Ceramics and Pottery

Questions concerning the crafting of handmade clay objects are found in this section. The use of paint, clay, kilns, and other dimensions of this fascinating branch of artistry are discussed in this category.

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Ceramics and Pottery

How do you make a clay pot without a wheel?

Just Follow The Other Instruction But Make It With Water. Its A Little Harder But It Works That's How I Make Them And They Look Great!!

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Ceramics and Pottery

Who owns Pottery barn?

Williams-Sonoma Corporation

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Is any portmeirion pottery made in China?

It appears that some giftware I have seen (small dishes etc) is made in China. Of the Portemeirion dinnerware I have bought recently, all are marked made in Britain.

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How do you bake clay without a kiln?

If you can bake clay, you have a type of kiln.

I have matured many pots using a pit firing process in my back yard. This is a primitive way of firing and you are risking a visit from the fire department. I dug out and used a 2' deep hole that was 10' wide, stacked the pots carefully and covered them with sticks and small logs and burned the fire for about 8 hours, until the pots were covered with red hot coals. This took the amount of wood that would fill a single garage. It took me several weeks to accumulate the wood from my 4 acres so this is not an easy project. Also much supervision is needed not to set the neighborhood on fire.

Ceramics and Pottery
Rocks and Minerals

What do you call the tendency of a mineral to break along curved or irregular lines?

A mineral that breaks into relatively straight lines and faces is said to possess cleavage, if it breaks into irregular or curved surfaces, the term is fracture, eg the conchoidal fracture of quartz or obsidian.
When minerals break unevenly, there is FRACTURE.
Fracture..... the one with the smooth tendency is called cleavage
this is called fracture when a mineral breaks into jagged pieces and it is called cleavage when it breaks smoothly

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What do you need to make pottery?



To be more specific, usually you use clay, water, modeling tools from wood and/or rubber, rollers to make slabs, fabric to cover the slabs, a working board on a table, sometimes slip[mud from clay and water] to bind sections.. When you have made something to keep you allow it to dry to very dry and arrange to have it fired in a kiln to the right temperature. Then it is often covered with a glaze and refired. You can usually make many things with what's on hand in most homes.

A person does not need talent to enjoy the process.

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Ceramics and Pottery

How do you remove latex paint from ceramic tile and grout without damaging the tile?

Latex paint from tileI just finished painting my own bathroom. Just use a putty knife on a slight tilt and carefully push on the paint spots (don't rush this job), then wipe clean. As for the latex paint on the grout, be sure you have waited a couple of weeks, wet it down, and then use "Scotch Brite" pads to gently go over the grout. Do not push on the pad too much. Latex, as you know, can be taken off with water. I use warm, soapy water to do this.

More advice from Wiki s Contributors:

  • Keeping it wet and warm is a big plus, especially if it is fairly recent. Try to use a scraper that is plastic if possible. Sometimes an abrasive handcleaner and a stiff plastic bristle brush will do the trick.
  • This site has professional tile guys that have helped me in other areas: http://www.johnbridge.com

There are products on the market that were originally created to specifically meet this type of need.Today they are used for a wide variety of cleaning and removing purposes however they still do a great job for removing dried dripped or spilled latex paint from finished,painted or glazed surfaces.The two most well-known brands are "Oops" and "Goof-Off".These products are sold at most hardware or home improvement stores and are also sometimes found in the cleaning aisles of grocery stores and department stores.

If your spills are on vinyl flooring,carpet or other similar surfaces be sure to read the label carefully as these products can sometimes damage those types of materials.If you feel you have questions shop for these products at businesses that offer knowledgeable saleshelp to assist you.

Ceramics and Pottery

What is the name of a thin liquid clay that's used in ceramics?


Ceramics and Pottery

What is unbaked clay?

Unbaked Clay refers to clay that has not yet been fired or say baked in the kiln. Unbaked clay is also know has green ware a state at which is is more flexible or say elastic and can be changed to another form. Just from the terms Un-meaning not, and Baked meaning Burned or "Oven burn" though in ceramics kilns are used instead of the ovens. so it means not-fired clay.

Ceramics and Pottery

Can you fire plaster in a kiln?

You can fire certain plaster mixtures in a kiln. These mixtures are typically used for casting bronze or aluminum and they disintegrate upon firing. But firing just plain plaster in a kiln is not a good idea. Plaster disintegrates at a very low temperature compared to the high temperature kilns are capable of, so if you're trying to dry plaster molds or anything like that in your kiln I would not recommend it. I've also heard that firing plaster can create some toxic fumes.

Ceramics and Pottery

How do you score and slip in clay art?

Use a fork, plastic or otherwise, and scratch/score the surfaces of the clay parts you intend to join. Then, use your slip, which is just clay that is soaked in water and therefore like mud, over the same surfaces which you have scored. Join the pieces together by pressing the scored and slipped surfaces together.

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Ceramics and Pottery

How do you make homemade soft modeling clay?

I don't think there's a way to an exact same replica. Although you can search a tutorial on youtube on how to make cold porcelain. Cold porcelain is kind of just like clay or play-dough. It hardens once its exposed to air.

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How do you know if a plate is oven proof?

they say non oven proof if there not 9/10

Ceramics and Pottery

Are Pottery Barn rugs of good quality?

Pottery Barn rugs are of good quality only if you are aware of what you are buying. Much of the Pottery Barn stuff is imported so you need to look for country of origin.

Ceramics and Pottery

Why do people make pottery?

Some people make pottery for a living. They make bowls, plates and dishes and sell them. Other people like to make pottery because it is a fun and messy activity. It may appear to be easy, but it can be very hard to get a good shape out of the clay. It is a challenge, which is part of what makes it so enjoyable. It also makes great gifts and allows your creativity to run wild!

Ceramics and Pottery
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Can seashells be fired in a kiln without harm to the shell?

Indeed, they can. In Japan, clam shells are a commonly used as kiln furniture to allow the heat (and ash) to circulate below a pot.

Ceramics and Pottery

Is pottery easy?

Yes pottery is easy if you are willing to learn. The philosophy behind pottery is to mold something using pottery materials such as clay. with a few techniques you can be a star in pottery making your own special ceramics or pots. All you need is the zeal and will to learn pottery and soon the rest will be history. So i say pottery is easy

Ceramics and Pottery
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Is modeling clay flammable?

Depends on what kind of clay i looked into it and clay is not flammable It will either melt harden or explode. Speedkoyn

Ceramics and Pottery
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What is special about kaolin clay?

It can withstand very high firing temperatures and is stronger as a result.

Ceramics and Pottery
Stain Removal

How can you remove old linseed oil-based paint from a porous ceramic or pottery vase without damaging the vase itself?

To remove a linseed oil based paint from a porouse ceramic would require figuring out a way to soften the finish to make it soluble in something (like acetone). As I recall, linseed oil essentially cross-links during the curing process to create a hard, brittle, but of course, very durable finish. To get the material off of a porous ceramic material would require dissolution (rather than the typical way of softening then scraping) -- that is, the only way to remove the material from the pores is by dissolving the finish.

I would recommend one of the following: a simple paint remover, formulated for oil-based paints; gently heating the system when immersed in the paint remover using a double-boiler (of course, this would require some common sense -- an electric stove (absolutely no gas flames) and a well-ventilated area); possibly simply trying acetone (nail polish remover) and soaking the vase in the acetone and testing with a pin (or something like that) periodically to see if the finish is softening.

Some old paint books have information on linseed oil finishes that might give some insight. As you know, most of the time these finishes are on wood which can be particularly problematic for finish removal -- the wood is porous, frequently soft, and easy to damage. There are sucessful techniques for removal but I do not know details. If I get a chance, I will see if I can find some of my old paint books, but they may not be old enough. (What you are looking for would be handbooks from the 40s and 50s.

Another (less dangerous for the operator) approach may be to soak or even boil the item in water. This may cause the paint to lift away, whereas using solvents may drive stains into the porous pot.

Ceramics and Pottery

How do you get rid of waxy build up on ceramic tile floors?

The solution is actually not what you would think. Ammonia can damage tile floors and warm water and vinegar isn't going to get rid of the waxy residue although it is good for normal everyday cleaning.

try cleaning with ammonia read the label first

Mop the floor with warm water and white vinegar that will do the trick, it won't work overnight though. But you will see it improving over time. Good luck

Ceramics and Pottery

In what size cribs are Pottery Barn crib beddings available?

Pottery barn crib bedding is available in three sizes. These are crib, toddler and small. Not all designs are available in all three sizes, however.

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What is a person who makes things from clay?

A potter, or a person who make sculptures out of clay.

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What artists make faces using clay?


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Where was the pottery wheel invented?

It was invented in Spain.

So says one contributor ( believe it if you like), however the potters wheel was not 'invented' but probably developed in its basic form as a result of potters trying to make large pots by hand and finding it easier to rotate the pot in front of them rather than constantly walking around it while building up the shape. This bit of common sense would have happened at different times in different places all around the world thousands of years ago. If a demand arose locally for more round pots to be made more quickly, or even just because the potter wanted a shorter working day, or more money, then the potters wheel would have been improved. People in the distant past had the same size brains as we have !!


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