Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oil is obtained from the leaves, fruit, or seeds of plants. It serves many uses in cooking and baking and has been around for hundreds of years.

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Vegetable Oils

What is made by sesame oil meal?

Sesame seed is crushed, to get sesame oil and the by product is the sesame oil cake. These sesame oil cake has some oil content depending upon the crushing style, which may be in between 10 to 15%. From this oil cake, oil is extracted by extraction procedure. After the extraction process sesame oil meal is received as a by product.

Vegetable Oils

Can you use vegetable oil as shaving creams?


Vegetable Oils

Why do people put palm oil in their hair?

I've been putting oil in my hair since I had hair. Basically, it's mostly because it prevents you from getting dandruff because it keeps your scalp moist. Also, shampooing, conditioning, and burning you hair in every way possible dries the scalp. Plus, it makes your hair really soft and shiny. And if you live in the city, like New York, the oil protects you from getting something in your hair. And massage it in your scalp if you put oil in your hair. :)

Vegetable Oils

How hot does vegetable oil need to be to fry?

Ideally, cooking oil should be around 350 degrees perhaps up to 375 to fry. Any lower than that, and it may take too long to fry the food, and the food will absorb too much oil. Any higher than that, and your food may cook too quickly or you could start a fire.

Vegetable Oils

Can you fry donuts in peanut oil?

Yes, you can. Peanut oil has a unique flavor so you may want to try a small batch and make sure you like the resulting taste.

Vegetable Oils

Is vegetable oil mixture or compound?


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Vegetable Oils

Is there a substitute for soybean oil?

Any other vegetable oil can be substituted for soybean oil, as long as the different flavors of different oils are taken into consideration.

Vegetable Oils

What are the common names of sesame oil?

Benne, gingili, or teel oil.

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Vegetable Oils

Can you use soybean oil as fuel?

You can very well do that if you don't mind have most of your car parts burnt. Biofuel are very capable of burning your car parts.

Vegetable Oils

Is palm oil an annual crop or perennial crop?

palm oil is an annual crop.but try to avoid the use of palm oil as it can increase your blood pressure as well as it'll put unnecessary weight on your body.

Vegetable Oils

Can you replace crisco for butter?

You could but along with margarine, crisco has the same chemical compound as plastic, so I would stick with butter, unless you are financially impaired, then I would go with the crisco.

Vegetable Oils

Can you use vegetable oil instead of corn syrup for divinity?

No. Two entirely different things. Corn syrup in a lot of candies which divinity kind of is keeps sugar crystals from forming. I've never done it, but I suppose you could use a simple sugar mixture in place of the corn syrup. Equal parts water and sugar and cook it until it melts the sugar crystals and then slow boil it for a few minutes. Let it cool and it might work, no guarantee's.

Vegetable Oils

How many calories in 1 oz peanut oil?

I would say 100 but I don't really know myself... I hope you get replies soon.

Vegetable Oils

Does crisco spoil?

Yes it will spoil, takes a while, the color will change first, from pure white to kind of an opaque, glassy color. If you don't use it often , store it in the fridge.

Vegetable Oils

What is cloud point of palm oil?

17 degrees Celsius

Vegetable Oils

Can vegetable oil pass electrical current?

No, it wil not pass a current. However, I do believe that if it is exposed to oxygen it will eventually break down and the current will be able to pass. If you're attempting to make a fishbowl computer, I would recommend just footing the bill for mineral oil.

Vegetable Oils

Why are vegetable oils liquid while animal fats are solid?

Well, semantically speaking, if it's liquid at room temperature it's an oil and if it's solid at room temperature it's a fat, so in that sense the question answers itself.

However, the reason these very similar compounds have different melting points has to do with their structure. Both fats and oils have a long chain of carbon atoms in them (actually, they have three, but it's simpler if we just think about one).

In some, that long chain is saturated, meaning it has all the hydrogen atoms it can possibly hold. This means that every carbon-carbon bond is free to rotate, and it allows the chain to wiggle around into the best possible conformation to pack with all the other chains. This means it's easier for them to pack together into a solid form.

In others, that long chain is unsaturated, meaning that at least two carbons have a double bond between them. Double bonds cannot rotate, so that introduces a point in the chain where you can't just bend it any which way. This makes it harder to pack them together, so they tend to stay liquid at lower temperatures.

More than one double bond ("polyunsaturated") makes it even harder to pack the chains, so they have even lower melting points.

Also, there's one more subtle factor: a double bond can be in one of two possible conformations, either cis (shaped kind of like a fat V with a flat bottom) or trans (a kind of zig-zag shape, a little bit like the S in the logo of the band KISS or the double-sig markings worn by Nazi SS officers). The trans form packs a little more easily than the cis form does, which is why you hear people talking about "trans fats" ... everything else being equal, the trans form will melt at a higher temperature than the cis for.

Vegetable oils are often polyunsaturated, animal fats are typically saturated. If you see the term "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated" it means that the (usually vegetable) oil or fat has been treated in a way that removes the double bonds, making it more like an animal fat. The one health advantage that hydrogenated vegetable oils like Crisco have over animal fats such as lard is that they contain no cholesterol.

Vegetable Oils

How do you clean vegetable oil from grout in floor tile?

Here's what I would try. First put cat litter on it and let it sit for a day. You may have to repeat this. Then for any that's left, get some Dawn dish washing liquid (other brands can stain) and a stiff toothbrush. Work it in and wet it and sop it out. As many times a necessary. I've never done this on grout but I've gotten oil out of concrete this way.

Vegetable Oils

How much safflower oil should dogs get?

They really should get none. It plugs up there arteries.

Vegetable Oils

How long does it take to boil peanut oil?

5 mintues on high

Vegetable Oils

How many kg are in 1 liter of avocado oil?

There is approximately 10kg in 1 liter of Olivado Avocado OilType your answer here...

Vegetable Oils

Can you use sunflower oil in cooking?

Yes, you can use sunflower oil in cooking.

Vegetable Oils

Is modified palm oil bad for you?


Vegetable Oils

What vegetables are used in vegetable oil?

Soy been


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