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Arts and Crafts shows are where buying and selling of arts and crafts and/or handicrafts takes place. Questions cover topics such as starting a crafting business, participating in craft shows, and how to manage and grow, including selling at trade shows or craft shops.

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Arts and Crafts Shows
Artists and Painters

Who is A Furtts is he a painter?

He must be cause I have an old painting that has the signature A Furtts on it.

Arts and Crafts Shows
Wood Crafts
Canoes and Kayaks

Made of birch bark and sewn with bone awls?


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Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts Shows

Where can an artist go to find information about arts and crafts shows?

Call your local Chamber of Commerce and find out if they have information of any art guilds in your area. There may be other types of art organizations that may not be classified as a guild who can provide such information. Libraries, colleges and universities usually are updated with current information of these shows as well.

ZAPP is an online registration of one's self for the art community in the US. From there one can apply with an application fee to pay to any show registered through ZAPP within the United States. This however does not guarantee you a spot in these shows as most shows jury your work and decide if they want you in their show.

One of the best resources is your local newspaper if you have one.

Arts and Crafts Shows

What is Glass Paper and what is it used for?

this website is pathetic i came on here for answers and we have to answer them!

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald
Arts and Crafts Shows

How do you win an art contest?

Simple, you just make a good art project. Use high detail and ask help of a skilled artist. Make sure you include several different types of materials. Considder Good name brands in pastles, colored pencils, paints and paint brushes.

I recoment:

KOH-I-NOOR woodless colored pecils

They work great and leave no mess. Fine detail defonision and great turn out.

Arts and Crafts Shows

How do you turn orange paint white?

You don't. You can paint over it with an opaque white, but there's probably no way to make the orange paint white.

Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts Shows

Can you sell food at art and craft shows?

Selling food at an arts and craft show is very risky, unless you are a professional with the proper licenses. Some show rules do not permit food at all, and the ones that do have very strict rules to make sure you comply with the laws of your area. This includes pre-packaged foods, as well as food prepared on site. There may be some lee-way with the very small fund raisers, such as a teen club bake sale, but even that is getting harder to organize, since people are more aware of the risks.

Arts and Crafts Shows

How do you put decals on an model airplane?

There are many different kinds of decals available from the hobby store. Some are the kind you immerse in water, and slide off the sheets onto the model. Other are a stick on kind with adhesive under a peel off backing. Still others are the kind you need to glue on. To find the kind that would work best for you, talk to the owner of your hobby store.

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What are different art pencils for Hb 2b 3b 4b 5b 6b f h 2h 3h 4h?

Pencils are all marked on a European system called the degree scale where H is hardest and B is blackest.
Pencils can be marked as;
9H, 8H, 7H, 6H, 5H, 4H,3H,2H, H F,HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B ,5B ,6B ,7B ,8B ,9B

H pencils have a higher concentrate of clay than graphite, whereas the B pencils have a much lower percentage of clay.
The B pencils make soft, dark marks, whereas the H pencils have a much harder, lighter mark.

The F pencil stands for fine point, which is slightly harder than the HB making it a good writingpencil.

History of Europe
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Planet Venus

What was the function of the Venus of Willendorf?

The consensus among anthropologists is that she is a cult figure, probably representing fertility. Others suggest that she was the equivalent of today's skin mag or porn site. See for a more complete discussion.

Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts Shows
General Educational Development (GED)

What supplies are needed to exhibit at art and craft events?

Setting Up at Craft ShowsDepends on your crafts. You want to make sure you give yourself ample room to show your wares. Avoid giving them only one level to look at, such as just two tables. Have a couple book cases or something behind you with wares on them. Gives you more of a panorama look and they will tend to look more closely. Just tables they will scan and walk on by, give them more to look at and you will improve your odds of them stopping, then you can give your sales pitch or answer questions. Make sure to skirt your tables, it is a more pleasing look. Decorate a bit so it doesn't look so blah. Try to show your wares in a theme. For instance, if you sell bird houses, have them hanging from small trees, even if the tree's are plastic, just gives off that homey feeling. answerSpaces vary, we have found that "most" are 10 by 10 indoors and somewhat larger out doors. Ease of load in load out is very important. Watch people carry heavy wooden cases, tubs etc. and you'll get the idea. Go to some shows and look at the displays. Some of the juried shows will not let you in with only tables. They want to see photos or slides of your display. Our display is built with PVC as a frame with foam core panels covered with cloth. Each piece is on casters so we are able to roll in. The display is is 8 peices and can be adjusted up to accomodate a corner spot. In the intrest of full disclosure, my wife designed and built it answer

Most of the craft shows I attend are outside, and therefore, my most cherished purchase was an easy to put up sun shade. I started out with one that had to be assembled, and it took me forever to set up.

The next most important thing is the wonderful plastic storage cartons you can now purchase. I use a standard moving cart to transport them. I usually pile the supply cartons up and place a table top across them. I stabilize them with bungee cords.

However, my merchandise is displayed by hanging strips of fabric from the bars of the sun shade, and attaching my work on the strips. The only thing I use the table for is my order catalogs.

Don't forget that most shows require the proper forms and paperwork, such as a seller's license, and tax re-sale number. Be sure to find out what all the rules are, since each show is different.

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Arts and Crafts Shows

Where are some good arts and crafts shows in Kentucky?

The only thing I have found so far is a list compiled by Gege Reed in the Courier-Journal, July 1, and they were only October festivals. I was thinking about starting one in Crofton, KY but I didn't want to take a weekend that was already taken (at least in the same vacinity).

  • Some good art and craft shows in and around Louisville are the Saint James Court Art Show held the first full weekend of October, the Slugger Field Art and Craft Show (I'm not sure when it is held or if that is the exact title), and several high school craft shows that I have been told produce good sales in the fall.

You could also contact Kentucky Crafted. They have a show of 300 exhibitors in March and also are connected with a state-wide program to help artists and crafters market their products.

Across the river from Louisville, New Albany has a big event called Harvest Homecoming in October. It's not just Arts and Crafts, but it draws a major crowd. There are also some other events around the New Albany vicinity that are not major events.

You can find other events by doing google searches for "art and craft events," "art and craft shows," or typing in the names of cities and towns, Kentucky. The home pages of specific towns usually have a tab for their festivals and events.

Crafts for Children
Arts and Crafts Shows
Waste and Recycling

How can you make sledge or carriage using waste material?

You could use a plastic recycling bin lid. Its what i used i am 10 years old.

Painting and Staining
Arts and Crafts Shows
Rain and Flooding

How do you make a solid paint marker?

this space is for answering "how do you make a solid paint marker?"

Arts and Crafts Shows
Example Sentences

What is embellishment?

Embellishment is to make a item or a product better than what it is already. It can be used in many things like; music, poetry, art, textiles e.c.t.

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Wood Crafts
Wood Carving

What is carving?

Carving is simply changing the shape of a material usually using tools.

Wood and stone are the most popular materials used but anything solid can be carved. tools can range from basic knives and chisels to diamond tipped power cutters and chainsaws. Carving can be done in relief i.e. forms are carved into the surface of a material, or sculpted in the round.

Carving differs from other forms of sculpture in that it is subtractive; shapes and patterns are created by removing pieces of the material you are working with. Carvings can range from the tiny and intricate such as Japanese netsuke, to the enormous such as Mt Rushmore. Carving is a very ancient art form and many cultures have very old carving traditions.

Arts and Crafts Shows

What is Flameless Candles?

They are little wax candles with a LED light that flickers and looks like a flame.

Crafts for Children
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Wood Crafts

How do you make a corn dolly?

Corn Dolly!

Well, I can make a yarn dolly. They should be pretty similar. First, you take a long stalk of corn, and wind it around a piece of cardboard an inch in width as many times as it will allow. Remove the cardboard. Next, tie another piece of straw in the place you want the neck to be and one about a centimeter from the top of the head. Cut the fold of straw at the top and bottom of the dolly. Take 3 strands of straw below the neck. Make a tight braid for each. It should now look like a doll with a head, two arms, and a ghost-like body. Tie a piece of straw where you want the legs to begin. Braid all remaining straw into two legs below the new tie. Tada! You should now have a straw dolly!

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Ancient Egypt

How do you make a diorama of Ancient Egypt?

Making an ancient Egyptian diorama can be a lot of fun and all you need is a little bit of creativity. Here are some suggestions I have to making this kind of diorama.

The first, and most important thing, is the sand. You will need a few handfuls of clean sand to make this diorama. I recommend you don't use beach sand because it has a lot of impurities. You can purchase clean sand from hobby shops or home improvement stores.

Step1: Find yourself a solid base for your diorama. A piece of wood approximately 1 foot long and six inches wide would be appropriate. Now cover the board with a thin coat of elmers or white glue then quickly sprinkle the sand on it. You have to get the sand on the glue before it hardens so work fast. This makes your Egyptian style sand base.

Step 2: Cut four triangles of cardboard - cereal box cardboard works well for this. Then tape the four pieces together so they form a pyramid. Cut and recut the four triangles until they give a pleasing pyramid shape.

Step3: Now add sand to your newly made pyramid by following the same process you did in step 1; cover the pyramid with glue and sprinkle sand onto it.

Now glue the pyramid down onto your wooden base and you have an Egyptian scene.

Step 5: add some extra things. Do you have any small plastic animals like camels or figures? Go through your collection of small toys. Do you have any palm trees? Add anything to your diorama that you think is appropriate.

Adding a backgroundAdding a background can really enhance your diorama. Draw an Egyptian scene with a bright sun, some pyramids or maybe a sphinx on it then attach it to the back of the diorama so it stands up like a back drop.

What I suggest is this:

Use some blue paint to draw the Nile in the middle of a piece of brown strawboard. Then, you can use spray glue to spray the other parts of the strawboard. Use some real black dirt(notice the black) and some real grass to decorate a half of the river. Use sand to decorate another half. You can make some houses out of cardboard to decorate the "dirty" side and you can also use pyramids to decorate the other side. Anyways, just use you imagination! Do what YOU think is right and I'm sure the diorama will turn out to be excellent.

PS. If your teacher is very picky, be sure to paint the pyramids, houses...etc.

Arts and Crafts Shows

What colors make fuschia?

Red and purple.

Arts and Crafts Shows
Painting and Watercolors

What does aim mean in science fair?

What the purpose of your project is, what you are going to answer when you are done. Usually a question if its a science and not technology project.

Crafts for Children
Arts and Crafts Shows
Ceramics and Pottery

Is acrylic paint waterproof?

Its water resistant, it can becomes more resistant with a good Spar Varnish coat(s) over it.

It is waterproof when it is totally dry

Arts and Crafts Shows
Painting and Watercolors

What colors make mustard?

Yellow & brown.

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Arts and Crafts Shows

Define subordination in art terms?

Subordination in art terms is minimizing or toning down other compositional elements in order to bring attention to the focal point.

Arts and Crafts Shows

How much does handmade hemp jewelry sell for?

I make hemp jewelry that I sell mostly to surf/skate shops for $5.50 each wholesale.
Check it out! Definitely original.


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