Bacon (food)

Bacon is cut from the back and sides of a pig; then dried, salted, and usually smoked. It is cut into thin slices and is a popular meat to serve at breakfast. It is also an ingredient in many recipes.

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Bacon (food)

Does bacon have carbohydrates in it?

Yes, bacon does contain carbohydrates. However, it only has very little amounts in it (about .03g per 3 medium slices).

Bacon (food)

What is the dingbats answer xx xx bacon?

Probably 'eggs and bacon'

Bacon (food)

What was the cost of bacon in 2010?

it seems close to $3-4, but if its on sale, closer to $2-4.

That was $3 dollars in price the last time I bought it.

Bacon (food)

What is platter bacon?

Is sliced bacon that is slightly on an angle. Its not shingled, which is spaced out a bit more, its in a tighter stack.

Hope that helps.

Bacon (food)

Why does bacon sizzle?

Bacon sizzles because of the fat that heats up when being cooked.

Bacon (food)
Cooking Oils and Fats

What is the best way to clean bacon grease from an oven?

Allow the oven to cool down then using a spatula try to scrap all the grease out of the oven you can or use a paper towel to soak up the grease. Using degreasing dish soap put 2-3 drops of the soap on the the greasy area and rub it around to cover. Let the soap sit for 10 minutes. Take a sponge with hot water and squeeze the excess water out. Starting at the back of the oven bring the sponge to the front of the oven in straight rows. Each time you get to the front clean the sponge and start on the next row. When you have finished with the sponge use paper towels or a rag to wipe of the leftover soap.

Bacon (food)

Can you get ham and bacon from a ground hog?

no, because a groundhog is a rodent not a hog or it impossible

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Bacon (food)

What kind of meat product is sold in rashers?

Bacon :)

Bacon (food)
Turkey Meat

How much is a serving of turkey bacon?

You should already know that. It's 2 slices

Bacon (food)

Can you get worms from eating bacon?

No,But be cautious of what you eat make shure it is properly cooked if packaged it will be safe but take precautions on raw products

Bacon (food)

Is bacon a fruit?

Bacon is a fruit, 73 % of bacon is good for you, that means that it is classified as a fruit. 27% is fat, everyone thinks that bacon is ' bad for you.' Bacon goes through so many processes that's why it is pink.

Bacon (food)

What goes well with bacon?

Bacon for breakfast eggs

Bacon for lunch BLT

Bacon for Dinner Hamburger

Bacon (food)
Turkey Meat

Can a dog eat turkey bacon?

yes if you want it to die

Bacon (food)

Was bacon named after Francis Bacon?


Bacon (food)

How do you tell if bacon is bad?

The bacon becomes slippery and waxy to the touch. The reds and pinks become browns and grays. It will start to smell sour. If it doesn't smell like fresh bacon, throw it out. This applies to any meat. If It doesn't pass the nose test, it shouldn't pass through the lips.

Bacon (food)

What is the bacon for in plants vs Zombies?

It is possible to encounter Bacon twice in PvZ. The first time, when you find it on the ground in place of a new plant, Crazy Dave will pay you for it (similar to the taco). In the iPad version, after you purchase the 9th seed slot, you can find bacon in the shop. First for $50, then for $500 every time after the first. It seems Dave simply eats the Bacon as you buy it. "Crazy Dave charges a premium to eat more Bacon. Wait...why would you pay for someone else to eat?"

Bacon (food)

What is bacon?

Bacon is meat from the sides, belly or back of a pig that may be cured and/or smoked. In the UK it is thinly sliced and grilled or fried and traditionally eaten with fried eggs for breakfast.

Bacon comes from swines (pigs).

Bacon (food)

What is 50g of bacon?


2) Half of 100g.

3) Not enough for a complete meal.

4) Smaller than an elephant.

5) Larger than a pea.

6) A bit of an animal.

Bacon (food)

What is uncured bacon?

Uncured bacon is sometimes shoulder cut pork but also pork bellies that haven't been preserved with salt or sugar. Ham is pink and the meaty portion of bacon is red because of added sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite.

Uncured bacon can be preserved with salt (sodium chloride) and/or sugar but does not have sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite added to maintain the pink or red color.

The USDA requires that products such as salt cured or smoked pork products that use Celery Powder instead of the nitrates and nitrites be labeled as uncured. Many brands of bacon that are most often Organic are labeled as Uncured because they do not use the raw chemical salts to keep the meat red or pink.

Bacon (food)

Is bacon and egg pie good for you?

try it and ull soon find out

Bacon (food)

What are the ingredients in Oscar Mayer bacon?

Cured with water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite.

Original bacon

Bacon (food)

What is the meaning of Bacon in Tamil?


Cooking Techniques
Bacon (food)

How do you reheat bacon?

depends on how you plan on using it...

If just to eat, for the quickest easiest method just put it in the microwave until hot. But be warned, you musn't reheat it again, as food poisoning is more likely to occur.

Always make sure reheated food is piping hot before being served, as this will kill any chance of unwanted bacteria.

Bacon (food)

How do I bake bacon?

Place bacon on a baking sheet separating slices. Place into an oven at about 350 degrees in temperature. Check the bacon after about 10 or 15 minutes and pour off the grease turn bacon and return to oven. Cook bacon until desired brown color is achieved or until the desired crispness is obtained.

Bacon (food)

Is bacon yummy?

Yes it's amazin'!!i love bacon so much i will eat it every day(i am not fat...i am anorexic)


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