Over the centuries, man has found almost limitless uses for these farm creatures. Questions here should focus on all things that 'oink.'

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What is a teacup pig?

There is no such thing as a teacup pig; it was a scam that went way overboard in England, and when everyone there started to find out the truth, the scam moved to the US. Even (but of course not limited to) Animal Planet stated in their Pets 101 Pigs episode that there are NO SUCH THING AS A TEACUP PIG.

There are no such things as micro minis or tea cup pigs. That's not to say there arent gentically small ones, but "teacup" is a word stolen from dog breeders by pig breeders who want to command a higher price and sucker you into buying something that will stay small and they even go so far as to malnurish their piglets to stunt them. You can expect any pot belly pig to mature between 150 and 400 lbs.

When they're born, about the size of a teacup (hence the name). After 3-5 years, they grow up to be about 200 pounds!! In other words, much too big to be a housepet. That is the reason why the are called "miniature" pigs though-- the normal farm pig is a whopping 600-800 pounds.

Beware of unscrupulous breeders or sellers who claim they have teacup pigs. THERE IS NO SUCH THING.


Do female pigs menstruate?

No. Sows and gilts have what is called estrous periods, not menstrual periods.

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Do pigs have tongues?

In the pig, as in most mammals, these are located in fungiform papillae on the tip of the tongue, and foliate and vallate papillae on the back of the tongue. ... As a result of this, the pig tongue has three to four times more taste buds than the human tongue.

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Why is a pig's tail short?

Biologically, a pig's tail is short because a short tail is good for survival. Also, shorter tails prevent other pigs from biting them, much like prey.


What is the diminutive of sow?

there is no true diminutive for sow, hog, etc, as these terms are used for adult animals. i.e. those capable of reproduction.

The name for a non-mature pig is piglet, so one could have a sow piglet.

btw the diminutive for a fountain pen is inkling.

It may well be that is only for humans that we have gendered names for the juveniles.

girl/boy, lass/lad

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What name of pig sound?

Oink, snort, or squeal

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What is swine language?

The answer is difficult to provide as the question is unclear. Could you mean, "What is sign language?", which is the language the hearing impaired use with their hands to communicate without sound?

Or "What is wine language?", the terms used by oenophiles to describe the properties of the wine such as the "bouquet," the "legs," the "oakiness," etc.

On the lighter side for "What is swine language?", two answers come to mind:

  1. Pig Latin (Oo-day oo-yay eak-spay ig-pay atin-lay?)
  2. The language used in famous pig quotes: There is a language spoken by hogs and pigs which is not totally translated or understood yet, with words and sounds such as:
  • "oink"
  • "snort"
  • "squeal"
  • "wee wee wee" (all the way home)
  • "slurp" "burp" "gobble" (we do know those are sounds of a pig-out)
  • "yubadubadib ... Dat's all folks!"
  • "grunt"
  • "zroom zroom brrraaaaahhhhhhh" -- studies have recently indicated this loud utterance is from a special kind of swine (the "Harley Hog") and is roughly translated as "Eat my dust!".

Another Answer. Do you not mean Pigeon English? Or possibly Pidgin? You can buy Pidgin Skins but please note that they are not the same as Pork Rinds.

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What do you call a male pig?

He is a boar, if he has been castrated than he is a Barrow.

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Can humans eat pig nuts?

Yes, depending on the kind of pig nut you are asking about.

A pig nut is the small edible, sweet tasting white tuber of wild plant called Conopodium majus.

There is also a range of cereal based pig food, called pig nuts manufactured specifically to feed pigs, whilst these will not kill you, they are not nice to eat.

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What is the opposite gender of director?

The noun 'director' is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female.


Do tea cup pigs stay small for ever?

They are smaller than regular hogs, which usually weigh 800 lbs. Teacup pigs CAN weigh up to 120 lbs, and about the size of a medium dog! They are smaller than a regular pig when fully grown, but they do NOT stay "teacup" small.

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Does procine mean pig?


It's spelled porcine.

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How does digestibility affect feed conversion ratio in swine?

The digestibility of a feed depends on how much undigestible material there is present in it (fibre/cellulose). For example, straw is a lot less digestible than barley grain, although they contain exactly the same ammount of carbohydrates.

So, if a feed is really hard for the animal to digest, this will affect how much ME (metabolisable energy) it gets out of it, so the feed conversion ratio will be higher with a more digestible feed, and lower with a feed of lower digestibility.


Do domestic pigs grow tusks?

Yes, they do and some need to be trimmed as they get too long. Most pig management practices have the needle teeth (what you call tusks) clipped out at 1 day old. This prevents the piglets from cutting each other when they are fighting, and from cutting up the sow when feeding.


Do pigs live in the jungle?

Yes. The wild boar, the ancester of the domesticated pig, lives nearly everywhere in the world, including the jungle.

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Where do pigs live in a farm?

In a barn surrounded with a fence stacked with hay


What do you need to own a pig?

You need to take care of a pig by giving it food and water. You need to wash it evrey once and a wile. You need to have a fair size pig pen. You need to walk a pig every evening after the sun has gone down. You must walk it after the sun has gone down or it will get a sun burn and may damage the skin. By the way you must feed it protein, carbohydrates , fats , and vitamins and minerals.

You must get expert advice BEFORE purchasing an animal and understand its requirements, potential costs of maintaining its health, vet fees, and the size it will grow to. In some countries you may need local authority permission to keep such an animal (i.e. transfer of animal regulations for foot and mouth etc)

if you are out in the summer months, you can put a child safe sun screen on your piggies back and nose. in the winter, baby oil is the easiest and cheapest way to keep piggies skin soft.


Do pigs eat roots?

yes, pigs can eat roots.

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Why should a male pig have so many nipples?

This may be an indication to the amount of nipples that the offspring will have. Usually sows with high numbers of nipples will have a greater milk production and higher growth rates in the litter.


What are natwest pigs?

Natwest pigs are Natwest's (National Westminster and formerly Westminster bank) marketing characters and are derived from 'piggy banks'


Can you ride a pig?

Some people are able to ride pigs, but most pigs would not put up with this. The pig would have to be very docile.


Do pork bacon come from the same pig?

Well, pork is a general term that encompasses the meat from a pig. Bacon and ham are just names for different parts of the pig that gives these types of meat.


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