clarkview Rd Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 21209 USA To request an autograph if you are in the US, send a self-addressed envelope (at least 8.5" x 4" in size) with sufficient postage with your request letter and a photo. You may include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending during shipping and also write "Do Not Bend" on the envelope. There is typically over a 3 month wait for a response. If you don't live in the United States, add several International Reply Coupons. International Reply Coupons (IRC) are used by the receiver to purchase US stamps. You can only get them at your post office. Place the IRCs inside the envelope, not on it.

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