Touching Spirit Bear

"Touching Spirit Bear" was written by Ben Mikaelsen, and first published in 2001.

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Touching Spirit Bear

Who plays Gretel in the The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?

Amber Beatie plays Gretel

Brown Bears
Touching Spirit Bear

How are spirit bears defined scientifically?

They are albino Black Bears (They lack pigmentation)

Touching Spirit Bear

What is the soaking pool in touching spirit bear?

It helps you clear your mind and makes you feel refreshed

Touching Spirit Bear

What are chapter summaries for Touching Spirit Bear?

We won't write chapter summaries for you. We will help you learn how to write your own.

Read a chapter at a time and take note of what you think are important parts of the story taking place. When you are finished the chapter, turn your notes into sentences and you will have written your summary.

Touching Spirit Bear

Why was Cole such an angry person in Touching Spirit Bear?

Well He Had parents Who Didn't Care About Him "He Says", His Dad Got Drunk And Beat Him,His dad doesn't even know his own birth date.His Mom doesn't care what goes on with him and his father.He Blames the Word For all his Problems.

Touching Spirit Bear

Setting of touching spirit bear?

I believe it was alaska.

Touching Spirit Bear

What year was Touching Spirit Bear written?


Touching Spirit Bear

What is the whole book touching spirit bear about?

Well the first time the spirit bear was seen in the book was soon after cole got back to shore and the spirit bear was on the shore

Touching Spirit Bear

What is Cole afraid of in Touching Spirit Bear?

He is scared that he could have died when he got mauled and that's what changed him. He wasn't ready to give up his life yet.

Touching Spirit Bear

What chapter does peter get beat up in touching spirit bear?

Chapter one.

Touching Spirit Bear

What is Cole's last name in touching spirit bear?


Touching Spirit Bear

In touching spirit bear why did garvie hesitate before becoming coles sponsor?

he hesitated because he didn't know if it was going to be worth it and if cole was going to be a big JA

Touching Spirit Bear

What was the significance of the feather in the book of touching spirit bear?

The feather is passed around from person to person in the circle justice meetings. The person holding the feather is allowed to speak.

Touching Spirit Bear

Who is William Matthews in touching spirit bear?

William Matthews is Cole Matthew's father in Touching Spirit Bear. Because he was abused and mistreated as a child, Mr. Matthews passed on the violent behavior by beating Cole. This caused many social and internal problems that later affected Cole. Therefore, he is also blamed for Cole's violent behavior.

Touching Spirit Bear

In Touching Spirit Bear what does the stick symbolize?

Edwin kept breaking off the end which represented Cole's anger, and it showed that he can never get rid of his anger, it'll always be there and it's an emotion

Books and Literature
Touching Spirit Bear

What is a book like touching spirit bear?

Gregor the Overlander, Midnight Rider, and Haddix

Touching Spirit Bear

What does Cole accuse his father of him in the circle in Touching Spirit Bear?

Being a drunk and abusive father

Touching Spirit Bear

Who are the rosy in this book touching spirit bear?

Rosy is the nurse in Drake. (actually the only nurse) She takes care of Cole's wounds until the medivac plane arrives to pick him up.

Touching Spirit Bear

What are the characteristics of Cole in Touching Spirit Bear?


Touching Spirit Bear

Why did Cole resent the shelter that Edwin had built and the gear inside it?


Touching Spirit Bear

What is the circle of life from touching spirit bear?

When Cole beat up Peter it was either the Circle or Jail.

And the Circle of life is when things keep growing

Touching Spirit Bear

What are the traits of the touching spirit bear characters?

  1. Garvey-mysterious,wise,old,thoughtless looking, grouchy.
  2. Peter-weak,upset,guilty,scrawny.
  3. Cole-ignorant,rude,defensive,violent,and a smart alec.
  4. Edwin- strong, potbellied, quite, helpful.
  5. Cole`s Parents- divorced, beat cole, drinking problem,
  6. Spirit Bear- pride, dignity, honor.
Touching Spirit Bear

Is there a simile in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole's anger was about to explode like gunpowder.

Touching Spirit Bear

What are All the animals in touching spirit bear?

sparrows, spirit bear, whale, wolf, eagle, beaver, seal, raven, salmon, mouse

Touching Spirit Bear

What are Coles fears in touching spirit bear?

Being alone and powerless


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