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Artists and Painters include those who paint on canvas to ones who work with sculptures throughout the world. This category is all about the men and women who have made their livings or left their mark on the public consciousness throughout time by creating fine pieces of art.

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Artists and Painters

Are there any famous artists from Texas?

The two most famous artists I know of from Texas are Terrence Malick and Jeffrey Dale Starr (although, Malick is technically a director and Starr lived a long time in San Francisco). I think Georgia O'Keeffe may have lived in Texas for a while too.


No, when Georgia O'Keeffe moved south it was to New Mexico.

Well, what about this quote of Georgia O'Keeffe, Texas September 1916:

- Today I walked into the sunset - to mail some letters - … …But some way or other I didn't seem to like the redness much so after I mailed the letters I walked home - and kept walking - The Eastern sky was all grey blue - bunches of clouds - different kinds of clouds - sticking around everywhere and the whole thing - lit up - first in one place - then in another with flashes of lightning - sometimes just sheet lightning - and some times sheet lightning with a sharp bright zigzag flashing across it -. I walked out past the last house - past the last locust tree - and sat on the fence for a long time - looking - just looking at - the lightning - you see there was nothing but sky and flat prairie land - land that seems more like the ocean than anything else I know - There was a wonderful moon. Well I just sat there and had a great time by myself - Not even many night noises - just the wind -… …I wondered what you were doing - It is absurd the way I love this country - Then when I came back - it was funny - roads just shoot across blocks anywhere - all the houses looked alike - and I almost got lost - I had to laugh at myself - I couldn't tell which house was home - I am loving the plains more than ever it seems - and the SKY - Anita you have never seen SKY - it is wonderful.

* artist quotations from a letter to Anita Pollitzer, Canyon Texas, September 11, 1916; as quoted in "The Complete Correspondence of Georgia O'Keeffe & Anita Pollitzer", ed. Clive Giboire, Touchstone Book, Simon & Schuster Inc. New York 1990, p. 145

Artists and Painters

Who is GG Wiederseim?

G.G. Wiederseim: "I Hate a Spanking, But ..." Postcard, 1909 is available online for viewing. G.G. Wiederseim was a famous artist in the early 20th century.

Long ago her little "children's faces" were on the Campbell soup labels and many other products. She made paintings and many of them became posters, post cards, book covers etc. If you use a search engine you can see many of her really cute paintings.

She was married and came to be known as GG Drayton so try both names when you use the search engine. One link is provided for you below.

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Is Peter Weller a college professor?

Yes, at Syracuse University in the History department. PhD. in Italian Renaissance Art History from UCLA. He is a very popular professor and his classes are rated by students as 'difficult' and 'not easy'. His master's degree was in Roman and Renaissance Art from Syracuse and was an instructor (adjunct faculty position) there for several years. He played a professor in a movie once, Prof. B. Banzai in "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension". This cult film has been described as "the nerdiest movie ever made".

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Is there an artist named James H O'Neill?

James H O'Neill is or was an artist and diver in Hawaii, on the island of Maui. He painted Hawaiian Tropical Fish Paintings similar to Christian Lassen and Robert Wyland, at the time. O'Neill claimed most artists painted Hawaii fish paintings using Atlantic fish. In November of 1989, O'Neill said because he was a diver, every fish he painted, was a fish he personally saw while diving in the Hawaiian Islands. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, you could find postcards of his paintings in tourist shops.

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What is chiaroscuro and how do artist use it?

Chiaroscuro is the use of value contrasts to produce modeling. Artists use it by making the lightest parts of a subject very light, and the shadows very dark. Often an artist will make a value scale to help them determine what values will seem most realistic.

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How does an art medium transmit feelings?

Art mediums transmit feelings in a psychological or say mental way. Its the magic of color and humanity including our sense of sight and touch. Different mediums share principles of art and we can feel different mediums through different ways such as sight, touch which are the most common. These mediums have color for the sense of sight in order to convey or transmit the feelings what we call art appreciation, Texture is meant majorly touch but can also be felt with the sixth sense known as telepathy with the help of sight making the feelings more intense.

For example if a medium is Blue in color its brings a feeling of coldness and red bringing a feeling of warmth or say hot. with the right colors in the right place art mediums bring for the desired feelings by the artist towards his audience. In that way we can say Art mediums transmit feelings through our senses majorly through sight and touch which from these the medium is interpreted in an individual manner there after creating different emotions from there own make up of the medium they are exposed to. Meaning everyone interprets a medium in a different way hence different feelings transmitted.

Addition by Evelien: Goethe's color theory can make this kind of color effects comprehensible. There really is an objective side to the effects of color, form, proportions, scales etc. This is mathematics, but in a living way. like a snail growing a shell in a perfect spiral, without having to calculate it. The snail has no awareness, but the artist does in some degree.

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Who is the artist H Volkmann?

Herbert Volkmann on artnetYou are most likely referring to Hans Richard von Volkmann, often referred to as simply Hans Volkmann or Hans von Volkmann. He was a German painter and illustrator born in Halle, germany in 1860 (d. 1927). He was noted for his landscapes, which were primarily of undramatic, pastoral secnes of fields and villages. He was also an illustrator of children's books. You can see a selection of his work on Wikimedia Commons by searching for "Hans von Volkman".
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Why has Claire Coles produced her artwork in the way she has?

You may have the best info by contacting her via her website.

Click link below!


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Artists and Painters

What is Willem de Kooning's nationality?

Born Dutch, now American.

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What did Giorgio Morandi paint?

Giorgio Morandi painted still life and natural forms.

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Why did the group of 7 paint landscapes?

The group of seven painted landscapes to show the rest of the world what they saw Canada as. It was their mission to create a new Canadian identity by painting Canada's beautiful landscapes.

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Who were Georges Braque's parents?

His father was a house painter.

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Was Helga Andrew Wyeth's mistress?

She was a model he used often. Many people speculate on the relationship between the two but she was just a friend of the family.

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Are prints available for the Jeffrey Dale Starr painting 'Ginza'?

I'm not sure where you can find that print. You might want to check his website, which is listed below in the related link. There is a version of Ginza on that very page.

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Who is the artist Octavio Ocampo?

Artist Octavio Ocampo was born in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico on February 28, 1943. He was educated at the Fine Art Institute, Mexico City and the San Francisco Art Institute, graduating in 1974. He has been exhibiting since 1972.

His work is in major collections in Mexico, the National Palace and the collections of the last three presidents. In Europe that great collector, the late Florence Gould, had a landscape of the New York skyline from her apartment, at her house at Cap D'Antibes; H.M. The King of Spain is also a great admirer. Ocampo is the master of his métier and unique among today's painters.

The talents of Octavio Ocampo were not limited to painting and sculpture but also extended to acting and dancing. While at the Art Institute of San Francisco, he studied all these disciplines and pursued both a film and theater career. In 1976 he began to devote himself solely to painting and sculpture.

Celebrity portraits for which Ocampo has been commissioned in the United States include President Jimmy Carter (commissioned by President Lopez Portillo and was presented as a gift from the United Mexican States), Jane Fonda, Cher (for the front and back covers of her latest album), and Cesar Chavez.

Ocampo now works and resides in Tepoztlan, north of Mexico City, it is considered to be one of the most magical places on earth.

He works primarily in the metamorphic style - using a technique of superimposing and juxtaposing realistic and figurative details within the images that he creates.

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Full names and surnames of three famous French Painters?

Here are some famous painters from France:

  • Marie-Rosalie or Rosa Bonheur, whose well-known art painting, The Horse Fair, is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art;
  • Jean Desire Gustave Courbet. Two famous paintings of his are Burial at Ornans and The Painter's Studio, both of which are in the Louvre;
  • Henri Rousseau, who painted The Snake Charmer, also at the Louvre; and for good measure,
  • Eugene Delacroix, the famous painter whose works include Dante and Virgil, and Death of Sardanapalus.
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Where did Victor Vasarely live?

In Aix-en-Provence, France.

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How do artists use preliminary sketches?

Preliminary sketches are used by artists for many reasons. Often they are used to work out problems with composition. They are also used as practice. The sketches can also be ideas quickly sketched out before forgotten.

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How is drafting used today?

Drafting is still used to design everything from Apple crate's to Zippo lighter's. It is much easier for non artist types to get into Architecture now with the new programs for computers one example being Auto-Cad.

If you meant the Draft (military service)

It is used in many countries to ready the people for battle. It's most commonly used in Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is not used at this time in the United States but it can be brought back at any time, as soon by the fact that all persons in the United States that reach the age of 18 yrs old MUST sign the draft card and send it in to the U.S. government.

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Is the artist Richard Hamilton still alive?

Richard Hamilton was born in 1922 and is still alive

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When did Romare Bearden paint Sheba?

In 1970. Is it not named SheBa?

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What are Keith Haring's intentions?

Keith haring made bold colorful art.

some of it he made into murals on city buildings, so you could say that one of his intentions was to improve our environment and make it a more beautiful place.

A lot of his work focuses on people simplified down to just the joy of companionship and harmony in being with others, so you could say that he was trying to bring people together through his art.

Other works of his he made, i believe, to spread awareness about aids, and try to find a cure. such as one piece with the inscription: Ignorance = fear, Silence = Death, Fight aids Act up"

Artists and Painters

What artists used brush and ink?

Those have been used for drawing by many European artists, but most famously by Chinese artists.

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What was the name of the artist who had a passion for drawing and observed the human figure to create line form and movement in his drawings?

This could be said of many great artists.

For instance about Henri Matisse.

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What were Pieter Bruegel's contributions?

He made contemporary peasants' lives interesting art.


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