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Harry Potter

How do you draw Ron Weasley?

You draw a big circle, then scribble some hair on top with a red crayon. Then draw two little circles where the eyes should be (blue crayon). Then make a little U in the place where a nose should be. Then draw a _ where the mouth should be. Then polka dot his face with brown crayon (freckles). Then make a little stick body below holding a broomstick and a empty money bag. Then draw some eyebrows on his face (maybe pointing down in a mad expression) and add a wand. Then draw two ears and colour them in red because his ears turned red when he was embarrassed or angry.

Arts and Crafts

How do you fade colors with a colored pencil?

To achieve a fade, start by practicing on a blank piece of paper, you will need to master the technique first, as it is the only way to gauge how much distance the colour will travel. Better to become familiar with a technique elsewhere than risk ruining a piece you have been working on.

To fade a single colour out to white - start with an intense application of your colour (at the center of your page) and as you more away from the center apply less and less pressure on your pencil until you are just barely touching the surface of the ground (paper).

Using a stump of other blending tool, draw out from the center (or most intense colour) toward the blank ground. You will be drawing the stump past the edge of the area you have coloured. Continue doing this over the entire area until the colour is no longer transferred from the stump to the ground. This should result in a good fade from colour to white.

To fade one colour into another, once again practice on a blank piece of paper (in a horizontal or landscape orientation). Place a circle of one colour on the left and one on the right.

If you are fading two primary colours together start very small. Following the instructions above work outward, decreasing the pressure on your pencil as you go. You will want to bring each colour past the center line, in such a manner as to have the two primary colours overlapping in the middle of the page.

When you start using your blending tool remember to use a different one for each colour as you do not want to "muddy" one with the other. Continue pulling colour toward the center of the page and then using a third blending tool, merge the two colours.


A drawing of earth on a flat surface is called what?


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Painting and Watercolors

How fast does watercolor dry?

Watercolour has a short drying time. It only takes minutes for the paint to dry. The time it takes for the water to dry is how long it will take for the paint to dry.


How do you draw a toaster?

You can try using a grid, take a picture of the toaster, Draw lines across the paper perfectly, put those lines on a bigger piece of paper(enlarging the lines) and draw square by square.

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Art Media

What is the definition of implied space?

A painting or drawing is on a flat surface. No real space.

Yet an artist can make us perceive space = implied spce.


How do you draw a backpack?

I would think of it as a soft box. Lightly, sketch a rough box shape, add some pockets and straps. Then, go over your lines continually refining to get the feel you want, that backpack feel.

Microsoft Word

What is the function of drawing toolbar?

It provides various tools to enable you to draw and format things like shapes, text boxes and pictures.


All colors combined make?

If you are combining colored light (additive color), then all colors combined create the color white.

If you are combining paints, dyes, crayons, or the like (subtractive color), then all colors combined ideally create the color black. In reality, the color created will be very dark but -- because the colors used have a hue associated with them -- will not truly match a pure, achromatic black.


Anime vs manga vs chibi?

Anime is the animation, manga is the comics, and chibi is the over-exaggerated, super cute version.


What is planometric drawing?

Planometric is yet another drawing system which gives a 3D view. It is also known as AXONOMETRIC or PLAN OBLIQUE as it is very similar to OBLIQUEdrawing in that lines are either vertical or at 45°.

The difference is that instead of the front view being a true view as in OBLIQUE; the PLAN view is the true view in PLANOMETRIC.

However the plan view is drawn at 45° and the front and side views are projected upwards from the plan. The drawing opposite shows the set up.

The red face, the top of the box, is identical to the plan and it is drawn exactly to size. It is basically a square which has been rotated through 45°.

Planometric is very popular with architects when a plan is often the most important view.

It does not however take any account of PERSPECTIVE and in this way suffers in the same way as OBLIQUE and ISOMETRIC.


What is jagged line?

A jagged line is a line that makes sharp triangle shapes, like Domo's teeth, for example.

Word Games

Five letter words that start with i?



What is accented outline drawing?

Accented outline drawing is when you apply extra pressure to the pencil whenever a line in the drawing crosses, intersects, or changes direction.

DIY Projects

How can you create volume in a drawing?

Consider the scene's lighting, and use shading to add volume to your objects. Make the part of the objects that are closest to the light white, and gradually move through gray to black as you get closer to the "shadows" of the objects. Create cast shadows behind.


I believe you mean depth. Depending on whether you are using color or if it is black and white will determine your objective.

In a black and white drawing, the objects further away will need less detail and you should use a harder lead such as 6h to 9h. Not much pressure should be applied to allow variances in shading. Stippling or light dotting can be used for a fog scene. Use softer leads, 2b to 9b, for darker tones. Work your darker tones in last so that you do not smear residue over the other areas.

With color you will need to lighten them as you have objects further off in the background for a landscape scene. You will also lighten your colors as they come closer to the source of light in your picture. Try to use black as little as possible because many things aren't really black. For a night sky it is better to use a darker blue. The gray in clouds is really a purple, but you have to learn to mix colors to find the right shade.

- H. Sink


What makes the color pink pop?

Well try using contrast colors (opposite of the color wheel) like yellow or green.

or try complementary colors like reds and purples.

seeing pink is normally very vibrant try not to use too much of it, or you'll loose the pop. having it layered with darker colors like darker reds and purples (NOT violet) will help.


How do you create depth in drawing?

The two best ways to create depth in a drawing are perspective and shading. Perspective simply involves drawing an object as it would appear to you. For example, something further away would appear smaller than something right in front of you. Shading involves darkening the area in which shadow would normally fall. For a more realistic picture, focus on a light source so all areas exposed to the source would be lighter than those shadowed from it.

Painting and Watercolors

When did Jon Burgerman start doing his art?

Jon Burgerman started exhibiting internationally in 2001, but he probably started doing his art as a child.

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When did the pop art take place?



What is the purpose of smartdraw drawing tool?

SmartDraw is a tool used to help you create visuals for reports, presentations, business functions, and any other reason you may need visuals. Whether it's a flowchart to explain a business process, a Gantt chart to show a project schedule, an organizational chart, or a map to the emergency exit.

SmartDraw is unique in three key ways:

  1. It's automated. SmartDraw is the only software that makes it possible for anyone to create presentation-quality visuals in minutes. Instead of forcing you to draw visuals manually, it draws for you, ensuring a professional result every time.
  2. It's comprehensive. SmartDraw is the only software that allows you to create every kind of visual-more than 70 different types-including flowcharts, timelines, org charts, mind maps, floor plans, marketing charts and more.
  3. It's integrated. SmartDraw works seamlessly with Microsoft Office®. One click is all it takes to transfer your visual to Word or PowerPoint. Easily chart data from Excel. Exchange project management data with Project users. Even build an entire PowerPoint presentation with a single click.
Earth Sciences
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What is the flat drawing of earth called?


Artists and Painters

What was the name of the artist who had a passion for drawing and observed the human figure to create line form and movement in his drawings?

This could be said of many great artists.

For instance about Henri Matisse.


Where did the surrealist movement take place?

Surrealism started in Paris around 1920 and is still alive today.


What are good ideas to use in an anime drawing?



What does mean ifc drawing?

Issued for construction drawings.


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