Lapidary Crafting and Jewelry Making

Creating jewelry, including the cutting and polishing of gemstones as well as mosaics, casting, and carving

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Who makes fake Chanel jewelry?

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Counterfeit Chanel jewelry is often produced by counterfeit manufacturers and unauthorized replica producers. These entities are intended to imitate the design and aesthetic of Chanel original jewelry but do not adhere to the brand's quality, standards or authenticity. It is important to note that purchasing counterfeit or counterfeit jewelry is illegal and supports illegal activity. To ensure that you are purchasing authentic Chanel jewelry, it is recommended to purchase from an authorized Chanel boutique or a reputable retailer and avoid purchasing products from unverified sources. If you're on a budget, {WeeReplica} is a great place to start.

What is a jewelers eyepiece called?

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A loupe is a small magnifying lens that could be described as a jeweler's eyepiece.

How do you melt down gold jewelry?

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Remove any stones, put the jewelry into a crucible, and the crucible into a furnace, heat until melted, pour into molds. A blowtorch would do the job as well, ideally oxy-acetylene.

How do you punch a hole in a coin?

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You could use a hardened steel punch and a hammer; or a drill, or a rotary diamond tool like a Foredom Tool.

What is 375 gold ring means?

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The G stands for gold. It is usually accompanied by another letter to specify whether it is gold filled or gold plated etc. The 375 means 9 carat gold. 1985 could very well be the year.

Were diamonds ever mounted in a copper setting?

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The term 'were' purports to look back into the history of diamonds as adornment, which history reaches back about 6,000 years.

Copper is a relatively soft metal and would not be secure for a diamond -- for long. There may have been diamonds that were set in copper.

Today, a buyer can commission that a diamond be set in rose gold, which is gold mixed with copper, to give the setting somewhat the copper colour, while securing the gem in a stronger metal.

Why would a Diamond ring have nothing stamped on band?

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Because it's not a diamond and not set in gold or silver or platinum.

What is the meaning behind the word lapidary?

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Lapidary is the art of cutting precious and semi-precious gems. There are schools that tech this craft in certain parts of the world, typically near mines where the gems are mined.

How do you make silly bandz at home?

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What you Need

- 1 tube of silicone sealant (found at hardware stores)

- 1 oral syringe

- 1-2 drops of food colouring

- 1 square of waxed paper

- 1 sticky note

- 1 tooth pick

- 1 pencil

- 1 piece of tape

How to Make it

1. Draw the desired design on the stcky note

2. Take the waxed paper and put it on the sticky makeing the design face up

3. Take the food colouring and put some in the oral syringe

4. Then fill the syringe 1/3 with silicone

5. Take the syringe and trace the design care fully

6. Leave the band to dry for about 3 hours

7. Peel off and enjoy

Okay, here is an other workable method:

Some things you will need:

1. Some very thin PVC water pipe about 2" diameter, the thinner the better and about a foot long

2. An adult helper

3. A rubber squeegee, preferrably an inexpensive one.

4. Mineral oil

5. A tube of 100% silicone caulk

6. Your favorite color dyes

7. A utility knife

8. A kitchen stove and a pot of water that will hold the section of pipe

1. Boil the water on the stove and place the PVC pipe into it, wearing gloves, until the pipe begins to soften. When it does, squish it into the funnest shape you can come up with, so that the profile is the same the whole length of the pipe. A heart shape will probably be the easiest. Re-boil as necessary. Now, let it cool.

2. Rub mineral oil all over the outside of the pipe, in the thinnest coating possible. Repeatedly rub dry rags over it to remove as much as possible.

3. Using the utility knife, and a metal straight-edge as a guide, cut a notch out of the squeegee as even as you possibly can, about one sixteenth of an inch wide, running the length of the face of the squeegee, and stopping about an inch from each edge. You want a very thin, long notch that is not wider than the PVC pipe is long! Use die to make it colourful

Tie Die Bandz

1 Cut open the tube of silicone, and squeeze it all out into a disposable colors if you like to achieve a cool "tie-dye" look that is not available in store bought


2. Put on rubber gloves! Put down newspaper! Get ventilation! Now mix the dye into the silicone with your hands, and smear it onto the pipe. Use the notched squeegee to even the layer out into a thick sleeve going around the


3. Let it cure. It will smell funny, but that is mostly just acetic acid (vinegar).

4. Once it is cured, use the utility knife to cut the bandz off of the sleeve wrapped around the pipe. Try for evenness, unless you want them wavy.

Slide them off the end of the pipe once you cut them, and set them aside.

9. Now smugly show them to your friends and tell them that you made them!

How to Make Scented Bandz

Make the band

Add essence/perfume/scent to the silicone

Done now show it off to your friends

Is it real gold if it is stamped 14k Italy?

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14K means 14 karats

Karats is the measure of purity for gold; 1 karat is about 1/24 purity by mass.

Therefore 14 karats is about 58% gold, the remainder probably being silver.

They use silver as a filler because pure gold is too soft to make good jewelry on it's own.

To get to the direct question, just because it has 14k Italy on it doesn't mean it's real. The stamps can be forged, if your not sure if it's real, take it in to your local jewlery store. Most jewlery stores will test it for you for free and then you'll know for sure. I must say this also, people if you are going to sell your jewlery, stop taking it to pawn shops. If you do just want a loan and then get it back, by all means take it to a pawn shop. But if you are going to sell it and never see it again, sell it to a jewlery store, it's been my practice for years. I've gotten more money selling the jewlery to a jewlery store then I ever did from a pawn shop. Case in point, the very first ring I ever sold, I took it to a couple of pawn shops. The most they would give me was $50.00. I knew it was worth more than that, I didn't even have to shop around. The first jewlery store I walked into paid me $174.00 for the ring. Not that pawn shops are bad, because their not, you can get some really good deals there, just not for selling jewelry.

How do jewelers cut and polish diamonds to make diamonds sparkle and dazzle with a brilliant light?

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There are 4 types of techniques to cut and polish diamonds: cleaving - when a rough diamond is cut down to a manageable size, after which the cutter cleaves along the diamond's tetrahedral plane. A wax or cement mold holds the diamond in place while the cutter carves a sharp groove along the plane. Sawing: where there is no plane of weakness, diamonds have to be cut in a way that cannot be done with cleaving. During the sawing step, the cutter decides which parts of the diamond will become the table and the girdle. Then, he proceeds to cutting. Bruiting: this is the technique that gives diamonds their shape. When diamonds are cut by hand, the technique is called bruiting. Here the cutter relies on the hardness of a diamond as his tool. A small stick like instrument that is filled with cement at the tip is used a hold a diamond. The diamond is inserted in cement with just one corner exposed. Using one of these sticks in each hand, the cutter rubs the exposed diamond parts together to bruit them. Polishing - to create the diamond's finished look, the cutter places it onto the arm above a rotating polishing wheel. The wheel is coated with an abrasive diamond powder that smoothes the diamond as it is pressed against the wheel.

Who cuts Herkimer Diamonds?

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The same way any stone is cut, Herkimer diamonds are not diamonds, its a type of quartz.

Are t here stamping marks on all real jewelry?

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Not always the jewelry is stamped, however, no stamp doesnt mean it is not genuine.

What do jewelry designer's do?

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They are the architect of jewelry. They can make a drawing of what the piece of jewelry will look like it will show different views and angles so the customer can see what the finished piece will look like. Now you can do this on computer using CAD design systems and even some websites have the software for you to build your own ring.

What does 18 ksp mean in jewelry?

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I suppose that you think to 18 kgp: the meaning is a metal "plated with 18 karat (75 %) gold".

What metals are used to make jewelry?

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The answer to this question is gold. Gold is one of most expensive metals in the world. This answer was answered by tom hills of falmouth... waii

What is the most popular jewelry for teenage boys?

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That is a personal preference thing; some guys like necklaces on girls, some guys don't, some don't even care! It depends on who the guy is.

It's a fair bet that well over half the guys who say to a girl "that necklace looks good on you" really don't care about the necklace itself. They're most likely looking at what's behind it.

Which is the best wood for jewelry?

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If you're speakign of the ear plugs (gauged earrings), then most types of non-pressure treated woods will do fine. Preassure treated wood (the most common pine woods at lumber stores) are treated to resis rot and bugs with arsenic. Arsenic is a poison and shouldn't be trusted so close to your skin.

Non- treated woods are fine. Domestic and exotic, soft and hard woods should be safe for use. Some things to take note of:

  • Anyone can have allergies to anything, including woods. Test a small area or talk to your doctor about potential issues.
  • Some exotic woods have urushiol- the irritant in poison ivy/oak/sumac. Talk to suppliers befor using these woods.
  • If you are making your own, use only dried woods- those right off the tree will shrink or crack as the moisture escapes over time. Most woods purchased in stores are already prepared and good to use.

If you are not wearing them in constant contact with your skin, there should be little worry about the pressure treated woods.

What stone is a pink orange color?

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I'd suggest that the morganite variety of beryl is the most common pinkish-orange gemstone.

How much do bead loomed bracelets cost?

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Beads cost different prices depending on what beads you buy and where you buy them. You can spend $200 on one 14K gold bead or you can get a 1/2 mass (600) of beads for a few dollars. It all depends on what you want to make and what budget you set for yourself.

What jewelry designer uses a script letter B inside a heart?

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I believe it is Brighton.

What is pave jewelry?

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Technoghraph Pave Watch is a timepiece that combines the highest technologies (that give plenty of opportunities) and great design (special due to diamond "mosaic").

There is an automatic mechanism Valjoux caliber 7750. A metallic case made of stainless steel is 44 mm in diameter.