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Sikhism is the fifth largest religion practiced in the world today. Sikhs worship one universal God, and practice disciplined meditation in the name of God.

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What Sikh caste is the last name Kamyotra?

Sikhs do not believe in caste. Its just a Punjabi thing. Note: Sikhism is a Religion, Punjabi is a culture. ...
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Who goes to the gurdwara?

Gurdwaras are a place of worship for Sikhs meaning a Place of GURU, though anyone is more than welcome to go and pray there. Just make sure that your head is covered and also do stay for the "langar" the community kitchen served around the clock, irrespective of of any creed or caste. ...
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Is Bisla a jatt last name?

yes it is !! this caste belongs to jatt or jaat (as many live in haryana now) they were mainly from Punjab but as they have chosen to stay in native places.. they can be found in haryana , uttar pradesh & rajasthan as well.... their presence is also there in many foreign countries.... they have established their names in various parts of the world... ...
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What do the 5K's in Sikhism look like?

Please have a look at the related links to see the attached picture.
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Who is Zinda Pir Sahib?

Zinda Pir Sahib was the founder of Darbar-e-Aalia Ghamkol Sharif Kohat Pakistan. He was ghous of his time. He belonged to Naqshbandi Silsila. Note: It should be kept in mind that orthodox Muslims consider the system of 'Ghouses' unauthentic and against the spirit of Islam. ...
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What are the do's and don't's at a Gurdwara?

Do's and Don't at at Gurugwara 1. Take off your shoes. One is advised to take off their socks too, so that the foul smell of the socks does not enter the Gurudwara premises. This is to show respect. Place your shoes in the shoe room. It also stops dust getting into the Gurdwara. 2. Cover your head. This is also to show respect. 3. No alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or weapons. This is to stop unclean substances and things getting into the Gurdwara. 4. Wash your...
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Who is the present religious leader of the Sikhs?

The highest religious leader is the Head Granthi (Head Priest) of the Golden Temple. The highest political leader is the Jathedar of Akal Thakth Sahib. ...
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When was Guru Nanak born and when did he die?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on the 15th of April 1469 and passed away on the 22nd of September 1539. ...
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Where was seikism founded?

Sikhism isn't a thing Sikhism is a religion which Guru Nanak found so he found it with love or you could say he found it in love. so that's your answer! ...
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What caste was guru Nanak born into?

Lohana- warrior Although like many other Hindu satgurus, such as Ramananda and Hari Rama bapa,he opposed the Indian casting system and believed that it was wrong! ...
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Who wrote guru govind dou khade?

"Guru Govind Dou Khade" was written by Kabir. It is present in Beejak. It is not present in Adi Guru Granth Sahib, revered Scripture among Sikhs. ...
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What is Guru Angad Dev Ji father's name?

He was the son of a small successful trader named Pheru.
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What are the months of the Sikh calendar?

1. Chet has 31 days and according to the Gregorian calendar it comes in the months of March-April 2. Vaisakh has 31 days and according to the Gregorian calendar it comes in the months of April-June 3. Jeth has 31 days and according to the Gregorian calendar it comes in the months of June-July 4. Harh has 31 days and according to the Gregorian calendar it comes in the months of July-August 5. Sawan has 31 days and according to the Gregorian...
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Where does the guru granth sahib go at night?

The Guru Granth Sahibji is a collection of Hymns of the Sikh Guru's (and other Saints). It is seen as a living Guru in effect, so at night time it is put to bed in the same way a living Guru would be. ...
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What is the Sikh Holy Book called?

The holy book for the Sikhs is called the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Guru Granth Sahib, also know as the Adi Granth. The Guru Granth Sahib ji. the khalsa made by the last remaining guru Gobind Singh. The Sikhs holy book is called the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Teachings of the Sikh Gurus and saints of that time. It is called the guru granth sahib. Sikh people bow down to it. it has scripters and teaching from our guru's ( teachers) Siri...
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Why guru Nanak and Kabir are termed as monotheists?

Monotheism: the belief in one God as oppose to polytheism, the belief in more than one higher power. Guru Nanak Dev ji was the founder of Sikhism, a monotheist religion. Bhagat Kabir ji was a Muslim, one who belonged to Islam which is also a monotheist religion. ...
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What does the name Akal Purakh Mean?

I think you mean 'Akaal Moorat' which translated means: Being Beyond Time Akaal translates as 'not subject to time or death' and Moorat translates as form, shape, image. God is a Being beyond time: An Eternal, Indestructible Entity. Time means change. We are aware of time because we are surrounded by change: the sun rises and it is morning, then it is afternoon and then evening; first there is the infant, then the youth, then the old man; a healthy man becomes ill,...
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Is janjua jat Sikh surname?

Yes, Janjua is a Jat Caste and many Janjua are called Jat in Sikh, Muslim of India and Pakistan ...
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What is sewa and the langar?

Sewa (Voluntary Service) Whoever has good destiny inscribed on his forehead, applies himself to Seva - selfless service" (Guru Granth Sahib: Paanaa:1142 Line : 4 ) So it is not only in our acts of service at the Gurudwara, or our involvement in charities, helping the homeless and infirm, housing the earthquake victim, that we perform Seva. We can worship God, and perform Seva in our everday activities. Getting up in the morning, going to work and performing our tasks. Going to college and...
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Is somal jatt Sikh caste?

yup. somal or sumal. they are jatt
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Was guru nanak a good leader?

yes he showed people a good way to live there lives
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Why Sikhism criticize practice in other religions?

If Sikhism says that there are different paths to God, and everyone has the right to practice their own religion, why do Sikhs criticize practices that may be done in other religions? Sikhism accepts that: 1. Holy books are not false: Gurbani tells us: : "Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false." (SGGS p1350) It is accepted that the various religious Holy books are not false but that does...
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Is Panesar a jatt last name?

Not a single chance is Panesar a jatt surname! It is one of the most prominent and prestigious ramgharia or tharkaan surnames around! ...
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How many people follow Sikhism in India?

2% of population (~ 15 million of people).