China Dishes and Glassware

China dishes and glassware are not only beautiful, but often collectible. To learn about the care, collecting, appraisal, and identification of fine (bone) china place settings, serving pieces, and art pieces; along with decorative dinnerware, glass and crystal stemware, service pieces, and art pieces from various manufacturers, come on in and ask and answer questions here.

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China Dishes and Glassware

Is old fiesta ware microwave safe?

NO! You could crack the piece if it has any imperfections.

China Dishes and Glassware

What is HS code of mechanical glassware?

In order to accurately classify your mechanical glassware, we will need additional product information. The more you tell us about your mechanical glassware, the easier it will be for us to help you classify it.

China Dishes and Glassware

Corning ware go from refrigerator to oven?

Yes it can.

China Dishes and Glassware

What can you do about a cloudy film on your glassware?

The cloudy film is most likely caused by hard water. If you don't normally use a Finish-type rinse aid in your dishwasher, this may be the time to start.

For dishes that are already cloudy, try acetone (fingernail polish remover) and then wash in mild detergent. Or, use a paste of toothpaste to scrub the film away. White vinegar may also help resolve the issue. If these fail, it is most likely because the cloudiness has been present for several cycles.

China Dishes and Glassware

How much is a Tiren Bavaria tea set worth?

Tiren Bavaria tea set worth is only for 222 sec!

China Dishes and Glassware

Can earthenware dishes be put in the dishwasher?

You can use the dishwasher for cleaning earthenware dishes but you should not use bad chemicals or powder. For handmade pottery you need to check with the maker but modern commercial dinnerware, which has a glaze applied over the decorations, can be washed in the dishwasher.

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China Dishes and Glassware

What is echt bleikristall?

real lead crystal

China Dishes and Glassware

How do you remove scotch tape from glass?

Buy some "Goo Gone" slather it on and let it sit over night and then rub with a paper towel, you may have to repeat but I have had good luck with this.

China Dishes and Glassware

Is all Corelle dishware made of Melamine?

To the best of my knowledge no Corelle dishware is made of melamine. Melamine is a kind of plastic. Corelle dishes are made of a kind of glass.

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China Dishes and Glassware

What is safe construction plan?

One that follows all safety regulations.

China Dishes and Glassware

What is the best way to ship dishes?

Buy a Dish Saver Kit from U-Haul. It's the best for keeping your dishes from getting broken.

China Dishes and Glassware

Glassware-'A Good Deal For A Tasty Meal'?

TOPS diners of the 50s and 60s

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China Dishes and Glassware

When was Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware produced?

The three piece matching oven ware was purchased prior to 1950 Don

China Dishes and Glassware

Is there a heinrich Selb bone china in a princess pattern?


I found a Princess pattern, but it is not Heinrich Selb. It is from the 1950s, and is called Princess china Tru Tone Flair. Limoges and other companies made patterns with Princess in the name.

China Dishes and Glassware
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Why is waterford crystal not made in waterford?

Some Waterford Crystal is made in Waterford but not as industrially as before the factory in Waterford closed down. A year or so later the House of Waterford Crystal opened, it makes a bit of the crystal but only really to sell in the store. Frankly it cost to much to make in Ireland with the minimum pay of €1,461.85 a month. It is much cheaper to make in places such as China.

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China Dishes and Glassware

How do you know if you have valuable collectibles?

One way to do it is you could look it up on Ebay and see if anybody else is selling it and see how much they're selling it for. If you live anywhere with a Pawn Shop you could ask the people inside and they'd probably know.

China Dishes and Glassware

Why is China a big manufacturing country?

China has the largest human population in the world. It has a huge amount of human capital. This means there is a HUGE labor supply. According to the laws of supply and demand, because the labor supply is so huge companies there can charge super super super low wages. This is because if 1,000 people say no to the low wages there are still thousands and thousands more that may potentially say yes and most likely one of them will. China is one of the cheapest sources of labor which is why many companies from other nations outsource to it.

China Dishes and Glassware
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How to remove cloudy film from cutglass vase?

Fill vase 3/4 with cool water...add 2 cheap Rite Aide denture cleaner tabs. Leave for at least 2 hours. Rise and dry. Still cloudy? Repeat process. Have also soaked outside of cut glass decanter then used toothbrush to scrub out designs.

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China Dishes and Glassware

How do you clean badly burnt glass pots?

Coffee and tea stains can be tough to get out without scrubbing. You never want to use abrasive cleansers or cloths or steel wool on glass. It will actually weaken the glass and make it more susceptible to breakage at high temperatures. To clean even longstanding stains, fill the glass piece with 2 cups of water and add 4 Tablespoons of bleach. Let it soak for half an hour. The stains should be gone.

Cleaning mineral deposits off of glassware calls for full strength vinegar. Boil it for about ten minutes to get it looking good as new. Use the vinegar to freshen up your drains - pour a little down the kitchen sink, the disposal and even the bathroom sinks.

Use dishwasher detergent if you don't have or can't use bleach. Put two tablespoons detergent into the pot and let it sit for half an hour. This usually works also but if the stains don't all come out, you may have to resort to the bleach

Clean nasty burned on messes by soaking the glassware in hot sudsy water. If that doesn't work, there are two other alternatives:

  • Fill the pot with water and add a squirt of liquid soap to the water and bring to a rolling boil. Let it boil for three to five minutes and see if that does the trick.
  • If you still aren't happy, try boiling a pot of water with two tablespoons of baking powder. It works great but you will have to clean the baking soda residue up if you let the water boil out--so watch it. This should bring it back to looking new

Clean badly burned grease with ammonia. It usually comes right out. If not, boil it with the baking soda and then use ammonia after rinsing well between steps.

If you need to scour the pot even a little, make sure to use a nylon scrubber as these won't damage the glass

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How do you store crystal glassware?

I would recommend going by a local liquor store and picking up however many wine boxes (they should be free and several to choose from) with partitions you need to store all of your glasses. For extra protection, wrap the glasses in newspaper before putting them in the box.

China Dishes and Glassware

Does tang work in cleaning dishwasher?

It works to a certain extent because the citric acid it contains cleans some materials better than others. If your diswasher has a stainless steel tub you will notice some improvement.On the other hand if the tub is made of white plastic the orange dye in Tang will discolor it. White vinager is probable the the best solution. Pour a cup of it and let the the cycle start open the dorr and let the solutin sit for half an hour.close the door and let it complete the cycle .You shold see a difference in the whiteness of the interior surface.

China Dishes and Glassware

What is the value of antique depression glass?

Depression glass was produced in the 1930's, so it isn't antique. An antique is over 100 years old. The value of each piece depends on how common or rare it is, and what condition it is in. If you search for your piece on Ebay and/or, you can get some idea of what it is worth. Be prepared to be dissapointed, though. Depression glass was produced in mass quantities and often given away for free as a company promotion, so it really isn't worth much, unless you find a piece in a rare pattern or colour. You can often find plates at thrift stores or flea markets for as low as $3.00. It's also hard to tell if something is really Depression glass, or a later reproduction. Have fun collecting!

China Dishes and Glassware

Is EPNS A1 mark 100 perecent silver?

I don't think so, i have my grandmas EPNS 100 silver set, and she use to send it to be plated from time to time.

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What is the difference between bone China and fine bone China?

Fine Dinnerware

The word, china, is commonly used as a generic name for all dinnerware but there are several different kinds. Most them are ceramic which are means they are made from clay. After the clay has been shaped and fired for the first time, the pattern is applied. Next a glaze which is glass like coating is applied. This seals the plate & design and gives it its particular finish. Then the ware is fired again.

Porcelain or Fine China Porcelain has been produced in the Orient since the earliest periods of civilization. It wasn't made in Europe until slightly over 200 years ago. The ware is called China in honor of those who first made it.

The ultimate in dinnerware, china, is made from a combination of clays -kaolin, quartz, and feldspar. It is very hard and extremely durable. Fine china is vitrified which literally means glass like. It is fired in a kiln at a very high temperature so that it is non porous, hard and smooth. Fine china is translucent, which means that if you hold a dinner plate up to the light and pass your hand behind it, you will see your hand's shadow.

Bone China is porcelain that contains animal ash, mostly ox bone, The bone is burned and ground to a fine powder. This gives the ware strength and whitens it. One difference between porcelain and bone china is the whiteness of bone china. Another is the translucence of bone china: holding it to a light with your hand behind the china should reveal the shadow of your hand. Porcelain will not do so.

China Dishes and Glassware

Is china dinnerware dishwasher safe?

The decoration is the primary concern for whether your china is dishwasher safe. If the decoration is applied in a second lower temperature firing, it is not fused to the ceramic body and will, in time and with use, gradually wash away. This includes metallic rings, etc. The patterns on commercially manufactured dinnerware are decals and will in time wash away unless they are applied and fired with the original firing of the ceramic piece. If the dinnerware is handmade by a potter, most likely the decoration is permanent, with the exception of the metallic lusters. A potter would consider durable decoration a more important feature than do industrial manufacturers, especially if they tell clients their work is dishwasher safe.


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