Cooking Oils and Fats

The use of fats in cooking serves many purposes, depending on the foods being cooked. This category is for questions and answers about the fats we use in cooking and how we use them.

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Cooking Oils and Fats

What food substance does oil contain?

Vegetable oils used as a part of cooking or food are of the same make up as fat, but are liquid at room temperature. Basically this oil is substance with all foods.

Cooking Oils and Fats
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How to prevent rancidity in vegetable shortenings?

You can't prevent it entirely, but you can get the most for your dollars by taking a few precautions:

1) Check the 'best if used by' date and buy the can with the longest expiration date.

2) Buy only for your particular needs. Even though a smaller can will cost more per ounce, you're not saving anything if you throw out half of a larger can that's gone bad.

3) If you have the space, you can refrigerate to get a longer shelf-life, but keep in mind that many recipes that call for shortening perform better if the fat is at room temperature. Except for perhaps pastry making, it may be best to measure what you need and leave out on the counter about 30 minutes before you begin your recipe.

Cooking Oils and Fats

What happens when salt is mixed into cooking oil?

It helps to stop it spitting when it is boiling.

Cooking Oils and Fats

Why does hot cooking oil pop?

Sometimes it may pop/spatter slightly when a droplet of water comes into contact with the oil; the instant evaporation causes the popping sound.

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Cooking Oils and Fats

Which is the least fattening oil to use?

All cooking oils have roughly the same energy content, about 120 calories per tablespoon. Palm kernel oil has 116, and Avocado oil has 124. In terms of being fattening, these differences are negligible.

Butter has somewhat less (102 per tablespoon), since it contains small amounts of protein and water in addition to oil. Healthy spreads can be much lower, since they are up to 50% water. However, these cannot generally be used in frying or cooking in place of oil.

Some oils are considered unhealthy due to their content of saturated fats. However, this is not related to how "fattening" the oil is. The fats with the highest levels of saturated fats are coconut, palm kernel, cottonseed, lard or tallow. The oils with the least amount of saturated fat are canola, olive, and sunflower oil.

Cooking Oils and Fats

Is vegetable oil and water a pure substance or mixture?


Cooking Oils and Fats

What additives would you add to thicken up canola oil to be used in pastry?

You can't use oil in pastry. You need solid shortening so that you have layers of fat and flour. That is what makes it flaky.


Oil can be used in making pastry, but as has been said, the resulting pastry will not be flaky, but crumbly. One can temporarily thicken some types of oil (especially pure olive oil) by refrigerating it. But the oil warms and returns to liquid state so quickly that it is not possible to produce flaky pastry with it.

Cooking Oils and Fats

How many times can you use cooking oil?

In reality, you can use cooking oil more than once. But its not recommended that you reheat oil. Reheating cooking oil causes it to release toxins into the oil, toxins which aren't good for your food, and IIRC in some cases the oil may also become bitter from reheating, but I can't remember where I read that. If you want to get maximum use from your cooking oil, consider cooking some additional food to be frozen while the oil is still hot from its first use.

Cooking Oils and Fats

1 litre cooking oil how many kgs?

About 0.9kg (900g)

Cooking Oils and Fats

Why cooking oil and water cannot be mixed?

Because water is a polar molecule and cooking oil has a non-polar nature.

Also the molecular structure of oil shows a long hydrophobic side chain.


We know ,from the oil spillages into the sea from broken pipes from oil wells under the sea, which floats on top of the water causing tremendous damage to animal life and the environment.

Similarly if you poured cooking oil and water into a container, whether the oil first or the water first, after a while the water will have settled to the bottom with the oil floating on top.

If we are cooking chips in oil in a pan and the oil sets on fire because the gas flame has heated it to its "flash point" causing oil vapours to be produced and are easily set alight, the most dangerous action to take is to pour cold water over it. That causes boiling and spitting out of the burning oil which can set fire to the whole kitchen. The correct action is to have a damp (not wet) towel and to carefully place it over the chip pan. Then leave the kitchen and phone the fire brigade

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Cooking Oils and Fats
Vegetable Oils

Is there a substitute for soybean oil?

Any other vegetable oil can be substituted for soybean oil, as long as the different flavors of different oils are taken into consideration.

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Cooking Oils and Fats
Vegetable Oils

Can you use soybean oil as fuel?

You can very well do that if you don't mind have most of your car parts burnt. Biofuel are very capable of burning your car parts.

Cooking Oils and Fats

Can you use vegetable oil instead of corn syrup?


Bacon (food)
Cooking Oils and Fats

What is the best way to clean bacon grease from an oven?

Allow the oven to cool down then using a spatula try to scrap all the grease out of the oven you can or use a paper towel to soak up the grease. Using degreasing dish soap put 2-3 drops of the soap on the the greasy area and rub it around to cover. Let the soap sit for 10 minutes. Take a sponge with hot water and squeeze the excess water out. Starting at the back of the oven bring the sponge to the front of the oven in straight rows. Each time you get to the front clean the sponge and start on the next row. When you have finished with the sponge use paper towels or a rag to wipe of the leftover soap.

Cooking Oils and Fats

Can cooking oil be used instead of immersion oil?

Nope you can't. Despite the fact that both are oils, they have different refractive indexes, which mean that they refract light differently. That means what you'll see in the microscope would be different. Cooking oil is made from purified fats of a plant origin, while immersion oil is similar (or is the same) to mineral oil. :)

Cooking Oils and Fats

What can you substitute for canola oil?

Any other oil, vegetable, corn, olive, even peanut. Margarine will work in some dishes.

Cooking Oils and Fats

Is one cup Crisco equal to one cup butter?


Cooking Oils and Fats

If an Irish soda bread recipe is asking for Crisco can you use oil or butter instead?

You can use butter instead, although you really won't get the same texture as you'd get using Crisco. Oil does not work in Irish Soda Bread. You could try searching for an Irish Soda Bread recipe that doesn't include Crisco.

Cooking Oils and Fats

Is there petroleum in canola oil?


Cooking Oils and Fats

Does cooking oil have starch?

No, cooking oil does not contain starches.

Cooking Oils and Fats

What is the best oil to cook with?

My all-time favorite cooking oil is organic extra virgin coconut oil due to its increasing health benefits and also the flavor and smell it gives whether I'm using it for cooking, frying or baking. For the body, organic extra virign coconut oil helps lower heart disease as it contains saturated fats than other oils. I'm also trusting on coconut oil for weight loss and it's helped me greatly. A brand that I love for the best organic extra virgin coconut oil is definitely Ceylon Naturals. It's pure with no additives and flavorful to the max where the dishes come out so delicious. Lately, i made crunchy cashew sesame energy bars using extra virgin coconut oil which my family loved! the cashew and coconut oil mixture along with maple syrup didn't dry down, it was gooey and crispy till the last bite. I highly recommend Ceylon Naturals Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil. You can check out their organic range on Amazon and visit their website for more.
Cooking Oils and Fats

Can you substitute a regular Crisco stick for a butter flavored Crisco stick in sugar cookies?

Yes. The cookie texture will be the same, although the taste will not be as buttery. For a cookie with good flavor like oatmeal cinnamon raisin or chocolate chip, you won't notice the difference.

You could also use unsalted butter instead of Crisco if you don't have any health concerns about butter. Butter flavoring works, but is a substitute flavoring, and real butter as an ingredient has better flavor than substitute flavorings.

Cooking Oils and Fats

Can you use melted butter or crisco in place of oil?

Yes, you can. The measurement will be the same 1/2 cup of oil is the same as 1/2 cup of melted butter or crisco.

Cooking Oils and Fats

CAn you use olive ol instead if canola oil?

Yes, in fact olive oil is better because it is not highly processed like canola if you use cold pressed olive oil. There is a slight taste difference (olive).


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