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Toothpaste is a mildly abrasive paste or gel used to maintain oral health. Used in conjunction with a toothbrush, the paste gently scrubs the teeth, helping to remove bacteria, food, and plaque to prevent cavities and improve breath.

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Where can you buy Colgate Tooth Powder?

The only Colgate Tooth Powder you can still buy is the one made in India. It is very good stuff and has fluoride, is not abrasive etc etc. The only source I know of for online ordering is here: ...
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SWOT Analysis pepsodent?

SWOT or the acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats is done for the analysis of the external environment of a business. The business strength has to tackle with the available opportunities and to overcome the persisting threats in the market. For brands like Pepsodent, the analysis would include pre-view of the competitors like Colgate and many more and looking into what strategy do the competitors follow in making there brand stand out. In relation to this the strategy defining is done...
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Are Colgate toothbrushes made with pig hair?

Not any more. Long ago, in the early days of toothbrush manufacturing, all toothbrushes were made with boar's bristles. Around about the time of WWII and the invention of nylon, this changed. ...
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What are the ingredients in kids crest toothpaste?

It depends on the type of kids toothpaste. There's a bunch of different kinds, but the only active ingredient is sodium fluoride in most of them. ...
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What is the best toothpaste?

Colgate Total Advanced* *number 1 toothpaste reccomended by dentists! cavites gum problems plaque tartar sensitive teeth fresh breath natural whiteness strengthens enamel this is the most advanced toothpaste-- 29 augast 2011 ...
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Why is swallowing toothpaste bad?

because, some toothpaste has chemicals that makes you tummy upset, but if its childern toothpaste its okay if swallowed.. just not alot! :3 ...
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Who manufactures sensodyne?

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What is a name for toothbrush with toothpaste inside?

toothbrush with toothpast inside :)
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Why is toothpaste an alkaline?

Bacteria uses acid to eat away at teeth. Alkali neutralizes acid that dissolves teeth and also serves as a cleansing agent. Thus, teeth stay cleaner and avoid more damage with toothpaste. ...
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Is Colgate's tooth powder still available?

Yes. http://www.emporiumonnet.com/beauty_health/colgate/Colgate-Tooth-Powder.html ...
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What is the chemistry behind toothpaste?

Fluoride is I believe a very tiny molecule that can fill in tiny gaps in your teeth so that bacteria can't lodge there....I think at least?! It's made of pig fat. They also put flouride in it . Flouride makes teeth stronger The pg fat may refer to gelatin, andmany toothpastes use vegetarian gelatin, agar or other substances with the same chemical consitency. ...
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Is Crest Toothpaste Better Than Aquafresh?

in my opinion yes
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How much did William Colgate tithe?

Wlliam Colgate arrived in New York and got a job in a soap factory. The first dollar he earned, he gave 10 percent to God. soon he became a partner. Later he became the owner. the business grew, so he gave a double tithe, 20 percent. Then a triple thithe, a four fold one, half his income--finally he was giving 90 percent. ...
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Does toothpaste contain alcohol?

yes, but not much
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What song in colgate ad 2011?

The song is called "The Thursday Hop" and was commissioned to Elliot Wheeler to compose specifically for the ad. ...
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What is the chemical structure of Colgate toothpaste?

There is none. Toothpaste, all kinds, including Colgate, is a complex mixture of many different chemicals. Look at the list of ingredients marked on the tube for the name of each ingredient. If you'd like to know more about one of those compounds, than come back and ask another question! Different types of chemicals are in toothpaste. ...
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Can toothpaste fight an existing cavity?

If you have a small cavity that has not been filled you can effectively heal it by eating or drinking Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphate and yes tooth paste can but only if you don`t rinse after brushing. ...
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Where is Crest Toothpaste manfactured?

Crest toothpaste is manufactured in Greensboro NC.
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Which toothpaste do most 12-year-olds prefer?

Colgate is one of the best toothpastes a 12 year-old would love to have. (I should know because I am a 12 year-old.) Personally, I would choose CREST or COLGATE toothpaste. ...
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Is brushing your teeth without toothpaste as effective as with toothpaste?

Practically yes, if you discount the beneficial effects of fluoride. Answer Yes, it is basically the same. There are lots of arguments against fluoride, too. Everything I have read so far, by googling, in answering this question for my girlfriend, is that brushing is far more important to do than what you brush with. As well as flossing. There is lots of warnings about getting too much fluoride, and considering that it is toxic like chlorine is, in different forms, no swallowing, and only...
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Who is the girl in the Colgate ad?

aditi sharma
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What toothpaste is best to get rid of plaque?

Colgate. Or crest and Act mouthwash.