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The tribal name made famous by some of the great chiefs in history. While most tribe names commonly meant "friend" or "people" Apache means "Enemy" in the Zuni language. Tribal lands included West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.

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Where did the Apache Indian Originate?

The nomadic Apache Indians migrated to the American Southwest from the Northern Plains fairly recently. Please see the fascinating related link listed below: ...
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What does the man's name Rick translate too in the Apache Indian language?

I do not believe there are any English names translated in Apache. Indian names are unique because they usually have a meaning about animals, plans, actions, or other things like "spokesman" (nantan). ...
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Who was the director of The Woman In Red?

The director of The Woman In Red was Gene Wilder.
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Where can you find DVDs on ancient maritime history?

You might try checking,, or ...
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What treaties did the apache Indians sign?

Treaty with the Apaches July 1, 1852 Treaty with the Kiowa, Comanches and Apaches July 27,1852 Treaty with the Kiowa, Comanches and Apaches Oct 17, 1865 Treaty with the Kiowa, Comanches and Apaches Oct 21, 1867 Save ...
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Why do people say 'Geronimo'?

The Apache leader Geronimo shouted out his name in defiance as he made a daring leap to escape US Cavalry pursuers at Medicine Bluffs, Oklahoma. He and his band of 37 followers defied Federal Authority for more than 25 years, embodying the very essence of the Apache values of aggressiveness and courage in the face of difficulty. The US Paratroopers (82nd Airborne) adopted this as a battle cry in World War Two. World War II paratrooper Aubrey Eberhardt was the first to scream "Geronimo!"...
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What was Geronimo's given and surname?

In 1829 Native Americans in the west did not have both a given and surname. He was given the name of Goyaale (which means "one who yawns" in the Apache language) at birth and the name Geronimo (Gerome is the English version of the name) was given him by the Mexican Army. ...
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Why did aboriginals live in tepees?

Many aboriginals had to travel and relocate often so building little houses/cabins and making a village would be pointless (once it got this far, but before that they used teepees for a while before they knew how to build the houses) so it would be easier to reset up camp. Also the teepees are made of animal hide and it was another use for the hunted animal as the aboriginals did not want anything to go to waste, its would be...
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What does Naiche mean in Apache?

Naiche was a famous Apache warrior. Naiche was born into the Chokonen band of Chiricahuas around 1856. He was the second son of Cochise and Dos-teh-seh, Cochise's first and principal wife. His older brother, Taza, was Chief for two years before he died of pneumonia during his visit to Washington, DC, as a delegate. In 1876 Naiche was made the last Chief of the free Chiricahuas. In 1881 he and his band fled the San Carlos reservation and allied themselves with Geronimo...
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What country did the Apache Indians live in?

There were different Apache tribes and all were essentially nomadic, following the buffalo herds and other game, anticipating the seasonal changes, etc. Mostly they were based in Texas, which was also, at one time, a separate country. Remember the Alamo? ...
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What is the Apache translation of 'Pictures of our Apache land'?

"Ndee bi ni' bida'ilzaahí" is an Apache equivalent of "Pictures of our Apache land." The phrase refers to a program that is available to students in their freshman to senior years at Cibecue Community School in Arizona. The program aims to protect and restore cultural sites in the Cibeque area. It also seeks to preserve Apache cultural knowledge related to the sites. ...
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What hobbies do Indian children have?

Indian children have many hobbies.... Playing with dolls, gathering nuts or berries, boys learn to hunt, or they just socialize. ...
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What is the American Indian translation of white man?

Since you posted this under "Cheyenne Indians" I guess you mean "what is the Cheyenne translation for White Man?". The Cheyenne term ve'ho'e really means "spider" but it was used to describe white people; some say it is because white settlers fenced their lands, like a spider builds a web. Others say the word is really 'e-ve'hoo'e, "he is wrapped up", referring to the many layers of clothing worn by white people - the natives said that whites wear far too many...
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How do you enroll as Native American Indian?

You can go to the website for Bureau Indian Affairs. You can look in your own state to see Intertribal Native Enrollment Agency. You do need to look up your ancestry.No only that need a copy of your ID and a separate picture of yourself. On the ancestry you look up at Ancestry This more acurate than any website. I hope this will help people.Instead of making jokes. ...
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How can I use cedar dust?

Use the dust as you would baking soda to eliminate odors in carpet, pet bads etc. It is also useful as a insecticide for certain species, particularly fleas and mites. Use the dust as you would baking soda to eliminate odors in carpet, pet bads etc. It is also useful as a insecticide for certain species, particularly fleas and mites. ...
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What type of clothing did the Apache wear?

__________________________________________________________ The Apache were a south-western tribe who wore clothing adapted to the hot desert climates of New Mexico, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. Men wore little clothing outside of a loincloth and moccasins on a regular day. Women often wore light-weight, blanket-like clothing with moccasins. Cold nights brought out woven blankets for either gender. ...
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What is fullform of rtr in Apache?

racing throttle response .... gives you more acceleration when you are at your top speed... it releases throttle and give you some more acceleration.. i am one of the user of the bike and i have experienced it too ...
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Did the apache indians live in a village that was a way of life based on farming?

yes indians/native americans were hunter gatherers so farming and hunting
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What is an Apache?

An Apache is a member of any of the Athabascan-speaking peoples of the American southwest. ...
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What explorer killed millions of Native Americans?

Sasquatch and his tribe of Soiux children
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What is Apache blessing?

Apache Wedding Blessing Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter for the other Now you will feel no cold for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness. Now you are two persons but there is only one life before you. Go now and enter into the days of your life together And may your days together be good and long upon the earth. (Apache marriage blessing) ...